The Big Weekend Wrap-Up

We’re trying something new on SITS today! Our regular SITS Girl in the Spotlight feature is expanding to include a look back at our favorite posts from last week, as well as a look ahead at what’s coming up next week. It is our way of giving readers a road map to where we are going and where we have been.

Let’s start with a recap of our favorite posts that we published in each of the channels this week…


Renee from Studio Bold and Jen from When Pigs Fly provided us with a fantastic mini-series on how to set up your Facebook fan page. Part One of the series included a giveaway for a custom designed landing tab on Facebook, {valued at $275!!}, and Part Two included a Facebook fan page link-up, which is sure to increase your followers. If you are looking for easy to understand, do-it-yourself tips on how to get started on Facebook, then you won’t want to miss this.

Read the start of the Facebook mini-series here.

Women on the Move

Our resident expert on health, Jen from Buried with Children, published a fantastic piece on depression and mental illness. After watching family members struggle with this disease, Jen was inspired to get the word out and help people to understand that there is hope and treatment available for those who need it.

Read the full post here.

Food & Lifestyle

Aesha from Aesha Online hosted a giveaway for a $50 gift card to Victoria’s Secret and a copy of her eBook, What Men Think About Love and Marriage. The book is an exclusive interview of three men, one recently divorced, one actively dating, and one happily married man. These attractive, successful men let Aesha pick their brains and gave her upfront, honest advice—straight, with no fluff!

Read the full post and enter the giveaway here.

SITS Girl in the Spotlight

Summer from The Crosbie Crew sent us this darling photo of her boys outside during a heatwave in southern California back in April.

weekend wrap up

I truly love this picture. It captures the joy of childhood. We had a heatwave here in Southern California last week so I let my boys play with the hose. I wish we had a backyard with sprinklers to run through, but my boys still had fun! The look on my 14 month old son Parker’s face is priceless.

To see more of Summer’s amazing photos and her SUPER cute blog design, head over to Crosbie Crew. Summer’s site is a fabulous example of how wonderful a Blogger blog can be!

What’s Coming Up This Week

We’re officially welcoming summer this week on SITS! As soon as the Memorial Holiday weekend ends, we’ll be diving into plenty of fun events and giveaways. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • We’re making a return to Problogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge.  You may remember that we hosted this very successful event last summer on BlogFrog. We’re working our way through Darren Rowse’s eBook again, but with a few twists and turns. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here.
  • Next weekend, we’re super excited to head to Seattle for Bloggy Boot Camp. In honor of our third stop on the tour, Sony will be giving away a Bloggie Camera to one lucky member of our community here on SITS. The camera is a must-have for any blogger on the go.
  • Finally, our SITS Book Club is gearing up for our summer reading program with a giveaway for our next book, Exposure by Therese Fowler. If you are interested in receiving a free copy of the book, then be sure to enter the giveaway!
    #SITS31DBBB: Join a Forum and Start Participating
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    1. says

      Can’t wIt to make my own Facebook landing page! That post was the highlight for me this past week!
      Happy Memorial Day!

    2. says

      I love this weekend wrap up idea! I have been traveling last week, and it was so nice to come home and see what I missed, as well as what I have to look forward too!

    3. says

      Sounds like so much fun for this summer. Sad I can join the Problogger’s Challenge, I’m writing my second book and need to finish it this summer.

    4. says

      OK, I LOVE this format! When I have busy weeks traveling, I feel like it’s easy to miss SO much on my favorite blogs (ahem, SITS) because SO many amazing things are going on. This kind of post is PERFECT, thanks for being amazing :)


      • says

        I just said “so” and “amazing” way too many times for one comment. What can I say? It’s Memorial weekend and this SITSta has a drink in her hand. They tend to make me a little chatty.

    5. says

      Oh the joys of childhood. So funny, I would have loved getting sprayed in the face with a hose when I was younger, I would be quite sad if someone did that to me today :( Sad how that changes! Love the road map idea as well!

    6. says

      Oh wow, there’s so many exciting things coming up. I thoroughly enjoyed last week on SITS :) Lot’s of food for thought!

    7. says

      Wrap up is such a great idea! Check out my newest post on the Benito Family and how they keep little Jaylen safe from her life threatening peanut allergy!

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