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Just to show how much we value those who take the time to comment, we’re highlighting a few posts we came across this week in the comments left here on The SITS Girls. Check out these posts after you visit the commenter above you!

Blog Posts from the Comments on The SITS Girls

Mama Michie’s Musings had us DROOLING over her pinned it and made it quinoa chili recipe Bonus? It’s a crockpot recipe! 

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? Shari Lynne from Faith Filled Foods for Moms and Grandmothers has an excellent roundup of Easy Homemade Mother’s Day Crafts.

Finally, check out Christine from Love, Life, Surf who has a great post about finding time for fitness. Now, if we can only all be that motivated!

Now it’s your turn! What was your best post this week? Tell us in the comments and show some of that SITS Girls support!

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Ashley is a mom of 3 young children, social media consultant and blogger. She focuses on strategizing for bloggers and small businesses to help them reach their online potential and subsequent sales potential as cofounder of Other Half Media. When she’s not busy creating blogger outreach programs, email or social media campaigns, she blogs her life, parenting, and frequent moves at My Front Porch Swing. Connect on @AshleyNAbele on Twitter and on Facebook.
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About Ashley Abele

Ashley is a mom of 3 young children, social media consultant and blogger. She focuses on strategizing for bloggers and small businesses to help them reach their online potential and subsequent sales potential as cofounder of Other Half Media. When she’s not busy creating blogger outreach programs, email or social media campaigns, she blogs her life, parenting, and frequent moves at My Front Porch Swing. Connect on @AshleyNAbele on Twitter and on Facebook.


  1. Hi everyone, my blog is really new, but I would love it if you could stop by. THanks :)

  2. Yay I actually remembered to join in the fun! My favorite post from this week is our trip to the butterfly exhibit at the Smithsonian. LOVE butterflies!

  3. Hi everyone, my blog is extremely new, and I just finally decided which direction I want to go with it. My favorite and only post this week, was a post about a business owned by a fellow military spouse. You can find it here

    I can’t wait to read all the other blogs. I’m excited about being a part of SITS Girls as well.

  4. Happy Saturday to all of you! My blog is about living with Classic Galactosemia – a rare metabolic disorder – I write a lot about the foods we eat and make at home. My favorite post from this week is a recipe – milk free- & picture of Rhubarb Kuchen (cake)

  5. I’d like to share my Cupcake Challenge birthday party invitations.

  6. Happy almost Mother’s Day! It’s been a fun week of finding some new blogs through SITS – as for my favorite post this week, it was one I wrote about Dr. Phil and what disorder I would love to have…

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. :D

  8. Happy Mother’s Day

  9. Saturday Sharefest is so much fun and quickly becoming on of my favorites !

    My favorite post this week was about the golf tournament fundraiser my husband’s side of our family put on in honor of my late father-in-law who lost his battle to melanoma a year ago. We raised over $15,000 that will go directly to melanoma research. I am so proud of my mother-in-law and in awe of her strength to turn such a negative experience into something positive that just might save another life someday.

  10. My latest and fave (because isn’t your fave always the hottest off the press?) is about what good drivers my dogs are. Truly.

  11. We threw my mother a surprise going away party last night to kick-start Mother’s Day weekend! She’s leaving for Michigan in two weeks to retire far, far away from the fast pace of Washington, DC. See how the party successfully came together!

    I love meeting new bloggers on these sharefests! Keep on sharing!

  12. My fav post this week is about a new wine I tried!
    Enjoy! Happy Mother’s Day!

  13. This week I showed readers how to flash freeze produce to save money.

    Off to discover new blogs!

  14. I wrote a post this week regarding living as a doctor’s wife… check it out!

  15. I’m sharing my 5 tried and tested strategies for dealing with stress.

  16. I had a great time finding lots of new blogs to read when I participated in my first sharefest last week! I can’t wait to see what I can find this week! Here is one of my posts from this week:

  17. Well, I’ve been on vacation all week and had guest bloggers post while I was gone. It was great! The only post from me was my Wordless Wednesday: Enjoy! :)

  18. Happy Saturday! Here is the blog post I’d love to share this week ;) Don’t get me wrong there are lots of things I do love about my city, but I had to write about the things that drive me crazy this week:

  19. This post has to be my favorite. Why? For the first time EVER I received over 2,000 views on THIS blog post. This has never happened before.

    “Why the Tan Lady Proves There Can Be Too Much of a Good Thing.”

  20. I love the idea of Saturday Share Fest! So great! Have enjoyed reading posts. My favorite post from this week is a Creative Family Portrait session at the beach that I did
    Enjoy! :-)

  21. I posted about my favorite garden gloves. I Love them! Thanks for those who stopped to visit! I have lots of recipes and some DIY tutorials too!

