Life in the Woods

I always love it when we feature someone I feel like I “know”. Today’s featured blogger and I chat on twitter and email and I just adore her too. Let me introduce you to Susan of Wild Life in the Woods. You will adore her too- I guarantee it.

Meet Susan:

After many years of enjoying life in the big city, we moved our family to the Boonies, where you’ll find us living our Wild Life in the Woods. Living with no one but the deer and the turkeys for neighbors can either drive a girl crazy, drive her to blog, or both. I’m a natural born story teller, and I love sharing the things I’m learning about food, too. So stop by the Boonies for a little visit, where you’ll find food, faith, and fun.

Wild Life in the Woods
Here are some goodies Susan picked out just for you:
Slow Cooker tortilla Soup

Faith: Heartbreak

Fun: Vanity Fair

Tara Dara
Girl Named Michael


  1. says

    I would love to live in the boonies again! Although I have to admit I DO love being just minutes away from a shopping mall nowadays! And luckily the hubs and I do live on the edge of town so we can pretend we’re in the boonies when we need to πŸ˜‰

    • says

      We’re sorely lacking in cows in my corner of the boonies.
      They’d need two legs longer than the other two to keep from falling off the ridge.
      And they could only walk around the hill in one direction. If they turned around, they’d roll down.

    • says

      We should swap for a week, Maria.
      Do you think either one of us would want to trade back at week’s end?
      Trying to imagine living in Brooklyn, and simply cannot. But it might be fun to try!

  2. says

    Congrats on your SITS day. I’m a city girl currently living in South America, but longing for the quiet woods and lakes of the Midwest where I grew up. I’m off to check out your blog :)

  3. says

    I’m a country girl who’s lived in the city for years now… and feels ready to go back to Green Acres! Good luck to you!

  4. says

    As a gal who feels stuck in the big city, I long for this quieter pace of life myself. Can’t wait to go check her out… and Happy SITS Day!

    • says

      My life in the woods is actually kinda wild. Quiet? Well…yes…sometimes….
      I don’t live on the bus route anymore, and that’s for sure.
      No buses in the Boonies.

    • says

      Maddie, my love, I’m waiting for the kids to leave the house tonight, and then I’ll pop over to your BRAND NEW BLOG, and pick up some tips on keeping the home fires burning bright!

    • says

      I admit: I still get excited whenever I see them.
      To my dogs, I call the deer the “big dogs”. We have lots of big windows, and I tell the dogs to “go look at the BIG DOGS outside”.

      They totally believe me.

  5. says

    happy sits day! i love living out in the woods!

    i find it very fascinating!
    look forward to hearing your stories!

    enjoy your special day!


    • says

      Well…yes, it’s very calm here. Until the rattlesnakes, cotton mouths and copperheads show up on the patio.

      I kid. you. not.

      That’s why it’s my WILD life in the woods.