Blogs We Love.

So, we had a little snafu with today’s featured blogger.

It was totally my fault. *Sigh*

But I am confident and convinced you will love me anyway.

So, instead, I thought we could share the Blogs We Love!

After all, sharing is caring.

I’ve even included a link up, so you can share some love and link up your current favorite.

Right now?

I am in love with this site:

Mother Huddle is full of DIY Crafts, Recipes, Sewing Tutorials and more.

A definite gem.

It’s SO pretty. And relaxing. And pinnable.

I really wish I could sew, but then I might never leave the site…

Now, it’s your turn.

Who do you love? Link them up!


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  1. says

    Oh my garsh, just look at may gloved hand up there.

    So it’s true then…I heard some kickin a** blogs would be listed here.

    You SITS girls are all the rage.

    Thank you for doing this, and sharing the love.


  2. says

    What an awesome idea! This will definitely help those of us who are interested in reading other blogs but are too overwhelmed to go through hundreds/thousands that exist in the blogosphere! Thank you!

  3. says

    What a cool idea…
    my two current favourites are both Australian blogs (I’m a New Zealander)…
    Both of these girls are funny, offbeat, honest and great writers.
    I never fail to leave their blogs without a smile on my face.
    I love them, and look forward to the day when one day I will get to meet these bloggers in person – I just KNOW we would be best friends :)

    So please visit my friend Maxabella over at “Maxabella Loves” and Meredy over at “Count it All Joy”


  4. says

    Love the amazing writing of Cheryl Sternman Rule of And she has a cookbook coming out in the spring called RIPE! Her writing is funny, eclectic, unexpected, and honest. Did I mention funny?