Find Your Tribe Part 2, Live From BlissDom

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Welcome to the weekly blogging tip and comment game! This week I’m talking about finding your blogging tribe.

Part one of this series is here.

Hello from BlissDom in Nashville! I’m here doing a lot of thinking about tribes. Last week, I challenged you to be part of someone else’s tribe. Today, your challenge is to start connecting with some of your blog’s tribe.

  • Identify five bloggers that regularly comment on your blog.
  • Call them out in a post on your blog.

You could highlight a post they wrote, link to their main blog URL, or thank them by name. Think about ways you can thank your readers for supporting you. Maybe you can do a weekly round-up of links highlighting some of your tribe/commenters? The idea is to encourage interaction. If certain people comment regularly on your blog, I bet your readers might like to read their blogs, too. Pay it forward and watch your tribe grow.

Part three of this series is here.

Now, let’s play a game! Here are the rules for the SITS Saturday Sharefest:

  • Leave a comment here with a link to one of your best blog posts (or just your main URL if you prefer).
  • After you leave your comment, visit the link of the person who commented BEFORE you.
  • Comment on their post and be sure to say “Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest” in your comment.

Now, go leave some comments!

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Blogging Ebook and Saturday Sharefest
Find Your Blogging Tribe - Saturday Sharefest


  1. Happy Weekend everyone, I’m off to bed now. What was suppose to be a nice Saturday with hubby and son turned a bit pooey cause everyone is tired at the end of the week :(
    Hope you are all having a great one :)
    .-= Ghada´s last post: How the iPhone saved this mama’s life =-.

  2. Hey everyone, hope you’re having a fab weekend. Think I’m a good few hours ahead of most of you, it’s Saturday night here in NZ and I’m off to bed after a busy day.
    Please pop over to check out my latest blog post!
    Hannah x
    .-= Hannah´s last post: Create: snack bowl =-.

  3. Hellloooo Mr weekend!!


  4. Good Morning Ladies!

    Weekend is finally here! I love saturday sharefest!

    My latest post:

  5. Oh yes! I’m going to do an award button for my favourite commenter soon! :D
    .-= I’m a Full Time Mummy´s last post: Farewell Pink Walker… =-.

  6. Have A Great Weekend Everybody!

    I guess I’m still looking for my “tribe” – I have a couple blogs I really love, but they’re very different in terms of focus and content. I’m not sure how to search for style/attitude in Google! :)
    .-= Raine @ Mama Rants´s last post: Why I Switched to a Midwife =-.

  7. Oh my goodness, it’s Saturday finally! And look, the link is working again! Hooray! The day could only be better if instead of posting this at 3:30am I were sleeping. Oh well. :)

    Have an Extraordinary Day, everyone!
    .-= InspiredDreamer´s last post: Six Word Saturday =-.

  8. It’s The WEEKEND!!

    Good morning, Ladies!

    Just finishing up my new BlogRoll – so relieved to finally be adding links to it again! :)

    We were supposed to be traveling this weekend, but the weather is refusing to work with us. So, we had a rainy day at home.

    Blogged about signing up for Daily Booth.

    So exciting, right? LOL

    Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!

  9. What am I doing up so late? Sheesh. Happy Saturday!
    .-= Betsy´s last post: That’s funny! You should blog about it! =-.

  10. Happy Saturday! We’re taking a family picture tomorrow/our son’s first birthday pictures.

    This is my favorite post of the week:

    Hope you all are doing something fun/relaxing!
    .-= Maya´s last post: Lessons Lived, Lessons Learned =-.

  11. woo to the hoo!

    It’s football’s high holiday weekend!
    .-= CCW@my half-glassed life´s last post: Of Fat, Fun, and Football =-.

  12. Great idea, to link to frequent commenters. Here’s my most recent post, about the Beijing Jedi Jugglers.
    .-= Email From The Embassy´s last post: And Here’s the Post Where I Make YOU Work for ME =-.

  13. I love SITS Saturday! We are snowed in so I will have lots of time to visit blogs today!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  14. GIVEAWAY come check it out!!! Have a wonderful Saturday :)

  15. I really like Saturdays with SITS, great place to meet people! Enjoy your day! Happy blogging!
    You will be welcome at Every day I walk with You! xxx
    .-= Raymonde´s last post: Something I like… =-.

  16. I added comment luv and want to see if it works. I am also going to do everything you suggest!

  17. Have a great weekend!
    .-= Jamie´s last post: Book Fan Friday – Love, Splat =-.

  18. Have a great weekend ladies!
    .-= Chocolate Lover´s last post: Friday’s With Mr. Milk – Timing is Everything =-.

  19. Wow it is 2:20 AM and I am still awake. I need to be sleeping my daughter has a cheerleading competition in the morning. UGH

  20. Happy Saturday from snowy Piemonte (Italy, not USA). Here’s something you might find funny…and you might also recognise…

    And thanks to everyone who commented on my two blogs last week – it was great of you to drop by!:-)

  21. Happy SITS Saturday sharefest!!! :-) This will be the busiest day for me so far this year!!!
    .-= Bianca´s last post: Restaurant Review: Wildflower Cafe Redondo Beach, CA =-.

