Go To Girl

Nikki from Go To Girl approaches life with a positive attitude and hers will rub off on you. She’s our featured blogger today!

Go To Girl

Here’s a little about Nikki:

After surviving the death of my mom and then breast cancer, I am stronger, happier and definitely a better person. I started my business Go To Girl because I wanted an outlet for all of my favorite things… food, marketing and event planning. I am known for my positive outlook and sunny disposition. Come by and get to know why I am THE “go to girl”.

Here are some of Nikki’s favorite posts:

Transformation is all about making the best of what you’ve got!

A delicious winter recipe – Chili, It Is Football Season!

Family reminds us to cherish the people around us.

Nikki makes me smile! Leave a comment here for Roll Call, then head to Go To Girl to wish her well on her feature day!

About Alina Thomas

Alina is a Virginia wedding photographer based out of Lynchburg, VA. She has a passion for arts and design, and strives to express it through her work. She is creative at heart and loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge in photography with other Virginia wedding photographers on her blog each week. Alina loves being a new mom to her first-born and spending time with her husband who helps her run her businesses. Please feel free to follow her on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+.
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  1. says

    I love reading about people like this feature blogger. We get so wrapped up in our ridiculous misery that we forget that there are people who have seen worse and are infinitely happier because they’ve gone through the experience.

    I can tell she is a grateful chick…and love people like that!

    Great Featured Blogger!

    Twitter: @godsfaveshoe

  2. says

    Happy Sits day! I just recently lost my mother, but I can say that though I’m still hurting it has made me a stronger person!!!!! I know I can overcome ANYTHING now!

  3. says

    Just popping by to say Hi! My days are ten kinds of crazy, so I have to do my social media “plan” one minute at a time squeezed in between 3 other things. That’s my lot in life. It’s not a lot, but it’s my life!

  4. says

    Good Morning, SITStahs! Hope everyone is having a great day. I have a question for you to answer on my blog today. Check it out!

  5. says

    Nikki, I feel happy just reading ABOUT your blog. A little positive attitude goes a long way :) Happy SITS Day to you, although I’m pretty sure you’ve got the happy part covered :)

  6. says

    Awesome. Congrats on your SITS day! I, myself, am a brain tumor survivor and I can also testify that going through an event like that changes you forever in inexplicable ways. I’m heading over to your blog :)

    • says

      Oh Melinda, I’m so sorry! I know you don’t know me but I will be happy to answer ANY questions you may have! I have 5 girlfriends who also had breast cancer…so I have lots of different stories as well. Good luck and remember…. your attitude changes the chemicals in your body, so make them good ones!

      • says

        I appreciate you note, very much. I will definitely keep you in mind when we all need a little attitude adjustment. My mom has a good outlook at least that’s what she’s portraying to us. She got an very early diagnosis so I’m hoping the battle is short and uneventful :)

  7. says

    I loved the post about your hair! You faced a really difficult situation with upbeat creativity, so inspiring for all of us.