Beautiful Spit Up

Today’s Featured Blogger is Eve. She shares life over at Beautiful Spit Up. {Is that name perfect or what?} Plus, she is seriously in love with her iPhone. We so get that.

Here is a little bit about Eve:

My name is Eve and I’m a self-proclaimed iPhone addict, marketer by day and blogger by night. I live in the suburbs of Boston with my hubby and 2-year-old son who rips (outgrows) his clothes like the Incredible Hulk. I started blogging as a way to connect with other newbie moms who have no idea what they’re doing. Beautiful Spit Up is where I share bits of my hectic life, funny stories that often involve poop or other equally-disgusting substance, and photos of the amazing people who make up my weird little world. Some people think I’m hilarious. And by some people, I mean my toddler.

Now, you know what to do.

Leave a quick comment here so we know you came by {a “howdy”, “hi”, “here will do”} and then head over to her place and leave a thoughtful comment or two. She deserves it, right? Right.

Here are her 3 favorite posts:
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    That picture is hilarious. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my love for all things Apple! I’m glad she’s the featured blogger today!

  2. says

    I sure could have used this humorous camaraderie when my babies were little. I seriously felt like I struggled alone. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

  3. says

    Here’s to Spit Up, which, when it’s your own, isn’t so beautiful. Then again, that’s why I wear sweats and only sweats…

    • says

      HA! Yeah dude, me either. He laughs and that’s always better than crying, so it’s all good in my book.

    • says

      Hey thanks, Racael. I can’t celebrate President’s Day because I am actually at work. Ugh. Damn that mortgage! LOL :-)

  4. says

    Happy SITS day to another mommy blogger – can’t wait to read about your 2 year old (mine kept me up last night…)

  5. says

    Beautiful spit up? I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder – and that kind of beauty can only be seen by a mom. Heading there now to see if I can find where she finds the beauty.

    • says

      Wait no more, Katy! Stop on by this morning and I’ll welcome you with warm cookies and even warmer coffee. (No, no I won’t. But come on by anyway if you want!!) :-)

    • says

      Love doesn’t even cover how much I NEED my iPhone. (hehe) I look forward to your visit, Leah!

    • says

      Dude I’m so not new to you. I think you’ve been to my blog before. Wait, that may have been Mama’s Hungry, my foodie blog. Stop by now and scratch it off your “to do” list. See that? I’m helping people left and right with my bloggy goodness!

    • says

      You’re no liar, sister. I am pretty damn hilarious.
      Thanks for speaking the truth. It does after all, set you free!

    • says

      Um I’m pretty sure EVERYthing is more beautiful than poop. Thanks for coming by, Lynn. You sound almost as cool as I am! (hehe)

  6. says

    Reminds of the first time The Girl had a stomach virus. She was 2 and after she’s thrown up all over both of us, she looked at me and said, “Mamma I spit up. I spit up A LOT!” and I said, “No Honey, that’s called vomit!”

    Happy times!

    • says

      Oh snap! It’s nice to know that my blog reminds you of such a pleasant memory. :-) Yeah, happy times fo’show!