Silly Blahgs!

Hope you all enjoyed a fabulous weekend!

Today’s featured blogger is just adorable. I can’t help but smile when I swing by Silly Blahgs.

My childhood dream of becoming a copywriter in a big city ad agency has been replaced with the reality of being a graphic designer, military wife, and mother of multiple dogs in Kentucky. Through my blog, the keyboard releases my inner Carrie Bradshaw with topics focused on the more important things: food, fashion, and furry pets. It also has helped me work towards the pursuit of building my brand (silly creative), promoting my children’s books (silly stories), getting into the social media world (getsillytweets), and reigniting my passion for fashion (sillystyle). Whether it be meeting new people or learning new things, the more I dive into the blogging community, the more I see endless sparkles of potential and sprinkles of new possibilities. And lemme tell ya, this silly girl loves her some sparkles and sprinkles.

Priscilla wants you to check these beauties out:

Three Little Ps


Olsons Go African

Now, leave a comment below to roll call and then head on over to Priscilla’s place and leave some COMMENTS!

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One of two behind The SITS Girls and Bloggy Boot Camp. Lover of college football, sushi and my son's freckles. I am a real life camp director, believer in possibility and devourer of books. You can find me on Google Plus {occasionally} at Tiffany Romero and tweeting {constantly} @TiffanyRom.
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  1. Yay, dogs! I, too, am the proud mother of a little boy in a fur suit, a black Lab named Jack. I’m very happy with my son… although his four-legged kicking during labor was a bitch…

  2. Happy SITS Day!

  3. Seems like a great blog to start the week out with!

  4. Ok – really I can do this – I can make it through Monday! Starting with some silliness is a great idea!

  5. I LOVE the design of your blog…super cute!

  6. Hey! A fellow Kentucky gal! Heading on over…

  7. HAPPY MONDAY, ladies!

  8. Sounds like a great blog. Thanks for featuring it!

  9. I love your style of writing and how you release your inner Carrie Bradshaw through the keys…Love it!!

    • thanks, sarah! and sometimes i release my inner carrie through my shopping sprees too :) except, i don’t use credit cards, like she probably does! who can have an amazing wardrobe like that and live in nyc on her salary?

  10. Happy SITS day! I am also working on self-publishing a children’s book so I can’t wait to read more about your experience!

    • great blahg idea, ashley! i hadn’t even thought of writing about that. d’uh! who are you using to self-publish?

      • I haven’t actually tried to self publish yet – I’ve just been hoarding my stories to myself haha! Who have you used to self-publish? Any tips you can give me?

  11. Happy Monday everyone! And Happy SITS day!

  12. Happy SITS Day!

  13. Happy SITs day!

  14. Happy SITS Day!

  15. Good morning!

  16. On my way to Priscilla’s Silly Blahg.

  17. Happy SITS Day!

  18. Happy Monday! Will drop by her blog now!

  19. Sounds fun! Happy SITS Day!

  20. Happy Monday!

  21. Good morning!

    I love to find other military wives since I’m also one :)

  22. Enjoy your SITS Day!

  23. Cute title. Happy SITS day!

  24. Cute! On my way!

  25. Blah, blah, blahgs – she is silly and fun! Happy SITS day to her and happy Monday to everyone else!

  26. On the way over!

  27. Happy SITS day! Heading over to your place now!

  28. Happy Monday everyone! :))))

  29. Here

  30. I like silly and could use more of it! What a fun blog to read this morning :)

  31. Good morning everyone! :D

  32. Great title!

  33. Happy SITS Day! I like silliness – it’s fun! Looking forward to reading a few of your posts!

  34. Happy SITS day!

  35. Silly is truly sparkly. Can’t wait to check out the rest of her blog. Hope everyone had a great weekend and starting out another fantastic week. Great Monday.

  36. aww she’s so cute :D love her bloggy tooo!!

    • just took a spin over to your world! i’m a wanna be a photographer. but right now i’m just an iphoneographer. wanna save up for an official camera!

  37. Happy Monday!!!

  38. That’s cool she promotes her children’s stories!

    • i’m trying… i am not really good at promoting though. most of my sales came from me purchasing for my friends! i need to work on that, y’think?

  39. It’s nice to meet a silly blah-ger!

  40. Yay- what a fun way to start Monday morning. :) XO

  41. Sounds like a fun “blahg”! Welcome to a new week, everyone!

  42. Weekends are just never long enough. Sounds like today’s FB is just what I need to start my week!

  43. What a cute photo! Congrats on your SITS day — I’m heading over to get silly!

  44. This blog put a big smile on my face.

  45. Happy SITS day:)

  46. Congratulation ~

  47. Gah, she seems awesome! Happy Monday! :)

  48. Today is the first day of my blogging adventure! Well, for the second time… Happy to be trying SITS again!

  49. Wishing all a happy day! Congrats to featured blogger! :)

  50. Happy SITS day!

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