5 Ways To Prevent Blog Burnout

Has blog burnout ever reared its ugly head in your world?

There have been days when I’ve sat down to write only to realize that I don’t want to blog anymore; my finger floats menacingly over the delete button, but I never follow through.  I love blogging.  Nearly three years into blogging, I love writing, I love the work that we put into building our audience, and I love social networking.

Blogging burn out is very real. Learn how to stop it before it begins, so your writing doesn't suffer.

How To Prevent Blog Burnout

I’ve often bitten off more than I can chew, and have learned a few tricks to ensure that blogging does not become a burden.

Create a Schedule

When I first learned of editorial calendars, my initial thought was “I’m already organized, I don’t need a schedule,” which was followed up by “my blogging style is more organic, ideas flow to me and then I write.”  As my blog has grown, I’ve found a need to be better organized with my posts.  My readers like tuning in on Thursday for “How I Took This Shot.”  I schedule guest posts for Mondays and I launch new photography challenges each Friday.

Organize Your Thoughts

I haven’t mastered the skill of “I’ll remember that later.”  Whenever I’m inspired, I need to write it down.  My favorite bookstore recently closed and I helped them liquidate their inventory of spiral notebooks.  I carry one with me to write down ideas, draft blog posts, and take notes.   My smart phone has a WordPress application and voice recorder (also on the iPods) that I use to draft blog posts.

Learn to Say “No”

I was told that Content is King.  We need to give Google tons of content to get those higher page rank numbers.  So I posted often and took on nearly every opportunity that came my way.  When my alpha-male boyfriend told me that he missed hanging out with me, I realized that I needed to make a change.  I started saying “no” to guest post and product review requests.  It’s my blog, I can post whenever I want.  I now post fewer days per week, which allows for a much needed social life.

Have a blogging plan and schedule.

Choose a Blogging Day

My day is Sunday.  Each Sunday afternoon, I sit down and schedule the posts for the week, work on product reviews, and catch up on my Google Reader.  Having this dedicated time allows me to live my life the rest of the week.  I’ve even started reading books NOT related to photography again.

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

At times I become so focused on the stats that I forget that although they’re a big deal, they’re not the only deal.  Now I imagine inviting the people who represent my page views, likes, and followers to my home; our home isn’t big enough to throw them a party.  When my page views drop or when I lose a “like” or follower, I remember this game.  We all want to be successful, but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up in the process.

So that’s it.  These are the five ways I avoid blog burnout.  As long as we keep in mind why blog day after day, I think we’ll have a great time in the blogosphere.  I no longer want to delete my blogs, but I am so very thankful that there is a community of bloggers who get where I’m coming from when the temptation rises.

What do you do to avoid becoming overwhelmed by blogging?

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Kimberly Gauthier is a prolific blogger who has rediscovered her love of writing and photography and is now the author of Through the Lens of Kimberly GauthierAdventures in Blogging, and Keep the Tail Wagging. She’s excited to share what she’s learned about growing a successful blog at the 2012 Las Vegas Bloggy Boot Camp.

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Alina is a Virginia wedding photographer based out of Lynchburg, VA. She has a passion for arts and design, and strives to express it through her work. She is creative at heart and loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge in photography with other Virginia wedding photographers on her blog each week. Alina loves being a new mom to her first-born and spending time with her husband who helps her run her businesses. Please feel free to follow her on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+.
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  1. says

    I totally agree on the “pick a day” and use the editorial calendar. MY day is Sunday as well and I have been using the editorial calendar but it has a problem right now. But as soon as it is AOK again… I will be using it because I like the “freedon” it gives me to determine what type of posts go where.

    For me… I would love to be asked to guest post and to review products (other than beauty because it would be a conflict of interest for me) … maybe when I grow up i the blogging world.

  2. says

    I have a schedule of what day that I work on what blog. Then I sit down and write out as many posts as I can (aiming for at least a weeks worth but really happy when I fill in an entire month!)

    I use to have every blog have a post 7 days per week but now I just have a 2 – 3 posts per week.

    I also only look at my stats once per month if I can help it.

  3. says

    Great things to remember. I love Blogger because it’s easy to use. I just wish it had a calendar like WP. But, at this time, I don’t want to pay for a self hosted site, so I need to learn to work with what I have.

  4. says

    Burnout is not something I am worried out. I have been doing this thing called blogging for a while. My first site wasn’t quite a blog. I hand-coded it. Now I have several blogs running on the WordPress platform. I also write for blogs owned by other people. Until now, I have had no problems with staying motivated. Although I don’t expect to be a problogger someday, I know blogging is the right career option for me. And I earn reasonably well.

