#SITS31DBBB Assessing Your Blog {Further Reading}

The first week of SITS31DBBB blog challenge is off to a fantastic start! This week for the we’ve been looking at Assessing Your Blog. Blog CHallenge The days have included (and will cover) the following:

Day #1 Analyze a Blog in Your Niche

Day #2 Set Up Alerts to Monitor What’s Happening in Your Niche

Day #3 Find a Blog Buddy

Day #4 Use a Magazine to Improve Your Blog

Day #5 Monitor Statistics

Depending on what group you are participating in, your tasks are varied to meet your skill level. The beauty of this approach is you can tackle the daily challenges based on your need and current skill set. If you feel you are advanced in one area, but intermediate in another, hop around!  It’s this fabulous flexibility that will make this edition of SITS31DBBB the best one yet. Another aspect of the SITS31DBBB that we love is the support element. You are connecting while learning and that is really what this event is all about. As we near the close of the week, we want to provide you with some additional article links covering some of the questions we saw most in the forums as you tackled the week’s challenges. While reflecting on your week, use these articles to solidify or clarify the tasks covered.

Finding your Niche

How to Choose a Niche  (ProBlogger) How to Find the Best Niche for Your Blog How To Blog Without A Niche  

Blogging Buddies:

The 5 C’s of Maximizing Blog Friends Guest Posting Etiquette  How to Get Great Guest Posts

Setting Up Effective Google Alerts to Make Decisions About Content:

Creating a Blog Series Creating a Blog Meme

How to Use Analytics to Understand Your Readers and Create Fabulous Content:

Find Blog Topics Using Google Analytics The 411 on Blog Stats Making Your Blog Stats Actionable How To Create A Stat Book for Your Blog Stats

Use Magazines to Create Better Content:

Blog Post Titles that Get Clicks The Secret to a Gazillion Blog Post Ideas Blog Idol Interviews: Assessing Your Blog: Some of your favorite bloggers answered questions on this week’s topics based on their own experiences. We hope you’re enjoying the challenge, and the new format, so far!

#SITS31DBBB Week Two: A Look Under The Hood
#SITS31DBBB Starts Today: Are You All In?


  1. says

    Reading the 5C’s for creating a blog circle really helped me. I am working on PR relationships and creating more community support. Thanks Kludgy MOM

  2. says

    I love extra reading material. Now I just need to get caught up with the assignments from #SITS31DBBB so I can tackle all the bonus material.

  3. says

    Going to play catch-up this weekend. Can’t wait! The How 2 Blog w/out a Niche sounds interesting…since I have no idea what my niche is…

  4. says

    How to Blog Without a Niche was a GREAT article, and helped to get me out of my little panicky obsession to figure out my niche. Thanks for including this!

    • Francesca says

      Definitely. You are welcome to dive in, Trina. Just figure out which group you would like to be a part of and get involved.

      Let us know if you have any questions!

  5. says

    Wonderful. This might be to much to ask, but can we get a post like this for the coming week so we know what’s coming. I thought I had seen a post laying out the weeks ahead but now I can’t find it, or might have imaged it.

  6. says

    My head is spinning from all the great information this week. I could spend the whole day learning and improving. I think I need a conference where I can focus more…..but alas…the girls will be up in a minute and blog time will have to go on hold for a while (no school today!).

  7. says

    Thank you for a great first week! I’m starting a new blog, and while it’s been a bit overwhelming, these have all been great things to remember while I’m building. I try to make each assignment a daily improvement – but at the very least, you’re inspiring me to post!

  8. says

    I cant wait to read all about using google analytics. Thank you for doing this. I know it will be a great help to me.

  9. says

    Such a great list of resources! I haven’t been able to dive in as much as I’d like, but I have definitely been reading up and assessing.

  10. says

    So many great resources for people! I really enjoyed doing the challenge a couple of years ago. It’s always good to revisit these ideas.


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