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Today’s featured blogger, like many of us, uses writing as a creative outlet. Please welcome Kristin from What She Said!

What She Said

Here’s a little about Kristin:

My name is Kristin and I’m a self-proclaimed city girl living a decidedly more rural life with my husband, 2-year-old daughter, and a black cat named Boo in eastern West Virginia (or, as I like to spin it, the far western suburbs of DC). I write because I feel it’s my best expression of self, and because it’s the only way I’ve found to at least quiet, if not completely silence my mouthy, obnoxious, and thoroughly self-centered inner monologue. Occasionally sarcastic, often poignant, frequently self-deprecating and always heartfelt, What She Said is a “niche-less” blend of family, life, and humor. Because if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry.

What She Said
Some of Kristin’s favorite posts are:

The State of My Union With Twitter is a cute reflection on her relationship with Twitter.

A beautiful synopsis of her child’s second birthday in Two.

What Ill Humor means to her.

Now check in with a brief comment below, then head to Kristin’s at What She Said and spend part of her Feature Day with her!

Beautiful Spit Up
Go To Girl


  1. Kristin is a great blogger!

  2. TGIF everyone!

  3. Happy Friday everyone!!! Looking forward to a nice 3 day weekend:-)

  4. Happy SITS Day! Funny, my brother has a black cat named Boo as well.

  5. HAPPY SITS DAY!!!!! Can’t wait to head over!

  6. Most writers would agree with you about getting those inner voices on paper. I call it “throwing up on the page!”

  7. Just dropped by What She Said. Nice blog! Have a great weekend everyone! : )

  8. Congrats on the SITS day! Beautiful family!

  9. I love niche-less blogs. I’m excited to read more. :)

  10. I am so happy for you! Happy SITS day to you! I am off to go and visit your website.
    Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

  11. Love the Friday Tapas idea. This blog has such a great voice. Love it!

  12. Woot woot! Happy SITS day, woman!

  13. I know I need more laughter in my life- going to visit your blog now!!

  14. Good Morning Ladies!!! Happy SITS Day to you Kristen!!! It sounds like many of us can relate to your last statement :) Can’t wait to check out your blog!!! Enjoy your day!

  15. Good morning!

    The kids don’t have school today. Ack.

  16. Happy SITS Day!!!

  17. Good Morning, SITStahs! The weekend is upon us! Stop by my blog for a little Friday Fiction!

  18. Have a great SITS day today!

  19. Yay for you! I look forward to reading more of your blog! I definitely enjoy your character and authenticity in your blog. Have a great day!

  20. Love the blog and can’t wait to read more! Yay for funny moms!

  21. Love this blog! Congrats on your SITS day!

  22. Happy for you and your SITS day! I’ve been following you on fb, and I think you’re the one that introduced me to the yeahwrite group. I’ve linked up with them for a few weeks now. Great bunch of bloggers! Thanks for passing along the info. Enjoy your day! Oh, and even though I’m from Kentucky–which people think is super hillbilly (and some parts are)–I still have my reservations about WV. No offense to anyone. Just sayin.

    • You and me both, sister! No offense taken – I hope to one day get back to my Richmond, VA roots. :)

      Glad you’ve been enjoying Yeah Write! – it’s a wonderful community with some really good writers.

  23. Happy SITS day! Can’t wait to check out your blog!

  24. Happy SITS day, I must say, I love your hair!

  25. I loved the ill humor post! I really get it! great blog!

    • It was a tough one to write, but I felt so much better afterward. I hope/plan to explore more thoughts on depression on my blog going forward. Those posts can be tough to write, though – lots of thought and reflection go into them, which can be mentally and emotionally draining. But they’re also cathartic and depression is an important subject to discuss – especially since far too many people still consider it a “taboo” illness.

  26. Looking forward to reading your blog, Kristin! :D

  27. In just 6 words … how would you describe JOY?

    • OK, you realize you’re going to break my brain here, right? It’s Friday, I’ve had an insanely busy week, and my head is full of snot, yet you’re asking me to summarize joy in six words. OK, then. ;)

      Here goes: “It lurks within my daughter’s laugh.”

  28. Happy SITSday! I haven’t been on here in awhile, so looking forward to meeting you as well as going back through old posts to catch up!

  29. Always happy to see another fellow niche-less blogger!

  30. I’m anxious to get into that Twitter post!

  31. Hi there! Can’t wait to see if you and I think the same about teh twitterz


    Woohoo- I’m so stoked you got a SITS day, cause you sure deserve it!


  33. Sayin’ hi. My gosh. Life is insane. Where’s the “Stop I want to get off this ride” button!!!

  34. Hey sweet friend – I so love seeing you here today. xoxo

  35. I get so excited when the fb is someone I know. I love her blog and she’s such a talented writer. Happy sits day PH!!!!

  36. Happy Friday/ SITS day! Hopefully you havent been up since the crack of dawn like I have!

  37. I love, love, love how honest she is about her internal dialogue! I’m born and raised WV so I am very happy to see a blogger from my “neck of the woods!”

    • I figure as long as I don’t let myself *become* my inner dialogue, I’m good. It’s a fine line, though.

      Happy to meet a fellow West Virginian! Although, I still think of myself as a Virginian – I was born and raised in Richmond. I even drove 35 minutes to give birth to my daughter because I wanted her to be a native Virginian, too. ;)

  38. Oh, I would just love to sit on that deck! I’m pining for a little green up here in Chicago.

  39. Already a HUGE fan of this blog – so happy to see her featured here today! :)

  40. She sounds lovely!

  41. Happy SITS day!

  42. Looks like a good one! Off to check it out!

  43. I love a good cry…so therapeutic! Hopping over…

  44. I completely agree with the last statement… a good cry is a good thing, but it’s almost always better to laugh!

  45. Have a nice day

  46. beautiful family god bless

  47. Happy SITS Day! On my way over to your blog!

  48. I can so relate… Writing for expression and for therapy. :). XO Happy SITS day (and happy Friday!)

  49. You have a beautiful family and you do make the world beautiful! Thanks for sharing some laughs to make the day.

  50. Happy SITS Day, Kristin!! So wonderful to see you have your day :)

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