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Just to show how much we value those who take the time to comment, we’re highlighting a few posts we came across this week in the comments left here on The SITS Girls. Check out these posts after you visit the commenter above you!

Blog Posts from the Comments on The SITS Girls

Mama Michie’s Musings had us DROOLING over her pinned it and made it quinoa chili recipe Bonus? It’s a crockpot recipe! 

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? Shari Lynne from Faith Filled Foods for Moms and Grandmothers has an excellent roundup of Easy Homemade Mother’s Day Crafts.

Finally, check out Christine from Love, Life, Surf who has a great post about finding time for fitness. Now, if we can only all be that motivated!

Now it’s your turn! What was your best post this week? Tell us in the comments and show some of that SITS Girls support!

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  1. A great site dedicated to all things creative and inspiring. A lot of great ideas on maintaining family life, along with diy & crafts, menus, and great food ideas. A whole section devoted to homeschool and just normal life. Come on over and check it out.

  2. I am hosting a free Blogger or WordPress Blog Design to announce my new blog design business. I am a stay at home mom of 5 girls and homeschool. This is really my only outlet to have contact with other adults, especially women. :) I am announcing the winner on Friday, please come by and take a look!

  3. Ugh, I was working all day Saturday and missed this!

  4. I hope every one had a fab Mother’s Day!

  5. Hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day My best post this week was You Have how many Kids?

  6. Well, I only posted once last week, and it wasn’t my favorite post. I am a fan of the post I wrote just prior to it.
    I also wanted to share that I received a top health ans wellness blogger thingy this week from Wellsphere in the Mind and Body category that I’m super proud of and I’m taking part in a challenge for Bloggers to change the world with their blogs. This weeks focus is on Women’s Health and I’ll be publishing a post later in the week to raise awareness about mental health and self injury. If this is something you plan to participate in, feel free to let the women over at know you’re participating so they can link it up to their site and inform WeGoHealth. And if you do post one, let all of the twitterverse know with the hashtag #NWHW for National Women’s Health Week!
    Have a great week everyone!!!

  7. My post this week is about random things I remember… Hope all the moms had a great weekend!

  8. This week’s posts were all about celebrating our MOTHER’S! Here’s one of my favorites:

  9. Only one post this week. It may seem randomly placed, but hey, the survey was my idea.

  10. I’m sharing my “Mother’s Day card” for my mother.

  11. My best post of the week was my 88 calorie chocolate chip cookies :)

  12. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

  13. I hope all the SITS Momma’s are having a great Mother’s Day!!

  14. Is anyone else getting the Saturday Sharefest email at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday? hmmmmm!!!

  15. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

    My favorite post this week is actually a vlog I did for my daughter’s 4th birthday. I also have a business card giveaway going on. There’s a link at the top of all my pages. :)

  16. Happy Mother’s Day Sits Moms :)

  17. I’ve gotta share two (short) posts!

    First, I started reading the Made to Crave devotional and it is so good. Im blogging about it as I read it, picking out one quote or two that speak to me.

    And second of all, I’m starting up a new kind of educational post that I am gonna try to feature once a week called : The Anti-Mommy Brain Study Group

  18. Happy Mother’s Day everyone! My favorite post this week was my Wordless Wednesday post featuring my daugher. She really enjoyed playing with banana at dinner.

  19. Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so late again. Typical! Trying to shove it all together at once is not so easy (Career, Mom, wife, student, homemaker). Wail! But that’s what we have each other for, right? Support!!!

  20. Opps…forgot to add my twitter! ;) Please see above for my fav post this week!! Or right here:

  21. I wrote up a super informative post about Domino’s new gluten free pizza crust and all the controversy surrounding it…totally dangerous for Celiacs.

  22. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there … SITS-terly Love!

  23. A post about a program that uses art to teach young women to be advocates for girls/women in media imaging.

  24. For some reason, I’m suddenly getting all the SITS posts a day late!

    Only two posts this past week, but this is my favorite:

  25. I posted some Free Social networking icons on my design blog

  26. Hi Girlies! I know I’ve been AWOL in the blogging world lately, but I had to come and wish you guys a Happy Mother’s Day, especially for Tiff, who lost her dear mother so unexpectedly. It’s a tough day for those of us who have lost our Moms, but we try to make it up with some joy with our own children. Hope you all have a lovely day!

  27. Oops, fingers are too fast! My favorite post this week Is your blog boring.

  28. My favorite post this week is Link text

  29. Hi My favourite post this week was Looking forward to reading Simone’s post! J x

  30. I always miss this! Here it’s Sunday Night NZ time… at least I’m only a DAY late!

    My favourite post from the week was: Under Canvas
    How we turned a potentially explosive situation into the best weekend ever… for NO MONEY.

    And if anybody wants to share their best someplace else as well… come by tomorrow for my “Best in Blog” linky… and link up your best post from the past week (or your favourite post on motherhood)

  31. Here’s my latest post.

  32. Hi! This week I wrote about running your own art camp.

  33. I hope everyone has a great mothers day. Here is my favorite post of the week!

  34. I’m coming out of finals, so not many posts recently but a few really fun ones!!

  35. Hello! Happy Mother’s Day weekend! My post to share this week: feeding my baby solids – it’s been kind of a wild ride! :

  36. Coming off of a three day brutal flu virus that kicked me in the shins, I’m back and finally starting to feel better. I missed the SITS site, but you know how it is when you don’t feel good. The best thing to get is some sleep. I did just that. And somehow I found a way to produce a couple of articles between the chills and shivers and other stuff that goes along with having the flu. I’m glad that’s out of the way.

    On to Commentland!

  37. I finally started writing about the trip I took last weekend. It is going to take 4 posts to get through it all but I started!

  38. I hope everyone is having a spectacular Mother’s Day weekend! I hope you are showered in jewelry and chocolate or you can at least go to the bathroom in private! :)

  39. My best post of the week was the second half of my interview with Tom Brandt who perfectly represents my passion for food and film, as an owner of both movie theaters and restaurants -

  40. My best post for the week is the one that shows up with Comment Luv! :)

  41. I had tons of fun with this one this week!

  42. This week I wrote a post about the funny search terms that got people to my blog and provide answers to the big questions, like why are dinosaurs so stubborn. Yes, you’ve all been secretly wondering that too, haven’t you? ;-)

  43. This week I wrote a post about the funny search terms people that got people to my blog and provide answers to the big questions, like why are dinosaurs so stubborn. Yes, you’ve all been secretly wondering that too, haven’t you? ;-)

  44. This week my Tired Words post. I had some fun with this one. =D

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