How To Make Your About.Me Page Amazing

Joining us today is Liz from a belle, a bean & a chicago dog. Not only are we thrilled to have Liz guest post, but she is providing information that you just can’t miss! If you are in the market for a fabulous and FREE About Me page, then your search stops here. Learn more from Liz about the About.Me website and how you can have a one-stop description just as fabulous as hers.

Undoubtedly, your blog’s About page is something you’ve crafted with great care. An About page is a necessary website element, and probably the first item a new reader will check out after reading your latest post. The SITS Girls have already done a great job of providing tips and ways to razzle dazzle readers with your blog’s About page, so today I’m going to talk a bit about a different type of About page: an About.Me profile page.

about me page

What is About.Me?

About.Me is a free, custom profile builder that lets you create an online hub of sorts for everything related to – well – YOU! About.Me is an easy-to-use and completely free tool that allows you to create your own .com, with details about yourself and links to all your sites and related social media accounts. About.Me provides you with a branded URL (About.Me/FirstNameLastName) and includes basic statistics like visitors, time on site and Klout.

Below is my About.Me page.

about me page

Your About.Me Photo

If you haven’t seen an About.Me page before, you might be taken aback by how “front and center” the photos are. About.Me does allow you the option to include a thumbnail image of yourself in your Biography section, and also provides a limited selection of basic backgrounds to choose from. However, you’ll see when viewing their directory that the best and most distinctive pages are of a single unique photo that fills the screen.

Your About.Me Bio Box

From the Edit Profile mode, you can build your biography box with your name, additional text about yourself and links.

about me page

You can choose your font colors and styles, the color of your links and what services you’d like your Bio Box to include.

about me page

Once you have written your bio and added your services, you can drag and drop your Bio Box to whatever position on the screen works best with your background photo.

Who Should Create an About.Me Page?

Anyone who finds themselves saying, “Well, I have a personal blog at this web address, run two Twitter accounts, do some freelance ork for a couple sites and – oh – here’s my Facebook fan page and LinkedIn information, too!”

It seems like the longer you are active in the blogosphere, the more sites and profiles seem to attach themselves to you. While we all work hard to include all relevant links to other sites and profiles on our main blog, we usually can’t display our other affiliations as prominently as we’d like there. Creating an About.Me site makes it easy to share (and remember!) all your information with 1 short URL.

All About About.Me on Vimeo

About the Author

a belle, a bean & a chicago dog Liz is a 30-something marketer and mom to 2 girls and a dog. She writes about parenting, marriage & life in general at a belle, a bean & a chicago dog, tweets from @BelleBeanDog and helps small businesses use social media at Eli | Rose Social Media.

More Tips on Creating Your About.Me Page

About Francesca

One of two behind The SITS Girls and Bloggy Boot Camp. Believer that this community is a movement, and not just a website. Currently on a quest for unending free WiFi & stronger caffeine. I'd love to get to know you better: Find me on Twitter @FranBanducci and on Google+.


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    Now, I suppose I’ll have to help her with hers and make one for myself too. This reminds me of what was going for, but this is cooler.
    Lis Carpenter recently posted..Dreams to Reality

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this! My husband and I just created pages. This is a great idea and can be used in so many ways. I like the idea of having an online business card to share with others.
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    And this will be helpful for my new business cards!
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    Nice to see you here, BTW. :)
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  27. What a great post! Thanks for the excellent explanation and tips, Liz.

    If you have any questions for don’t hesitate to reach out to If you have a page already, you can click the Help link in your dashboard to reach us.

    Thank you!
    - Community Manager for

  28. I need a new bio picture taken badly…..

    I sooo wish that Liz would have used the fab picture that I edited for her. It was quite hilarious. The @SITSGIRLS all know about my use of thought bubbles…{giggle}
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    Thanks for the push!
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  46. Liz,
    This is so great! I have been using About.Me for a few months, but now I am going to adjust a few things based on your tips. One question I have is how do you actually center a picture? Every time I try to do this my picture ends up way too big. Any thoughts? Here is my page:
    Christina recently posted..We went, We conquered…

    • There are options at the bottom of the “Add a Photo” view in the Bio Box. Centered, Tiled and something else. I know that I had to change my orientation for it to work. Also, you can view the maximum pixel size to help you appropriately size the photo you want ahead of upload.
      liz recently posted..Observations of a Kindergarten Mom

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