    • Thank you for the great post! I love the gloves and will definitely share with my family – lots of gardeners in my family and they’ll be happy to know about these :-)

  22. I posted a lot this week, but my most recent post is the first where I’ve had my digital camera! I was using my cell phone before & I’m happy to have my Nikon back.

  23. While I haven’t been posting a lot this week thanks to a beach vacation, a dear friend of mine guest posted for me! I’d love for you to check it out!

  24. My best post this week is about my feature debut in JET Magazine It has been a very exciting and surreal experience!

  25. I posted a very good recipe for pico de gallo/salsa. It is only a few ingredients and super easy to make!
    It was so nice to “meet” some of you through the Spring Fling. Have a great Mother’s Day Weekend!!

  26. Have had a great week – met lots of new bloggers – especially on facebook day!

  27. Breaking down the fun :) I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

  28. Sadly, I only wrote one post this week on how to use my craft community on my blog/web site! Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging and it’s Mother’s Day weekend…I’m hosting! Hope everyone enjoys the day with their families!

  29. The favorite thing I posted this week is really a bit of a cheat, b/c I didn’t write it; my son did. James was adopted from Kazakhstan at the age of nearly 14 (3 yrs ago, now), and he has struggled with Reactive Attachment Disorder, so he has had a difficult time forming attachments/bonding with me. He wrote me a poem for Mother’s Day last year, called “When I First Saw You”, and it still brings tears to my eyes.
    Hope you enjoy. Happy Mother’s Day!

  30. Our household has been a sick one for the past couple of weeks, but there are still smiles going on in our house, especially in the morning :)

    Stop by One Fine Wire today, I’d love to meet you!

  31. Shannon says:

    It’s hard to decide between two favorite posts this week.

    The first was a simple lunch idea for field trips, when disposable lunches are required and you don’t own many baggies, using already recyclable containers.

    The second was my son’s Yoda theme lunch, along with our very cute, but very simple Starbucks card holders for Teacher Appreciation week..

  32. Well, I actually on got one post up this week. Just happens to be where life is right now. With that being said it is a very important post to me as it is helping me launch a very important element of my blog. It’s a feature called “Spreadin’ the Word”. Anyone can nominate a person, website, company, etc.. This post just happens to be about Newman’s Own. Unexpected, but completely worthy of a highlight.

  33. Hmm… my favourite post for this week? Maybe this one:

    THe one where I write my future CV exactly as I want it to be including jobs, fake references and everything!!


  34. Happy Saturday, everyone. I hope it is relaxing/productive/peaceful/fun/eventful or whatever you’re looking for.

  35. Happy Saturday!

    My favourite post this week was a kind of ode to my grandparents:


  36. Happy Saturday everyone!!! An early Happy Mother’s Day to all-may your day be a reminder of how loved you are.
    One of my favorite posts this week is a new cutie I colored for a card…
    Hope you pop in to visit and let me know you have been here.

  37. Happy Saturday everyone! Here’s my favorite post from this week:

    Spring is here, and in full effect with a beautiful array of colorful flowers blooming all throughout the city of Rome.

  38. I haven’t blogged much this week, I’ve been busy with the Spring Fling and reorganizing my site. I did write up one post :-)

  39. What a fun party! Here is my favorite post of the week:

  40. In honor of Mother’s Day: 10 Little Things I Love About Being A Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

  41. I posted about making a new playlist to get started with training for the Rugged Maniac, a 5K obstacle race.

  42. My favorite post of mine was, What Would Balthazar Do? A fanatical romp through a wholesale club store that contrasts me, the suburban mom, from “Balthazar,” my hip, jet setting friend.

  43. I love Saturday Sharefest!

    This week, my favorite post was my letter to my unborn daughter.

  44. My best post, this week, is for Root Beer Float Ice Cream Sandwiches. I mean, seriously, how could I not choose that one? Thanks SITS girls!

  45. Sharing my perspective on mothering little ones.

  46. One of my favorite posts this past week is one I day on a trip to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. That place is awesome! The post is my favorite because I found a really cool way of displaying the photos from the day. (Well, 51 of the 701 I took that day. Seriously.) Here’s the link:

    Thanks for the linky! Looking forward to visiting other SITS ladies.

  47. If you love a good mystery/thriller, this new book (out next week) is an excellent read:

  48. Just from scrolling down the list I can see that a lot of us caught the bug from Time Magazine! ;)
    I am sharing that post as well, as it has not only been popular but actually led to some really interesting comments, which is my very favorite part of blogging. :)

  49. My favorite post this week is the one I just wrote about being a mom to two kids through adoption, one who has special needs. Mom Enough:

  50. I am sharing the first in my Transparency Series, where I attempt to show the real me:

    Have a lovely weekend!

    xo Shane

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