DIY Boot Cuffs

Fall and winter are quickly approaching, and so is chilly weather!  It’s that time of year again, boot season!  Boot cuffs are all the rage right now.  But, what’s not to love?  It’s the look of a cozy sock without all of the bulk!  I’ve been craving a pair of boot socks after spotting them in a fashionable little neighborhood boutique.  But, at $25 a pair I had to walk away!

Did you know that with an old sweater, a little lace, and 30 minutes, you too can have your own pair of DIY boot cuffs?!  Get ready, because it’s hard to make just one pair!  (And, these make the perfect Christmas gift too!)

DIY Boot Cuffs

How to Make Your Own Boot Socks

To make your own pair of DIY boot cuffs, you will need these cheap & easy to find supplies:

DIY Boot Cuffs

When you go hunting for the perfect sweater to make your DIY boot cuffs, consider more than color when making your choice.  You must find a sweater that is stretchy enough to fit over your calf.  This is not the case for all sweaters!  The hand opening on the sweater will be the top of your boot cuff.  Try it on your leg if you have to!  I found my sweater at my local thrift shop for $3.

DIY Boot Cuffs

Next, you must choose how long your boot cuff is going to be.  I live in Utah, and the winters are long and cold, so I went with a longer length that would provide more warmth.  (Think, leg warmer size)  If you live in a warmer climate, you might not require such a long length and would be able to cut them shorter.

DIY Boot Cuffs

Whatever the length, cut your boot cuff straight, so that the edges match.  This will make sewing easier.

DIY Boot Cuffs

Sewing up the raw edge of your DIY boot cuff is a snap!  If you are talented on a sewing machine, feel free to use that method to finish your boot cuffs.  But, hand sewing is just as simple and does not require one to get out a bulky sewing machine!  I decided to hand stitch my boot cuffs.

To complete this step, just fold your raw edge over once, twice, and then quickly stitch it up.  If your stitches are less than perfect, it’s okay!  This is the part of the boot cuff that is hidden inside of your boot and will never be seen!

DIY Boot Cuffs

Once you have completed stitching up the raw edges, turn your boot cuffs over and sew on the lace trim.  I found a delicate cream lace that unravels easily, so to remedy that I added a few drops of Fray Check to the edges.

If your lace is not stretchable, make sure your sock is stretched taunt when you sew it on so that the circumference will fit around your calf.

(If you don’t want to add lace, you can completely skip this step!  These DIY boot cuffs look fantastic with or without the lace and buttons!)

DIY Boot Cuffs

If you would like to add decorative buttons to your boot cuffs, you need to measure out where you would like them placed before sewing.  I just put my boot cuffs on and decided on a good spot.  I recycled the buttons off of the same sweater that I used for my boot cuffs.

DIY Boot Cuffs

These DIY boot cuffs are easy enough that you will be able to whip up numerous pairs in an afternoon.  Don’t forget to grab a few extra sweaters from the bottom of your closet or the thrift shop, because these make the perfect gift for Christmas!

DIY Boot Cuffs

DIY boot cuffs are the perfect addition to any outfit!  They make your legs cozy and warm, and provide the perfect little touch to your favorite fall boots!

DIY Boot Cuffs

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  1. Gabby says

    Awesome idea! I absolutely love boot cuffs. And by the way your red boots are awesome!

  2. says

    No way! I have those same exact red boots and love them. Thanks for this great tutorial! I can’t sew, but stitching I can do!

  3. says

    I love the boots and the boots cuffs!! I wondered why everyone was wearing long socks that peaked out above the boots. I actually thought they were crazy. Now I see that I was off the fashion trend!! I have a few sweaters, but I like the idea of going to the thrift store and making a project out if even better!! Thanks SITS girls. I will post a picture when I do it.

  4. says

    OMG, I am TOTALLY going to try this! Love the boots, too.

    Quick question (and maybe I’m just an idiot and didn’t see it clearly) but when you say to fold the material over twice, do you mean to tuck the edge under twice so it’s straight across (no frayed edges)? I just want to be sure I’m doing this correctly and will prob start ripping into some old sweaters later today. GREAT DIY!!! Thanks!

    • Emily Louise says

      Charlotte, you got this! Your assumption was exactly right, just fold the frayed edge under, and then under again & sew! You don’t want your boot cuffs to unravel!

  5. says

    Love this idea! I’m definitely going to have to add it to my winter craft list – especially since I just bought a pair of new boots!

    • Emily Louise says

      Carissa, yes! You will need a boot that fits a little loose on top to pull these off- they can make your boots a bit snug.

    • Emily Louise says

      Yes, I cleaned my closet out and made a whole bunch for Christmas gifts! Score!


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