Saturday Sharefest: July 7

So wasn’t this a weird week with a holiday right in the middle?  Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!  Now it is time for the weekend and our sharefest!

What is a Saturday Sharefest?

Saturday Sharefest is when we get back to our roots of “The Secret to Success is Support.” In blogging, support often comes in the form of comments. So, every Saturday, visit The SITS Girls and comment on Sharefest with a link to your best post of the week. Then go visit the blogger ahead of you and show them some comment love!

If you have time, visit more SITStahs! After all, who doesn’t love comments?!

Highlights from our SITStahs

Over at Mothering From Scratch, they are talking about being enough.

Rebecca over at New Momma Beckers tells us about her mini-reunion with her family.  Don’t we all love to spend time with our family?

Over at A Duck In Her Pond, you’ll see just about the cutest pictures of koalas you ever did see.

Now it’s your turn~ share your favorite post in the comments section & start spreading the SITS love!

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  1. This week I shared that my husband wants a voice coach and his reasons. *Sigh* It is not in our budget.

  2. HI! I am SO SO late for the sharefest! My kids are on school holidays and life has been hectic!!!

  3. My favorite post from last week was the Lost Conspiracy book review.

  4. Just a little late on for Sharefest! It’s been a wonderful week to celebrate the 4th of July.

  5. Happy Saturday (now Sunday!). I’m in the process of moving, so a little slow around here…but I have a great educational giveaway going on! Also, tomorrow’s post will have some math workbox ideas for homeschoolers :)

  6. ADrian says:

    Hi girlies! Sorry I didn’t get around to this til Sunday, but just wanted to say hi!

  7. Looking for a great summertime read? Here’s one you’ll love:

    Harriet Beamer Takes The Bus!

    Have a fabulous weekend! :-)

  8. My favorite post is about what Baby Books Don’t Tell You. Looking forward to reading through these comments!

  9. We have had a zany week filled with college scholarship hunting. I was able to sneak in this little funny though. =D

  10. This is my first Saturday share fest. I didn’t get notification until this morning. Looking forward to doing this.

  11. I love Saturday Share-fest!

  12. My favorite post this week was a recap of our July 4th and birthday celebrations. I love looking at the pictures of our kids making memories!

    I also have loved documenting my pregnancy and my most recent post is a 36 week update. If you like looking at pregnant bellies, I’ve got one to show you. ;)

  13. One Sick Child & One Crawler – I Now Understand Why Women Drink In the Afternoon

  14. One Sick Child & One Crawler – I Now Understand Why Women In the Afternoon

  15. I have two I would love to share!

    The first is about overcoming negative body image and finding “my beautiful.”

    and the 2nd one is a recap of my very first 5k, The Color Run!

  16. hope you’re having a great summer (stay cool!) weekend.


  17. I am sooo EARLY here lol! Here is my SINGLES’ SATURDAY POST for the weekend.
    Have a great week ahead!

  18. It’s been tough writing as much this summer with all the activities, but fortunately, some of these things end up providing good blog fodder! It’s a post about parents on the sidelines at youth soccer games:

  19. My best post this week is about my problems with my city’s public works. I hope you check it out and enjoy it!

  20. Hey SITS-tah, you may be going through a hard time. It may be a loss, a disappointment or a rejection. But let me encourage you to STAND BACK UP and have a blessed week ahead!

  21. On day 5 of my 365 day challenge. It’s going to be a tough one towards the end.

  22. I love creating things by hand and made this great summer tote I want to share with you all.

  23. I started a new feature on my blog talking about Vietnamese traditions. There’s one about babies and ear piercings, but this one is cool because it’s called the One Month celebration – what traditional Asians do in lieu of a Baby Shower.

  24. This week I shared a link to a new booklet and series available on another blog regarding clutter. If you have issues with clutter…you might be interested in this:

  25. My favorite post this week is called, My heart is heavy. Despite the title, it isn’t a sad post.

  26. It’s Boy’s Own Style Month on my blog, with lots of ways to personalize boy’s clothing, including some great guest posts. My favourite post for the week is my Big Bang Theory T-shirts:

  27. This has been a slow week apparently, or maybe too fast. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, but this is what I banged out this week:

  28. Audrey Miller says:

    Hope your Saturday was fantastic. I love reading your posts. Have a great week ahead of you :-)

  29. My favorite post of the week is a tutorial on how to make a baby dress.

    Happy Saturday all and have a great weekend!

  30. Happy Saturday!

    Here’s a post about how to deal with all the weather we’re having.

  31. It’s one HOT Saturday! Stay cool SITStahs!

  32. Happy Saturday SITStahs. I think my favorite post this week was How To Make a Wordle –

    Hope you all are keeping cool. Off to check out some of your favorite posts.

  33. My post for this week is my new Etsy link up post – I posted it on Friday, but didn’t get too many takers. Maybe sharing it here will change that!!


  34. Started my weekly blog challenge this week! So many have joined! Its not too late….

    And made my first post

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