How to Make a Chalkboard Banner

Using a banner to make a statement is all the rage these days!  I love using banners and bunting for holidays and special occasions, but I hate constantly changing it out and keeping track of my collection.  What if you had a banner that you could use for all occasions?!  A chalkboard banner can be used and re-used for anything you can dream up, as long as you have a piece of chalk to guide the way!


How to Make A Chalkboard Banner

Making a versatile chalkboard banner is easy!
All you will need is:

  • a half yard of muslin fabric
  • a package of bias tape (at least 3 yards long)
  • chalkboard paint
  • a foam brush
  • cardboard and a pencil (to use as a stencil)
  • wax paper (or other non-stick surface to paint on)
  • a sewing machine
  • chalk


To begin, decide the shape and size of your pennants on your banner.  I decided on a rectangle flag-like shape with a cut dovetail end.  Next, using the cardboard cut out a template to trace your pennants.  This template will keep your pennants a uniform size and make your banner look nice and neat.  You will need to decide how many pennants you want to complete your banner.  I went with fifteen, just enough to write almost anything my heart desires!


Lay your muslin out on a flat surface, and use your template to trace your shapes.  After tracing, cut out your pennants.


Before painting, prep your surface with a non-stick surface such as wax paper or tin foil.  Do not use newspaper or regular paper, the paint will stick to it as it dries!


Lay your pennants out, and using the foam brush, paint your pennants using even strokes.


After you are done painting, prepare another non-stick surface for your pennants, and transfer them over.  For the next 30 minutes, flip your pennants 2 or 3 times to dry evenly and without wrinkling.


Once your pennants have dried, sandwich them between the bias tape and sew them into the banner.  Keep in mind the even spacing between the pennants while sewing!


To cure the chalkboard paint, rub your pennants with the flat side of a piece of chalk.


Then, using a damp cloth, rub each pennant to blend in the chalk.


Now, the fun begins!  Decide on your latest celebration, and using your chalk, write away!  Use your imagination!  Doodle, draw, go crazy if you want to!  If you change your mind, just use a damp cloth to wipe each pennant clean and start fresh!


Hang your pennant and enjoy!


A chalkboard pennant is the perfect way to celebrate Fathers Day!  (or any holiday!)  They are easy to make, and perfect for all occasions!

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    • Emily Louise says

      They are easy to make and my neighbors are going ga-ga over them whenever I hang mine up! So much fun to make and easy too!

    • Emily Louise says

      I LOVE banners and bunting, a little too much. But, this one takes the cake! It’s so much fun to pull it out and hang it up.

  1. says

    I am SO stoked to try this! I’ve also seen things like this on Pinterest but never put forth the effort to research how to do it myself.

    Now I know. Thank you : )

    • Emily Louise says

      They are very easy, and a perfect thing to have for any occasion! I have used mine multiple times and always get asked about where I got it!

  2. says

    oh wow this is perfect! I have made several banners for different holidays and partys and this simplifies it all!
    thank you 😀

    • Emily Louise says

      It’s the all purpose banner, all in one! I have used mine for different occasions and people always ask where I got it!