Life is Hard Laugh Anyway

I just LOVE the title of today’s featured blog. Laughter really is the best medicine.

This blog is simply lovely- a positive, smart and funny perspective of life.

Please meet Latorsha of “Life is Hard, Laugh Anyway“.

I must say I never thought this day would come. I am so excited to finally be featured. I am the creator of Life is Hard Laugh Anyway, a place where I try to remain optimistic about my journey, otherwise known as life. You will find me talking about motherhood, marriage, and many random topics all intertwined with a few laughs and sometimes tears. My blog is my testimony that life is hard, BUT we might as well laugh anyway. It is my hope that when my readers stop by each one might find some camaraderie, solace, and of course, laughter.


Marriage: Shut Up & Listen!

The Laughs of Motherhood

How to Avoid a Nosey Neighbor

So. Now you need to leave a comment below to roll call and then you MUST go comment on Latorsha’s blog- cause that’s what this is all about.


  1. Happy Belated SITS Day!
    Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri recently posted..I Will Hold Your Hand

  2. Going to have to follow this one! Love it – and the title. Laughter IS the best medicine.. followed closely by wine.
    Jenny @ MindOverMotherhood recently posted..My Favorite 4-Letter Word

  3. Going to have to follow this one! Love it – and the title. Laughter IS the best medicine.. followed closely by wine.
    Jenny @ MindOverMotherhood recently posted..Bloglovin?

  4. I’m so late! I read this blog!! Happy Belated SITS day!!
    Rosesdaughter recently posted..Project 52: Week 15:Why So Serious?

  5. Your blog made me smile and has made its way to my bookmarked reading list :) Keep writing!
    Chewy Mommy recently posted..The Case of the Sleep Deprived Mommy

  6. funny blog, and i totally agree about the nosey neighbor
    Ays recently posted..happy monday!

  7. Happy SITS day! Laughter is the BEST medicine, great blog!

  8. headed over now to read some posts!
    Kimberly Terrill recently posted..KIA

  9. Oh, I can I already tell this is going to be a new favorite just by the title alone! Off to check out the marriage post RIGHT NOW! Congratulations on your SITS day! :)
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Hearts Do Not Have Colors

  10. Happy SITS day! Headed over for some laughs now
    Lisa Waszkiewicz recently posted..My Jealous Left Boob

  11. HAPPY SITS DAY buddy! Happy to see you here! :)
    Cam – Bibs & Baubles recently posted..What’s In A Name?

  12. I’m so glad to see her blog featured!! I’ve been following “OptimisticMom” since I’ve started blogging and I love her blog! I’m so glad to see it on here! She deserves it!
    Nicole recently posted..Darling…What is That Smell?

  13. Congratulations on your SITS Day! I love reading good laughs! Over to your blog right now! :)
    Mrs. Doc H recently posted..Germy Scrubs and White Coats

  14. Shannon from 'mynewfavoriteday' says:

    Such a GREAT blog name! Happy SITS Day!
    Shannon from ‘mynewfavoriteday’ recently posted..Expectations, Butterflies and Holland.

  15. Looking forward to following you, Latorsha!
    Mamarific recently posted..Separation Anxiety Attack

  16. Love the title! Happy SITS Day!
    Cheryl recently posted..Cinco de Mayo Activities For Kids

  17. Happy SITS day! I enjoyed your blog, especially the 30 is fabulous series! Well done you!
    Dr. Krissy recently posted..I’d like to thank the Academy…

  18. I think if we can find something to laugh about in everything in life, earth will be a happier place to live in.
    jamie recently posted..The Fruit Of Long Suffering

  19. Yay! Life is about finding the good stuff among the bad stuff.
    Missy recently posted..Fifty

  20. What a great name! Hope it’s been a great SITS Day!
    Leslie recently posted..{Looking Back} April 2011

  21. Congratulations Diva! And Happy SITS day! I absolutely LOVE your blog and your positive outlook on life. You are totally on my “people I need to meet in real life” list! Congrats again!

  22. Happy SITS day! I love the Life is Hard blog and I sure did miss it when I was gone!
    This Cookn’ Mom recently posted..Spring is Here

  23. Thank you for sharing this blog… It was a great read…I especially enjoyed the post about Lalughter in the face of what your children wlll say to you in all innocence.
    Carla Kennedy recently posted..A Favorite Quote

  24. Happy SITS Day – I love that you’ve chosen to look at life through positive eyes. I try to do the same thing and share on each of my blogs. There are days when it can be harder than others, but I love it!

