Saturday Sharefest

We’re all about community here at SITS. While we focus on all the ways “Women Get Social,” we also remember our roots and think back to “The Secret to Success is Support.”

In blogging, support can be shown in different ways: commenting, tweeting, and sharing on facebook come to mind.  We like to encourage commenting here at SITS: in roll calling on the featured blogger’s post and in commenting on the featured blogger’s post. But, it’s also about commenting on each other’s posts as well. With that in mind, we’re bringing back SITS Saturday Sharefest!

How to Participate in Saturday Sharefest

We like to make things easy here. Simply comment below with a link to your best post.

Then visit the commenter above you and show them some comment love!

Just to show you how much we value those who take the time to comment, we want to highlight a few posts we came across this week from the comments that were left here on SITS. Check out these posts after you visit the commenter above you!

SITS Community Members Posts

Life on the Mamarific Merry-Go-Round questions if separation anxiety is still considered normal for a first grader.

Truly Lovely has us wanting to try her chocolate and caramel dipped pretzels.

The Real Mom Reviews helped me decide if I should try an at-home keratin treatment on my hair.

Now, time for the Sharefest! Show some of that SITS support!

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  1. says

    Saturday was . . . well . . . a tough day, so I’m playing today. I’ll visit several to make up for it.

    I hope everyone has a great week.