Saturday Sharefest May 19th

Hello from Philadelphia! We’re in the City of Brotherly Love today for our second Bloggy Boot Camp. Super excited!

Since it’s Saturday, it’s time to get back to sharing comment love and giving you the chance to show off your best post from the week.

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We’re running a bit short on time this morning, so we’ll be back next week with our featured comments from the community.

Enjoy your weekend. And if you are on Twitter, be sure to join us at #BBCPhilly!

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    Didn’t get a change to stop by this weekend! Hope everyone had a great one. I’m looking forward to “meeting” some new blogs!

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    Couldn’t get in here over the weekend, but still wanted to drop in and see who I can visit! Bless! Oh, and sharing a little about Vanilla Ice. 😛

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    Mine’s about breastfeeding my sweet boy even though he’s allergic to soy, dairy, red meat, and peanuts. :) This is my first time posting!

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    Darn this time-difference thing! Somehow I am always late to Saturday sharefest – I blame it on being Downunder, where we are a day ahead.
    My best post from last week would have to be this one:
    Inspired by HandsFree Mama’s post “How to Miss a Childhood”, I do a bit of soul searching re the parenting/technology tug-o-war.
    Oh and there’s some printable freebies at the bottom of the post too. My Chores and Routines charts, requested by my readers (after they saw the -photos of them on my fridge)
    (You can customise them in any photo-edit program)

    While I’m at it… for any other latecomers, today I have a sweet little linkup running, Best in Blog. Evry monday, link up your best post from last week. xxx

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    Had a slow week posting – just a Wordless Wednesday recap of my Mother’s Day. Working on a good one, hopefully for tomorrow – Key Lime Bars with Chocolate and Pistachio Crust! Also check out my post on Mother’s Day with a great 4-generation photo!

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    I hope you’re having a great weekend! I really like this fun post and will be checking the 2 blogs above me and commenting.

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    The past month has been focused on wrapping up the semester, so I had to dig back a little deeper. Fortunately, the post is funky and light.

    Love the idea of Saturday Sharefest!

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    I have two post to share this week.

    We made a super easy closed terrarium out of a plastic salad container and I shared it on Quirky Momma.

    Here is a less messy way to fingerpaint with pudding on a picture.

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    Well, I finally posted this week! After working on the business my time has been consumed by many other things, I hope to come back and post a bit more regularly.