  5. says

    Great ideas! I was anal from the beginning of my blogging. I have to write everything down, because at my age I can’t remember. My blogging day is always Saturday while I do laundry. I put in a load and blog. Transfer to dryer and blog, etc.
    I have to work on a computer 8 hours a day, so blogging or even getting to check the blogs I follow usually has to wait until the weekend. Blogging is my entertainment and when it gets to be WORK there will be lots less….LOL.
    I write about so many different things that the variety keeps it fresh for me.

  6. says

    Since I write entertainment news I have to try and post as much as possible. However, since I’m writing a book I have less time to write on my blog. This being said I try to only write 3 blog post a day and then work on my book. This way I still love my blog and I can still get my book done!

  7. says

    I decided that I need to publish a new post every other week. I know for some bloggers that might seem too infrequent but my posts are research-intensive and there is no way I can do them justice if I’m just trying to throw something out there three times a week. So I publish a new post one week, then send out my e-mail newsletter the next week, and so on. I tweet my new posts (and older ones too – it’s a great way to keep getting timeless content out there) and my daughter often shares my posts on Facebook which gives me a whole ‘nother audience.

    It also helps to ensure that I will have new topics available to post for quite a long while.

  8. says

    I’m happy to read about this because lately my life has become busier and I feel guilty about not having enough to say….I will definitely be using the tips provided.

  9. says

    I needed to read this today. In fact, I’ve had it open in my browser since yesterday morning—I knew you would have the perfect advice for me. The part that resonated the most was the schedule. Just last week, I started to set aside computer-time that would be separate from writing (to try to avoid procrastination), but I like the idea of figuring out the week on a Sunday. I’m going to re-read your post once more to see how I may be able to decrease my daily stress-level. Thank you! Wonderful advice!

  10. diane says

    I am getting better at saying NO but I really need to work on the schedule. I feel like I am online 24/7 and strugglingn to get everything done!

  11. says

    I actually just started blogging 5 days a week, up from 3 days a week. I’m a SAHW so I’m ok with that. What I’m NOT ok with is that I’m constantly obsessing over stats & comments & getting down on myself about that. I really know I shouldn’t and this post has helped me with that. I think I do need to have a blog day because I feel like I spend too much time working on my blog.

  12. says

    This is helpful. I switched to 3 days a week,too (with the exception of this months 31 day challenge . . . from which I am about to experience burn out. So your post has me looking forward to going back to just 3 days, SOON.


  13. says

    I have recently started planning ahead and scheduling a couple of posts per week. I like to keep a bit of flexibility though for the times when inspiration strikes, or my neighbor’s chicken runs into the yard and I create a poultry news flash! I appreciate your tips though because we all burn out a bit eventually!

    Susan and Bentley

  14. says

    Great tips! I am still a baby blogger- just under a year- so I haven’t been burnt out yet. If I do get overwhelmed I try to unplug for a bit. No socail media, no blog email, no checking my reader. Nothing. This usually helps me put it all into perspective. I want blogging to stay fun!

  15. Roses daughter says

    Great advice! I have a editorial calendar but NEVER use it! Going to start!

  16. says

    These are all great tips! I think to not burnout either it’s important to sometimes go out of your comfort zone as far as what you’re comfortable about writing about, and talk about something new for one post. Try it out, and see how your readers like it.

  17. says

    Great tips…I think we’ve all been victim to these thoughts. I know I need to watch the “being too hard on myself” bullet point. Always good to have a reminder that blogging should be fun!

  18. says

    Excellent suggestions! I definitely need to be more faithful about scheduling. Thanks for the great tips, Kimberly!

  19. says

    I experience burnout and primarily because I am so rough on myself that I write, then I read, then I proofread, then I rewrite, reread, proofread….lather, rinse, repeat (at least 100 times). Plus I am a natural born cheerleader, so if you comment or share a post of mine even once, I feel required to do the same for YOU! Plus I’m all over the board on my blog but that’s because I’m all over the board in my life. I try too often to make my blog a niche blog when I should just remain ME!

    I follow Kimberly and her wisdom on her blog on a weekly basis and she really does have it that under control! I love her!

  20. says

    I never really posted everyday so my readers don’t expect it and consquently I don’t have this huge pressure on myself which works great for work/life/blogging balance. I post 2-3 times a week if there’s not other things on my plate (work project,family issues,etc) and like the previous commenter stated I’d rather post less with better quality content or things I’m passionate about than to post just to say I did so. Typically, I have more ideas than I have time to write though but it’s still fun and I enjoy it and the interaction from readers. It keeps me going.

