Doodle Your Way to Make Your Own Tile

Ever thought to make your own tile? Now you can! With Claire’s quick and easy steps you can turn your doodles into works of art, and make your own tiles or even make your own coasters.

How To Make Your Own Tile

My mother is an artist. As far back as I can remember, she doodled. On paper, on napkins, on paper plates – doodles. She turned me into a doodler. I doodled watching TV, I doodled during lessons in school, I doodled in the margins of my homework- my name is Claire and I’m a doodleholic.

On Pinterest I ran across a cute doodle on a mug from Abernathy Crafts. So sweet and simple! Why not take that idea and doodle on something similar, like tiles? I got my tiles at a home improvement store for under $0.20 a piece, so a set of 4 came in under $1. Some of the edges of the tile/glazing were rough, so I took a bit of sandpaper to those spots. You’ll also need sharpies (I like the look of the plain black and white, but LOVE COLOR!), scissors, felt, and glue.

make your own tile

Now go to town! Doodle, write a favorite quote, have your kids help personalize them (what a great gift for a teacher or grandparent!)- HAVE FUN!

make your own tile

In order to set the sharpie, bake the tiles for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. After the 30 minutes is up, let the HOT tiles cool before picking them up.

make your own tile

Now it’s time to add felt to the back. You can use a package of the self-adhesive felt circles or cut some felt of your own. I just cut a square the size of the tile and glued it on using some craft glue. The felt I used is eco-felt made from recycled plastic and while hot glue dries quickly, I find it also ends up melting the felt a bit.

make your own tile

Once the felt-glue is dry, you’re done. Wrap them up or set them out on the table- they’re ready to use!

make your own tile

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  1. we made our own version & are very excited about them!! thanks for sharing this!!
    Simplicity Interrupted recently posted..DIY coaster / trivet.

  2. Great idea! Mine wouldn’t turn out that well though. I’m drawing challenged
    Krystle recently posted..Butterfly Waffles [Recipe]

  3. This such a neat idea! Thanks for sharing. I like doodling, drawing and art in general, and so do my children. These will make great gifts for their teachers.
    Grace recently posted..America the Beautiful

  4. I’m actually thinking of something new to make. Thank you for the detailed tips. This will make my afternoons quite productive.
    Shirley @save the shrink recently posted..Is your mental health practice getting you down?

  5. This is AWESOME-SAUCE! What a great idea for any gift giving occasion, or just to decorate a room! Love! :) Thanks for sharing!
    Kirsten recently posted..Why I Have Come to Love Dirty Dishes

  6. LOVE this – would make a great gift!
    Simplicity Interrupted recently posted..{monday} must haves: hurricane sandy disaster relief.

  7. I love the idea of doing this as a teacher gift! Too cute!
    Barbara recently posted..My week in an Insta{gram}

  8. My Mom used to make these for gifts. Although she wasn’t a doodler, so she just used pretty decorated tiles from the store and then she would hot glue thick wooden beads to the corners to raise it up a little. I think I still have one of them around here somewhere. I love little home made gifts like this.
    Adrian recently posted..Halloweening it Up!

  9. Wouldn’t these make great Christmas Gifts from the kids?? Will definately try it! Thanks so much!!
    Chris Carter recently posted..Do Unto Others…

  10. Jamie @ Roubinek Reality says:

    What a cute idea!! I have a doodling problem, too. :)
    Jamie @ Roubinek Reality recently posted..Trick or Treat for Halloween 2012

  11. I’m also a doodler, plus I love to draw.
    Laura recently posted..HELLO, HERMAN…

  12. My daughters did this at art camp, one summer. I always thought it was a fantastic gift. I like your quick tutorial. Theirs was much more elaborate.

  13. Your tiles look great! Considering the name of my blog, I think I’m obligated to give this a try! ;D
    SheilaG @ Plum Doodles recently posted..Candy Corn Butterfingers

  14. These are adorable!

  15. Very Cool Idea!
    Sharm’s Outlet recently posted..Fleece…

  16. Looks like perfect teacher gifts! thanks!!
    Amy @ Butterfly Angels recently posted..Irish Sister #3

  17. So pretty and so simple, thank you for posting this fun project :)
    Shelley recently posted..Day Trip: Fremont, Washington

  18. Cute! and I am a total doodler!! Thanks for the cute idea Francesca!
    Shari Lynne @ faith filled food for moms and grandmothers recently posted..Drama, Girls and Bullying-When Does Drama Cross Over and Become Bullying

  19. I love this idea. I’m definitely going to do it once I get the extra little bit of funds to get the material. It would make for a nice tradition to do with the kids yearly.
    Crystal Green recently posted..Kingsbury Collection- Book Review (And Personal story.)

  20. Stephanie @ Babes Rockin' Mami says:

    Looks like I just found the present from my son for family!! Thanks!
    Stephanie @ Babes Rockin’ Mami recently posted..Spiderman!

  21. What a great idea! I love sharpies! I just pinned it. recently posted..Healthy Banana Bread

  22. Cute idea! Can’t wait to try it!
    Cher @ Designs by Studio C recently posted..The Glue Holder…

  23. Just added colorful Sharpies to my shopping list. Absolutely love this idea!
    Martha @ Running in Mommyland recently posted..Mediation – A Poem

  24. I may just have to try it, you make it look so easy!
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  25. These are so pretty! What a wonderful gift they would make!
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  26. Very cool! Thanks for sharing.
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  27. what a cute idea and a great way to pass the time
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  28. I like these so much! what a creative idea. love it
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  29. I just bought a doodle book a few weeks ago. I don’t consider myself an artist, but I love playing with pens and colors and the act of doodling. It’s fun! Thanks for the share.
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  30. What a cute idea especially to pass the time during this hurricane recovery.
    Erin S. recently posted..Pinterest Fail: The S Family Semi-Homemade Halloween

  31. This is fantastic! We are remodeling our kitchen and this would be so cool to do on the backsplash. Thanks! Enter my first giveaway ever on my blog!
    Shell recently posted..On 39 Weeks (Birth Stories Condensed)

  32. Neat idea!

    Francesca, I was a huge fan of Mayhem and Moxie- I love your sense of humor! I’ve been out of the blog game for a while, but I’m back, and it was great to find you again!

  33. What a super cute craft concept. Thanks for sharing your practical doodle design idea with all of us who stop by SITS! It’s always interesting to take something plain, like tile, and add a personal, artistic touch to it.

    How inventive!
    Carlo/Carlo At Your Service Productions recently posted..How To Create Parties When You Have No Clue Where To Begin


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