Saturday Sharefest: December 1st

Can you believe it’s December?!  Have you been singing “Jingle Bells” and bedazzling your home with red and green?  This time of year makes me want to cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the season.  So grab you a cup and let’s share some holiday cheer with a little Saturday Sharefest!

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Posts from the Community

Janine had my sweet tooth aching with her 51 Decorated Christmas Cookies.  No one counts calories for the months of November or December right?

Lisa had me reflecting on the craziness that is “Black Friday.” I am with you girl and stayed out of those fights and trampling crowds!

Raquel shared her tips of decorating for Christmas on a budget with her Dollar Store Christmas Decorations.  Wallet friendly and cute–now that’s a win-win!

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    Hi girlies! Hope you are having a good Saturday. I just saw the number 40,000 members. Wow, when did we get so big? Congratulations!

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    Missed everyone but enjoyed my vacation to the beach! Looking forward to catching up on everyone’s posts and getting caught up on my own blog.

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    I am just about done decorating for the holidays. We still have our 3 wreaths to go up on the garage and a few things here and there throughout the house. I’m getting my list together for my holiday baking. I’m planning on posting several blogs and creating guides on Snapguide. (A site to definately check out).

  4. says

    December already? Seriously I am not ready. I do know that I went out and got a personal trainer to help me get through the holiday season though! I am too serious about this weight loss ya’ll! Once I rid myself of this cold (I have a sinus infection & bronchitis right now) I will be back in the gym heavy!

    Happy Saturday!

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    Earlier this year, I got the opportunity to see both “North By Northwest” and “Vertigo” on the big screen. Each of those posts started with talk of being weaned on Hitchcock from about the age of 12 and into my 20’s. So you can imagine, I was truly looking forward to this biopic about the life of Alfred Hitchcock starring Anthony Hopkins as the Master of Suspense.

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    Well thankfully, here in NC, it does not feel like DEcember and the weather was beautiful. Which turns out great for me and the kids as my joints could use a break from the cold. My post this week is how I feel like a contestant on “Survivor” thankfully without the bugs, but unfortunately without the $1 million prize.

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    The trees are up and sparkling with white lights. I love this time of year. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and I’ve missed the last couple of sharefests. Glad to be back today! I’ve got new students, so I thought I’d share some information on Bhutanese Refugees. These next few weeks will be a new adventure for me.

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    I’m excited to be sharing my december daily!! I’ve already shared the foundation pages & am going to begin on each day of december, starting today!

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        Thanks for letting me know, I was having issues with it last night not letting anyone comment. I went to check and it says that anyone can post now, I’m not sure what the trouble is…I’ve never had problems with blogger before!!