  22. Have a terrific weekend!
    .-= French Picnic´s last post: Recycled Sweater Sewing Kit =-.

  23. It’s been crazy embedding a blog into a blog. I still do not know how I did it or why it works. hmmm…

    Have a great weekend!

  24. What a fabulous idea! I have quite a few followers but very few that comment regularly. I love the idea of recognizing them.

    Since we’re snowed in with this crazy blizzard in DC I plan on doing a lot of blog commenting today. I hope everyone has a fabulous day!
    .-= Melissa@MyLittleWorld´s last post: Why Is it So Hard to Get a Picture?! =-.

  25. A new giveaway is up on the site! Come on over!

  26. Great idea! Will certainly do that.

    Ah, that is a fabulous idea! Will certainly do it.
    Check out my fabulous naughty sexy contest!
    .-= WhiteSockGirl´s last post: A Story for Every Picture: Empty Hands =-.

  27. Happy Saturday!!!!
    .-= Holly @ posypocket.blogspot´s last post: April Showers =-.

  28. Anyone know how to get your own photo next to your comment?? I know I should know but I don’t. Please help if you can!!
    .-= Katie Lane´s last post: Size or quality?? =-.

  29. I made it in the top 20! That’s so exciting for me! But then again, I am super easily entertained. Because I’m cool like that. ;)

    Here is my blog!

    Emily Heizer Photography

    And I am doing a whole Valentine’s series right now – a single romantic post with a poem or song or whatever (classic stuff) every day until Valentine’s, featuring my clients. REAL people in love, which I think is the best thing anyway. Real live people have fairy tales too. :)


  30. Morning ladies!!!
    .-= Katie Lane´s last post: Size or quality?? =-.

  31. Okay, never mind, haha. There were only 6 comments when I began my comment. I guess I took to long :)
    How does this commentluv thing work? I signed up for it, but how come I can’t get my last post on here unless I put it on myself?

  32. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
    .-= Satakieli´s last post: Bavarian Pretzels =-.

  33. Great minds think alike! After I read last week’s post I did exactly this…….I wrote about your tribe post and then posted my top five tribe and asked them to do the same. Cool!

  34. Yay for the weekend!

  35. Hello ladies, This is such a great idea. I’m off to read the lovely other ladies. Such great Friday night reads. No TV needed!
    .-= Daisy´s last post: FREE Game of Bowling~Brunswick Zone =-.

  36. First time I’ve made it in the top 10, wahoo!

  37. I’m not sure I have enough followers or frequent commenters to do this, but I’m going to check it out.
    Happy Saturday, happy crazy insane rain been fallin since 1 this afternoon. Man I should be in bed, been up looking on the internet for solutions to my one year old’s 4 days constipation :( poor baby, tired mommy.
    .-= Kayli´s last post: Loving like Jesus, as a Mom =-.

  38. I think this is one of my best kits and You can download it here for FREE!

  39. What a fun idea! (Tribes) I might have to do that one tomorrow!
    I can’t believe the Superbowl is in two days and I’m expected to host a party. This house is NOT in shape for guests. Eep!
    .-= The Wifey´s last post: The Weekend Irk— What A Bitch! =-.

  40. Giving away a FREE full digital scrapbooking kit called “creative critter” its an arts and crafts themed kit. I hope you stop on by!

  41. Happy weekend ladies…I’m so ready for mine!!

  42. Have a great weekend, everyone :)
    .-= Rachel Cotterill´s last post: Sugarcraft Sofa =-.

  43. Saturday already!
    Come read the second part of my IVF story.

  44. Stepfanie Bishop says:

    sorry didn’t mean to double post, can’t find a delete, feel free to delete one if you can lol :-)

  45. Saturday and snooooooooooooowwwwww
    .-= The Redhead Riter´s last post: Grocery Store Lemmings =-.

  46. Visit my blog to get your FREE copy of my new e-book, The Short & Sweet Guide to Free Marketing for Mommy Bloggers!
    .-= Stepfanie Bishop´s last post: My Blog Direction AND Free E-Book Giveaway … For all!! =-.

  47. What am I doing up this late anyway??

    Oh yeah because I am giving away my FREE E-book to anyone and EVERYONE who visits my blog!

    Get your free copy now of The Short & Sweet Guide to Free Marketing for Mommy Bloggers!

    Thanks yall, have a good weekend!
    .-= Stepfanie Bishop´s last post: My Blog Direction AND Free E-Book Giveaway … For all!! =-.

  48. What am I doing up this late anyway?

    Oh yeah because I am giving away a FREE e-book to everyone!

    Visit my blog to get your free copy of the Short & Sweet Guide to Free Marketing for Mommy Bloggers!

    Have a good Weekend all!!!
    .-= Stepfanie Bishop´s last post: My Blog Direction AND Free E-Book Giveaway … For all!! =-.


    #1woohoo Happy Saturday ladies! xoxox me
    .-= MRSOFFICER/MROFFICER´s last post: My Father InLaw is receiving the SILVER BEAVER AWARD! =-.


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