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It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lindsay from The Designer Wife.  She is a long-time and very active SITStah, hilarious, and downright lovely.  All in all, someone you definitely need in your blogroll.

20 somethings
Do you readily tell people that you have a blog?  How do they react?
What? What’s a blog? That’s the typical reaction I get when I tell people that I’m a blogger. Some think it’s a disease that I have, other’s have thought it was some sort of lumberjack.

Now that it’s becoming more of a full-time gig, I happily share my hobby-turned-obsession with everyone. In the beginning, I left it just as a secret between me and the entire internet. A few months in, actually during last summers SITS 31DBBB, I started sharing my posts on facebook & twitter. Surprisingly, people liked it. I started getting requests for more insomnia-induced vlogging and overly caffeinated, one-too-many-espresso’s blog posts in which I examine some of life’s biggest questions (or, just, you know, which Bravo housewives are my faves.) I have no shame.

country life
Since you’ve transitioned from country to city living, what’s one thing about life as a country girl that you miss?
Life’s funny. All of the things that I’d thought I’d miss, I don’t… It’s the things that I never thought of missing, the things that I took for granted, that I miss the most – the trees, nature, quiet evenings, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of birds chirping outside of my window right before sunrise. Turns out, it really is the simple things in life that mean the most. Sometimes, when we go home to visit my parents, I’ll stand outside in the backyard that I grew up chasing fireflies in on warm June nights and just take long, deep breathe. I try so hard to soak up all of the sights and sounds and smells so that I can take them back to the city with me. It gets me through. Unfortunately, one time I tried a little too hard to soak it all up and inhaled a firefly.

20 something

In your About Me section, it says that you fought the vacuum and the vacuum won.  Tell us a little bit about that.
I grew up the youngest in my family and, I’ll admit it, I was a spoiled brat. I never had chores. My Mom keeps a spotless house, so I caught on early that if I did a sucky job cleaning my room enough times, she would eventually realize that I didn’t clean to her standards; thus she just started doing it for me.

When I finally moved out on my own, the SPS (spoiled princess syndrome) proved to be a huge obstacle. Within the first week of life on my own in my cute little apartment, dishes began piling up, dirty clothes were in a heap that was slowly burying my washing machine and Daphne’s fur was all over my carpet. I’d never seen such a mess!

Long story short, apparently, some vacuum cleaners require bags that do need changed every so often, else they begin smoking, may or may not catch on fire, go up in flames, wrap their power cord around your ankle, tackle you down the stairs and send you to the ER for a broken wrist and sprained ankle. Not before first teaching it a lesson with the fire extinguisher, however. I’ve since hired a cleaning lady, so we’re safe now.

Name one of your favorite musicians (or band) when you were in junior high.
In junior high, my best friend and I were obsessed with Hanson (Mmmbob, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duuuu) (Don’t you judge me.)

We wrote letters to them religiously and had this amazing plan that we were going to roller-blade across country to their hometown somewhere in the midwest to meet them. Pure genius, right? I mean, what could possibly go wrong with two thirteen year-old girls roller blading 1500 miles? Seriously, we planned this for like six months. By the time summer came and it was go-time, we were over them and hooked on newcomers, Savage Garden. (like a chick-a-cherry cola) (I said don’t judge.)

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Let Lindsay brighten your day by stopping by her site today!

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    You loved Hanson !? When I say that people use to ask Hanson? Hanson who? What´s his name?

    Love your blog!

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    I saw Lindsay’s great day announcement yesterday on my google reader and it drew me to this site. I am so happy she is a featured blog. I’ve met her last year and she is a really beautiful person. I enjoy reading her blogs, they are funny with lots of information on goodies out there.

    Congratulations Lindsay you rock.

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    Thank you so much for featuring The Designer Wife – Lyndsay you are hilarious! Your antics with the vacumn cleaner made be burst out loud thinking of all Mum’s getting their revenge on their spoilt Princesses. I look forward to being entertained by your blog. Bravo!

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    I can’t wait to check her out. I’m still catching up from everything I missed while on vacation.

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    Looking forward to reading more of your blog! I know what you mean about missing trees and grass and the simple things.

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    I absolutely love Lindsay’s voice and sense of humor! I can’t wait to read more — I’m officially hooked. :)