The Coffepot Chronicles

It’s time to shower another SITStah in gooey comment goodness!

Meet Kim of The Coffee Pot Chronicles.

We just love Kim- if you aren’t following her on twitter, get to it- she is so fun to tweet with. Kim is a hilarious sassy pants and a Las Vegas blogger- who doesn’t love Vegas?


Miss Kim’s bio:

I am a 30-something happily married stay at home wife and part-time student who can best be described as a coffee loving, sarcastic writer and photographer from Las Vegas. I began blogging in late 2010 when I realized I needed to start writing again following a two year hiatus. Over the past year and a half I’ve watched my writing evolve and grow as I tackle a chaotic schedule, document old Las Vegas through photos, take on weight loss, and navigate life. Blogging has become my outlet, a living memoir of sorts that keeps my mind busy when I don’t have a camera in hand or life gets crazy. And thankfully, I have an incredible husband who puts up with my antics and fully supports my creative endeavors.

blog inage las vegas

Posts she thinks you’ll love!

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  1. Ewwwe! This sounds interesting! I love the blog title – very catchy and “sticky!” Looking forward to reading more!

  2. I have pretty much given up figuring out the proper use of Twitter.

  3. Am I crazy, or have we met before?

    Anyhow, happy SITS day!

  4. Hi Kim! Happy SITS Day!!


  5. What a fun blog!

  6. What a great blog name! You seem like so much fun. I can’t wait to check out more.

    Love the old vegas photography! I want them to bring back the feeling of the Rat Pack in Vegas! Sure, mafia was still deeply controlling the area at that time, but who says they aren’t anymore?! I say bring back the style!

  7. Hello Mrs. Kim :-)

  8. Dear Kim, Congrats on being the featured blogger! I love the name of your site and I am off to check it out! Great meeting you! Blessings, Catherine

  9. Congrats on your SITS Day!

  10. Great looking blog! Happy belated SITS day!

  11. Sorry I am late, what a week! :0

  12. Hi SassyPants! Happy SITSday! :) Excited to visit your blog.

  13. I love the titles of the second two posts linked. Off to read them!

  14. Anyone that has Coffee in the title of their blog has to be awesome!

  15. Oooh, historic Las Vegas, photography… I think I’m hooked already!

  16. Cute and clever blog! I’m going over now to spend more time checking it out.

  17. This site is a genius idea. Congrats on your feature!

  18. headed over

  19. What a great blog name!

  20. Really enjoyed meeting Kim!

  21. Congrats on your SITS day…can’t wait to follow you. Michele

  22. Happy SITS day Kim! Looking forward to reading more and I love coffee so I am going to settle in for a nice read:)

  23. This sounds like a wonderful blog. Someone who loves coffee and photography…sounds perfect. Off to read her posts and follow her on twitter.

  24. With coffee in the title, I know I’ll be a fan of your blog already!


  25. Kim is my bloggy buddy! She’s awesome and horrible in all the right ways and I love this girl to death!

  26. YAY! I just love Kim and her sense of humor! I need to make sure I catch up with her tweets…

    Thank you for showing her off today!!!

  27. “A living memoir”– I love it! Checking it out.

  28. After reading your SITS post, I really want some coffee :)

  29. In this case, “Everything in Vegas… ” stays OUTSIDE of Vegas. Kim, you go!
    Congratulations on being a Featured Blogger here on SITS. I’m looking forward to venturing over to your blog. Especially since I’ve been going to Las Vegas since forever. I have two Aunts and an Uncle who live there, so it’ll be fun to take a look at the photography on your site of “old Vegas” when, in my opinion, it was even cooler then than it is now.
    I’m really excited to take a look!

  30. A blogger after my own heart – heading over there now!

  31. Congrats on your SITS day!

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