Livin’ The Green

So, we all survived Monday {barely}.

I just love today’s featured blogger. What a journey she has been on. She just oozes beauty- both inside and out.

Please welcome Anne of Livin the Green to the SITS Spotlight!

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 years old, while 8 months pregnant with my third son, I knew I wanted to tweak my diet and way of life. I am in search of a greener, less toxic lifestyle for myself and my family. My blog documents this quest and covers my delicious discoveries, healthy recipes, new studies, sweet finds for natural, non-toxic beauty and skincare and my family. Take a peak and come play in greener pastures with me.

You’ll love these:

The Sweet Life {this one is full of gratitude and perspective. Lovely.}

Detox Glow {Easy and simple way to give your body a boost}.

Matcha Woman {Green is good.}

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  1. says

    Good morning, ladies! I feel like I haven’t checked in in so long! Things have been busy and I’ve been incredibly morning sick :( But hopefully I start feeling great soon!

  2. says

    Awesome! I look forward to reading! I was just diagnoses with a huge uterine tumor (benign I’m sure)- but I have none of the ‘risk factors’ and, though I eat fairly healthy, I’m thinking maybe I need even less toxic lifestyle….

  3. says

    I learned a lot today… Asked to borrow an article as a guest post, teared up a little, and found something I am willing to try for my betterment.

    Thanks Anne for such a wonderful way to start my day!

  4. says

    An added bonus of going green is that it not only helps you and your family, but it also helps the planet, and ultimately, everyone on it! If each one of us does one more green thing each day, imagine how it would add up. You are a role model and an inspiration.

  5. says

    What a beautiful family! Congrats on your SITS day! Today I blogged about baseball and some favorite quotes and verses to paint. Happy Tuesday!

  6. says

    Anne, Love your blog! I am a a vegetarian and start each day off with a kale smoothie, so I am right there with you for living greener and healthier. I admire you for taking your health crisis and using it as a spring board to bring so love and positive information to the world. Happy SITS day!

  7. says

    Happy SITS Day! I have been trying to look for inspiration in tweaking my own diet and lifestyle. I can’t wait to read more!

  8. says

    What a journey! I used to work in a chemical plant & now have so many weird reactions to chemicals. One is limonene which is found in many skin products & perfumes. Going to check out her blog!

  9. says

    Happy SITS day! Props to you for finding positivity in your situtation. I love green eating so I’m super excited to read!

  10. Leslie The Cleaning Coach says

    I can’t wait to read her story. I’m sure it will be very inspirational!

  11. says

    We live the same kind of non-toxic life … I can’t wait to read her blog. Sounds like it is full of some great ideas.

  12. says

    Hi, Anne! Can’t wait to see some of the changes you’ve made. I had breast cancer when I was 27, and so I try to stay away from BPA and parabens, but it’s hard!

  13. Stephanie @ Our Marriage Adventure says

    What a strong woman you are! Happy SITS day to you!

  14. says

    You’ve been through a lot, but talk about making lemons into lemonade! Man, you’re something else. I sincerely cannot wait to read more about your life and your GREEN-ISH-NESS incorporated into foods that are delicious. I’m a caterer/event planner and I’m always open to learning more.

    Congratulations on your SITS Day, Miss Survivor! Rock it!