    Kimberly Gauthier, Keep the Tail Wagging recently posted..Go Orange for Animals | Appreciation of Animal Rescue Workers Month

  25. Delighted to meet you, Latorsha! Clicking on over now…
    Molly recently posted..Salty Pretzel Rocky Road

  26. Just what I needed to read today! :) Thanks!
    Nicole O’Dell recently posted..On Dreaming Big: God’s Plan or Yours?

  27. Happy SITS Day! Lovely picture, so very happy for you.
    Whitney recently posted..Inner City Blues

  28. Love your message of positivity!!
    Merelymothers recently posted..New Mommy Entrepreneur PLUS Jewelry Discount and Giveaway!

  29. I love the blog name! Happy SITS Day!
    Angie recently posted..Go On Vacation Beverly Hillbillies Style: Come Visit Branson, Missouri

  30. I like the attitude! Can’t wait to read about the nosy neighbor :)
    Irene Penny recently posted..Goodwill Hunting

  31. Happy SITS day!
    Tricia recently posted..Please join me for Weekly Gratitude

  32. I love Latorsha’s blog and have been following for a while now. She always has a humorous spin on things. Happy feature day!
    Mrs. H recently posted..Vacation Clues

  33. Congrats on your SITS Day and thanks so much for introducing me to this great network!!!!! You already know I’m a fan of your blog!
    Aisha G of HartlynKids recently posted..WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: LADY C’S NEW FAVORITE BOOK

  34. Latorsha, I like your positive perspective! Happy Happy SITS Day to you!

    P.S. Ladies, stop by to learn how a few of your favorite humor bloggers pranked Word Press BIG TIME :)
    tori nelson recently posted..Better Living Through Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

  35. Great motto! I totally agree. :) Laugh us hard we may as well laugh. That’s probably all we can do 9 times out of 10. COngratulations on your SITS day! I love your blog. it’s funny and encouraging!
    lucy recently posted..This Made Me Laugh

  36. That is a LOVELY blog title!!! :) So fun!!!
    Kassi @ Truly Lovely recently posted..Chocolate and Caramel Dipped Pretzels

  37. You’re right, if we can’t laugh, what’s the point? Great blog and happy SITS day!
    Alethea recently posted..Spring Cleaning

  38. Love the title! A lot of time’s it’s easier to laugh to keep from crying. Can’t wait to check out your blog. :)

  39. Looks wonderful! Sometimes I need that perspective!
    kyfirewife recently posted..Raising an Introvert Child

  40. Can’t wait to check out this blog! Hope you are all having a great Wednesday!
    Alicia recently posted..Holidays and Birthdays Galore

  41. Oh I love her site. I’ve been a subscriber for a while.
    Carolyn recently posted..15 Fabulous (and Free) WordPress Plugins

  42. Happy Wednesday. Laughter is an amazing thing. It can make almost any situation better. Can’t wait to stop by your blog today!
    Jennifer recently posted..Sand In Our Toes | Fort Story Maternity Portraits

  43. Yay!!!!!!! So happy for you!!! You go girl!!! You are doing big things!!!
    Katina recently posted..Easter is Over…now what?

  44. Great motto! Visit me to see lots pretty dresses and some nice custom artwork! Happy hump-day:)!
    Brandie recently posted..Shabby Apple

  45. Great blog name! Happy SITS day :)
    Kate recently posted..Sneak peeks

  46. Loved the Marriage: Shut up and Listen Post. Excellent advice for a newlywed :)
    Ms. Adams recently posted..Are You Pregnant Yet?

  47. Sounds great! Happy SITS day!
    Audrey recently posted..clever vegetable recipes

  48. You got that right, Latorsha… we might as well laugh anyway! Congratulations on your FB day finally getting here for you. Anyone with an attitude like yours should have their turn being featured, especially if you’re going to touch our funny bones and make us laugh.

    I’m sincerely very happy for you and hope that you get more comments than anyone can shake a stick at! Relish in your special SITSGirl day and have a complete blast!
    Carlo/Carlo At Your Service Productions recently posted..The New Party Planner Reality TV Show: Two For One

  49. Sounds fun! Headed over now! :D
    RachelAllison recently posted..Letting Sorrow Be [Shared Post] -


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