  21. says

    The most important thing for me is to stay true to myself. To remember why I chose to blog. And to not let myself worry about what others are doing or feel like I need to meet their expectations or do things their way.

    I have never run out of ideas, but sometimes I don’t want to write. Or I don’t feel well. I’ve learned to honor that. Having a bunch of followers isn’t worth the cost of my health (physical or emotional).

    My focus is not on being the biggest or the best. My desire is to create great content that makes ME happy. I guess I’m a selfish blogger, but I’m okay with that.

  22. says

    I needed to read this…I post 5 days a week. I like to spend a day planning also and it surely helps keep me on track.

  23. says

    Great point about having a blogging day. I choose Fridays and Mondays. I leave my weekend free to enjoy family, friends, and all that stuff that inspires me. M-F I work on my networking and relationship building.

  24. says

    I’ve been blogging for a few years now… when I started, I was posting every day. But now, I think I posted once in the whole month of September! It’s easy to get burned out… these are great tips!

  25. says

    Those are great tips! I’ve recently starting keeping a running list of post ideas for those days when I sit down and just can’t find anything to write about.

  26. says

    I found a posting schedule de-stresses my blog life considerably. I work outside the home and only post on Mondays and Thursdays. If something important is going on (like a custody hearing), I still keep to this schedule and encourage readers to stay in the know through Facebook and Twitter. I love my Facebook community! Keeps the post ideas coming…

    Great post, Kimberly!

    p.s. Who will enter my giveaway?

  27. says

    Great tips! My goal is to post every weekday, but I am learning to accept that it is okay if I don’t. Also, I don’t obsess over my blog on the weekends…I really try to unplug and take time for me and my family.

  28. says

    I like these ideas. I am really giving a lot of thought to defining my blogging goals. I think I will apply these for several days and see what begins to take shape.

    • says

      I followed every blog I came across in the beginning. Giving myself permission to let go of the ones that don’t work for me was huge. Thanks for the validation.

  29. says

    Great tips. Here’s what I do..

    organize my ideas- in my phone and in google docs
    plan out the week.. I don’t leave my topics for the week up in the air. that makes the week go smoother.
    write in the mornings… and then I have the rest of the day.

    if you are serious about blogging, it really has to be treated like a job- organized, productive, and scheduled :)

  30. says

    When I started blogging I posted every day. Every day! Gradually I cut back. First taking of Sunday, then the whole weekend. Then another day. Now I post twice a week. It’s made life much easier and allowed more balance. I like to keep several draft posts going all the time so I always have one to fall back on if I’m not feeling creative or have “blogger’s block.” For me, a big part of blogging is commenting on other blogs. Over time I had to also “let go” with that. I had to consciously assure myself it is okay not to comment on every post I read. That was tough for me.

  31. says

    Very good advice. I have found myself stressed in the past because nothing has happened lately to blog about. Then, I learned the hard way, that it’s better to post less with better quality material than post everyday with material that makes people yawn.

    And also, one weekend in the past, when my husband wanted to go out together as a family and spend the day doing something fun – I found myself wanting to sit at the computer and blog/social network instead. That was a big wake-up call for me. Now – my family comes first and then whatever free time I have after, I can use for me and blogging.

  32. says

    I’ve been blogging nine months … last month I hit a wall. There was so much stuff going on in my personal life that was overwhelming me, I guess there was nothing left to give to blogging. But I’m back. My problem is trying to do it all, like when you tried to reply to every comment. I want to try to make every craft I see, decorate the way “they do,” etc. Plus I am seriously addicted to those Stats in Blogger. But I’ve made some great friends along this nine month journey and I would have to rate blobbing at a 99.9% for fun! Thanks for sharing your idea about scheduling, I so need to do that, it would take lots of pressure off.

  33. says

    These are great tips. I’m only a few months into blogging and I’m still enjoying it like heck. I think I still have a long way to go to find my voice as well as stick to daily themed posts…For the moment, I’ve stuck pretty well to my Pink Fridays – but it’s been a hoot so far. Like you say, the fun is in building your network of readers!

    Maria xx

  34. says

    I hit burnout about every 6 months. My problem is “blogging with guilt.” I often feel I have to read the posts of everyone who comments on my posts. GAH! When I can dial that back, I’m much happier.

  35. says

    Great tips! I’ve been blogging for only a year and haven’t reached that burnout point yet, but I do try to keep in mind something I read somewhere on the SITS site, which is to make sure you live your life first and blog after (to paraphrase). Look forward to checking out your photography!