Saturday Sharefest

We’re all about community here at SITS. While we focus on all the ways “Women Get Social,” we also remember our roots and think back to “The Secret to Success is Support.”

In blogging, support can be shown in different ways: commenting, tweeting, and sharing on facebook come to mind.  We like to encourage commenting here at SITS: in roll calling on the featured blogger’s post and in commenting on the featured blogger’s post. But, it’s also about commenting on each other’s posts as well. With that in mind, we’re bringing back SITS Saturday Sharefest!

How to Participate in Saturday Sharefest

We like to make things easy here. Simply comment below with a link to your best post.

Then visit the commenter above you and show them some comment love!

Just to show you how much we value those who take the time to comment, we want to highlight a few posts we came across this week from the comments that were left here on SITS. Check out these posts after you visit the commenter above you!

SITS Community Members Posts

Life on the Mamarific Merry-Go-Round questions if separation anxiety is still considered normal for a first grader.

Truly Lovely has us wanting to try her chocolate and caramel dipped pretzels.

The Real Mom Reviews helped me decide if I should try an at-home keratin treatment on my hair.

Now, time for the Sharefest! Show some of that SITS support!

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Forum Highlights: Blogger v. WordPress


  1. Late as usual to these things! Our best post? Too many to choose from! I think we’ll just link up our post from today in hopes that you’ll check out some other ones too :)

  2. This sounds fun!! :) Thank you ladies for sharing my pretzel post!!!! Made my day to see it linked here!!!!

  3. Supporting my Hubby’s wonderful mural he did for our son

  4. What a fantastic idea. I love it! Off to read right now! :)

  5. This has been a rough week, so this week I am just moving through life and I’m not sorry.

  6. This post is a few months old now, but it is one that I am rather proud of.

  7. Here my post about a delicious treat called “heaven bars” that I promise you will love!

    Amanda Rose

  8. I will visit Susan who is above me and see she is a day late too. Makes me feel better.

    This week I liked my Tuesday post the best since it reminded me God teaches us through things we don’t even like if we pay attention:

  9. A day late, a dollar short. :-D
    I liked the post I wrote today, on catching myself having an “orphan metality”.

  10. I am trying to post daily this month, maybe this summer….

    here is the 1st post in my summer series- about our new adventures as 2 of my boys are away from the summer- what a change it is..

  11. I always seem to be a day late. I guess I should check my email more often lol.

  12. Love this idea. So glad I clicked over this morning. Here’s a little bit more about me:

  13. Love this site! Such a great resource.

  14. Sundays are the new Saturdays round these parts.

  15. YAY! I always loved Sharefest and I missed it yesterday, so am linking up today!

    Heres’ my favorite from this week:

  16. I’m a day late so hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday so far (it’s only 8:45 in NY).
    Going to check out some of the wonderful posts above mine!

  17. I posted on my first foray into lawn care while my husband works states away for a few weeks. It’s never dull with the “merry mrs. mobley”!

  18. I posted on my first foray into lawn care while my husband is working states away for a few weeks. It’s never dull in with the “merry mrs. mobley”!

  19. Good morning, ladies! Saturday Sharefest spills into Sunday, right?

  20. I don’t think it went through. this is my brand new blog.
    It’s my very firs post.

  21. I missed Saturday sharefest. I guess this is my fave post from this week.

  22. I love this idea! Thanks so much for hosting :)

    Here is my best for the week:

    I’m a transplant from the city to country life and with that comes some seriously funny things that happen to me and those I love :)

    Have a great weekend!

  23. What a great idea!! Ok here’s mine :) It’s a crack up! :)

    Blessings..I’m off to visit :)

  24. Trying to keep some perspective while trying to sell our house… Everyday is a challenge during The Waiting Game!

    I love sharing…thoughts, feelings, ideas, love!!! Thanks SITS girls!!

  25. One of my recent fave posts, which explores whether or not we really need to pay $20+ for mascara to work, of if we can save our hard-earned money and get by with the drugstore version.

  26. I’ve missed saturday sharefest! Thanks for going back old school!

  27. My blog is brand new. This is my very first post introducing myself and my family.

  28. I blogged about my new home office/craft room this week:

  29. This is the first in a series on ‘Who I am in Christ’….You are special and beloved!

  30. Hi, everyone. I’m linking way back to The World’s Greatest Pie Crust recipe. But since I don’t write a food blog, this recipe takes a few twists and turns. I hope you enjoy.

  31. I’ve been writing a regular series on my blog called Philanthropy Friday, which features people and businesses who incorporate philanthropy into their every day lives in a creative and unique way. I’m really excited about how it’s growing. Take a read and let me know if you have a story to share. I’m always looking for someone to feature!

  32. This is a guest post I did for Skinny Ms Fitness and it is on my site too. If you are looking for motivation to work out here it is!
    There is lots of great information and fun topics on my site, so I hope you enjoy!

  33. I usually don’t post political stuff (I’m more of a yummy food and crafty girl) but this topic is near and dear to my heart. Plus, it is getting too close for comfort in our state. Even if you’re not an Oklahoman, this issue is making it’s way across the country so it’s good to be informed.

  34. I just posted about My 6 month old’s first Easter :) He’s such a joy!

  35. Today I published: 47 Years of Great Rock: You Say It’s Your Birthday

    I made a video that features a song a year from 1965, the year of my birth, to the present. I made this to commemorate my 47th birthday.

  36. Pretty neat idea! To choose a favorite? That’s hard, I’ll choose this one:
    This is about Learning to Be Unselfish. I look forward to reading the others. Happy Saturday!

  37. Yeah Sharefest!

  38. Love this idea! Especially since I’m looking for some great stuff to read on this Saturday!

    Here’s my favorite post from the week all about how blogging is like corporate America:

  39. We celebrated my boy … a whirlwind of fun! 10 years old … inconceivable!

  40. OOOH, sharefest…me likey! Here’s my attempt at keeping it real. Hope you all like it.

  41. SUCH a great idea! I love this SITS girls…a lot!

  42. So glad I found this link-up! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday. We’ve got some old friends in town for the weekend and are having so much fun visiting and watching our kids play together.

  43. I love this idea! I can’t wait to read some of these posts. They sound amazing. This week, I wrote about the life lessons I learned from surfing. I didn’t really expect to learn so much and gain so much perspective about myself and my life from picking up a new sport.

  44. If you’ve ever struggled to maintain a smile while your husband logs endless hours at the office, perhaps this will be just what you need to read…

  45. Happy Saturday! Hope you all are having better weather than we are here in Saint Louis. I think I need to start building an ark. Yesterday I wrote about the ongoing snarkiness between SAHM and work outside the home moms. We should be supporting each other, not bashing. More hugs, less hatin’.

  46. Happy Saturday! Hope you all are having better weather than we are here in St Louis. I think I need to start building my ark. Yesterday I wrote about the ongoing fighting and snarkiness between stay at home moms and work outside the home moms. We should be supporting each other, not bashing. More hugs, less hatin’.

  47. Hi everyone… GREAT link up party… i love browsing and commenting. :-)
    I thought id share a few photo’s: Macro, Wildlife, cutesy ducklings… that sorta thing.
    Happy Saturday!!
    Jennie. xx

  48. Amanda Peterson says:

    I am writing right now for the Health Activist Writers
    Monthly Challenge. It’s been very uplifting to get how I feel

  49. I posted an update to my pregnancy this week and why I’m ok with being pregnant in the summer.

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