Projects With Fabric: Fabulous Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are not only look cute, they are also one of many easy projects with fabric. What’s more, they are a creative way to deliver a very important message to someone special!

Fortune Cookies: Fun Projects with Fabric

As if Valentine’s Day (or any other reason to write a cute little love note) couldn’t get any better, I’ve kicked it up a notch! I’ve used these for cookies for a wedding, birthday cards, teacher gifts, get well care packages, and now Valentine’s Day!

fortune cookies

The best part about these lovely little fabric fortune cookies is that you don’t need a sewing machine! I’m giddy just talking about it! You will need to collect the following supplies to complete your craft.

fortune cookies

For my project, I picked 4 different fabrics and had them cut ¼ yard of each. I also purchased a yard of iron on fabric backing. If you are using a very stiff fabric (such as felt) you could probably skip this step, otherwise iron on fabric backing can be found at most fabric and craft shops. I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 a yard. The wire you use should be relatively thick, if it is too thin it won’t work.

To help complete my fabric fortune cookies, I also invited my amazing friend Karlie over to craft with me! She is a school teacher and thought it would be fun to make a fabric fortune cookie for each of her students.

fortune cookies

To begin, Karlie irons the fabric and backing together. Every brand of backing is a little bit different. Make sure you follow the directions that are specific to your particular brand of backing.

fortune cookies

After all of your backing has adhered sufficiently to your fabric (you can do a little tug test and see if they have bonded well) use a standard size food can to trace your circles. We used a 14 oz can of coconut milk.

fortune cookies

Next, get out your scissors! It may seem a bit tedious to cut out all of your circles, but if you have a crafting buddy the time will fly by!

fortune cookies

Once your circles are cut, it’s time for the fun part! Get your fabric glue, wire, and ribbon ready.

fortune cookies

Cut a piece of wire that is slightly smaller than the diameter of your circle. Cut a piece of ribbon that is slightly longer than the wire, but does not escape the edges of the circle. Place your wire on the backing side of your circle. Apply glue to one side of the ribbon, and press on top of the wire. Allow time to dry.

fortune cookies

After the glue has all dried, you are ready to fold! Are you ready for this? Pay attention!

fortune cookies

Take a circle, and flip to the wire side up. Fold the circle in half with the wire pinched in the middle. You will now have a half circle shape held in place with the wire. Take one side of your half circle and pull up and around the wire, do that on both sides so that the wire is completely covered and the shape looks like a fortune cookie! A fabric fortune cookie!

fortune cookies

Now comes the fun part! Time to write your fortunes! Make your fortunes specific to the person the fabric fortune cookies are for. You can find ideas for fortunes all over the internet. I like to type up my fortunes and print them out for a more authentic fortune cookie appearance. But, a handwritten fortune would be quite special as well! The fortunes can be folded with the cookie, or carefully slipped in after the cookie is folded. You could also fill your fabric fortune cookies with confetti or small candies.

fortune ccokies

A standard white Chinese food takeout box is the perfect display for my fabric fortune cookies. They can be found at craft shops, gourmet food shops, or restaurant supply stores.

fortune cookies

The recipient of a special box of fabric fortune cookies will be more than delighted as they delve into each cookie and read their unique and customized fortunes. They are easy to make and perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any day!

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About Emily Louise

Emily is a apron-wearing, camera-wielding, mother and pilots wife who has found her niche in discovering a reason to celebrate every day and enjoying the simple things life has to offer.
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About Emily Louise

Emily is a apron-wearing, camera-wielding, mother and pilots wife who has found her niche in discovering a reason to celebrate every day and enjoying the simple things life has to offer.


  1. Oh, I love is so creative! A friend of mine is getting married this fall and I think she would love this. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea!

  2. They are really cute! Now we’ve got a new idea for a crafty afternoon with a big cup of tea! Thanks for sharing (and explain it very well by the pictures)

  3. Ver cool project and love it !

  4. Oh my goodness those are ADORABLE!

  5. I love this. You had me with ‘you don’t need a sewing machine’. You can’t imagine my childhood stories from that learning experience.


  6. I love this! What a cute idea :)

  7. SOOOO pretty! :)

  8. I love this idea! I’d totally do these for a party.

  9. I love this! I could use this for other things other than V-day, too!

  10. I love your ideas and how easy they are!!

  11. I love this so much… ohmigawsh! I could see them as party favors or even anonymous art, dropped around the community for people to find… fortune cookies in my children’s lunches… there are so many possible applications PLUS they would be great fun to make with a group of people.

    • Emily Louise says:

      Any craft is more fun with friends! I love all of your ideas for the fortune cookies!

  12. Raquel S. Hunter says:

    This is simple and fast enough that even the busiest mom can find time to make these.

  13. very pretty!

  14. What a cute idea! I,like all the differently colors fortunes!

  15. I have seen fabric fortune cookies elsewhere but none with such simple easy to understand instructions. Love this!

    • Emily Louise says:

      Thanks Elizabeth! I won’t post anything if I can’t make it simple! You can count on that!

  16. Love this project! What cute fabrics, great work!

  17. This is such a cute idea!! And, I love that you don’t need a sewing machine!

    • Emily Louise says:

      Isn’t that the best! I hate lugging that beast out if I can help it!

  18. Wow! These are amazing! Great idea and post – congrats!

  19. I look at you “crafty” bloggers and I can’t imagine how you come up with the ideas you do and then figure out how to make them. Sigh. I guess I don’t have the craft gene. I’ll stick to writing. That I know. You did a great job on your post. Excellent.

    • Emily Louise says:

      Thanks Vicki! I enjoy crafting, it’s more than just blogging to me… it helps me battle stress!

  20. Too cute! Definitely pinning this to do with my kids very soon!

    • Emily Louise says:

      Rhonda, it’s a great activity for kids and adults. My kids love coming up with fortunes for their teachers!

  21. I love this idea! It would be awesome for any women-centered event!

  22. Okay. This is adorable.


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