DIY Decor: Felt Garland To Get You Ready for Thanksgiving

DIY decor is really the way to go during the holiday season. It keeps your home festive, while not breaking the bank, and definitely gets you in the mood to appreciate just how special this time of year is.

Here is an amazing {and quick} DIY decor tutorial on how to create a garland from felt leaves.

DIY Decor: How to Make a Felt Garland

I saw Pam Garrison’s garland on Pinterest and it got me thinking about adding a little Thanksgiving color to our porch.

A simple felt leaf garland was the answer!

diy decor

I sorted through my felt, collecting fall-ish colors and got to town cutting a bowl-full of leaves.

Don’t you want to dive right in?

diy decor

Cut the leaves free-hand, draw a pattern, or google “leaf template” and print your findings on a sheet of cardstock.

diy decor

Measure the length of the area you’d like to display your garland in. Add about 6 in. on each side for knot tying (and it also gives you a little leeway in case of any errors). I started stitching the leaves together using all six strands of embroidery floss. You can use yarn or ribbon or even machine-stitch them together. Tie a knot in the far end so the leaves don’t slide off as they’re added.

diy decor

I realized, after stitching a portion of the leaves on, that I wanted to add little pennants for a grateful word. I cut triangles enough for each letter of the word and stitched those on, too, separating each pennant with a leaf. I trimmed the excess floss and then it was on to the my grateful word.

diy decor

The letters on the pennants were cut free-hand but you can also print out letters in a font you like and a size that is appropriate, pin the paper to the felt and use it as a pattern. Once the letters were cut, I glued them to their pennant, let them dry and then let them fly!

diy decor

diy garland

diy decor

diy decor

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  1. Felt garland is a cute idea!

  2. Beautiful! I love this!

  3. i love this idea! hanging on to this for next year :)

  4. cute and simple to make =)

  5. That is super cute!

  6. Super cute! And the porch is amazing too!

  7. I love it! So cute and easy! :D

  8. Cute, cute, cute and so simple..thanks for sharing!!

  9. Cute, cute, cute and so simple..Thank you for sharing :)

  10. Love this project! Felt is the perfect medium for Fall, and I think this would be a great project to do with kids.

  11. that is seriously to cute

  12. Heheh….at the movies tonight, my hubby was admiring the “Thanksgiving Lights” he refuses to have Christmas before Thanksgiving. I haven’t really decorated for Thanksgiving….but this is cute. I bet it would make hubby happy. :)

  13. So cute!!

  14. Beautiful, festive, and simple. Thanks for sharing. I might have to give this a try.

  15. That is pretty cute. :) You could even write things you were thankful for on the leaves. Great idea. :)

  16. This is so pretty! I love the leaves hanging off the sides!

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