Positively Alene

Today’s Featured Blogger will leave you smiling. Alene of Positively Alene is just that.. positive.

We happen to be huge fans of positivity around here.

Living life as Positively Alene is an adventure. Seeking to know who I was and how I could be comfortable “just being me” I sought God, many books, and person after person to determine my purpose. After years of seeking and searching, I took the challenge to live my life as “Positively Alene” a writer, speaker, photographer and leader. I blog to share my journey and write to help others find their purpose so that they can too can live their lives positively as themselves, just as I live as myself . . . Positively Alene!

She thinks you’ll just love these babies:

Sing Because You Have a Song

What is Your Story?

If God Created S-E-X…

Your mission is to roll call below and then head over to Alene’s and show her the comments loving. Get to to it!

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    SO refreshing! Finally someone who doesn’t use their blog as a way to vent and complain! Not saying that everyone else does…but there a lot of people out there who chose to use their typing skills to voice the negative side of life – occasionally! HAPPY SITS DAY! Keep on living positively!

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    Don’t they always say, “God may not give you want you want but He’ll give you what you need”. Well, you’re just what I need today, a positive force to be reckoned with the world. I love the spirit of the essence of that. So, I’m definitely looking forward to reading your blog.

    Happy SITS FB Day!

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    Lovely featured blogger! Tonight I posted a sweet reminder to pray instead of worry. Thanks and happy Thursday!

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    I was late, but made a grand entrance, and loved her blog so much that I subscribed, followed her on twitter and will now forever be a stalker!

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    Yay for being positive! I’m on a personal quest to turn my own problems into opportunities. Very much looking forward to hopping over to Alene’s place. Happy SITS day to you!

    • says

      Turning our problems into opportunities is awesome. Our messes can become our messages. Hope you’re on your way towards blessing others through your struggles.

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    I love the name Alene, reminds me of a supervisor I had at a job. I always wanted to do my job so she would be pleased.

    Happy Thursday.

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    Lovin’ this featured blogger! Yay for positivity! I’m part of the positive movement too girl. The world needs it :)
    Congrats on the SITS day!