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Today’s Featured Blogger is Eve. She shares life over at Beautiful Spit Up. {Is that name perfect or what?} Plus, she is seriously in love with her iPhone. We so get that.

Here is a little bit about Eve:

My name is Eve and I’m a self-proclaimed iPhone addict, marketer by day and blogger by night. I live in the suburbs of Boston with my hubby and 2-year-old son who rips (outgrows) his clothes like the Incredible Hulk. I started blogging as a way to connect with other newbie moms who have no idea what they’re doing. Beautiful Spit Up is where I share bits of my hectic life, funny stories that often involve poop or other equally-disgusting substance, and photos of the amazing people who make up my weird little world. Some people think I’m hilarious. And by some people, I mean my toddler.

Now, you know what to do.

Leave a quick comment here so we know you came by {a “howdy”, “hi”, “here will do”} and then head over to her place and leave a thoughtful comment or two. She deserves it, right? Right.

Here are her 3 favorite posts:
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  1. My Iphone is attached at my hip. Don’t know what I did without it. Heading to your blog now! :O)

  2. ha! “some people” and by that i mean toddlers. great line!

  3. Happy Belated SITS Day!

  4. A litle late to the parter, but I am on my way over there!

  5. I’ve always thought that was a totally awesome blog name.

  6. Oh, I love your writing style… Happy SITS day!

  7. Happy SITS day!

  8. Yay, I love Eve!!

  9. Happy belated Sits Day!

  10. Looks like fun! On my way!

  11. Love Eve. So glad to see here featured today.

  12. Happy SITS Day!

  13. YEAH!!! I love Beautiful Spit Up….One of my favorite blogs

  14. Cute picture.

  15. Happy SITS day! Heading over there to check out now!

  16. I’m off to check Eve’s blog out – she sounds like fun!

  17. Nice to meet you! Happy SITS Day!!!

  18. Happy SITS Day!
    You’re preachin’ to the choir about the iphone…it’s featured on my latest blog post about my top 10 favorite products of ALL TIME!

    Can’t wait to read more!

  19. Eve, you are preparing me for the most dreaded phase of my life. Motherhood. I’m not ready for it, but reading your blog makes me excited for what to expect :)

  20. Hey there. Love the iphone too!

  21. Checking in…

  22. Going…

  23. Title made me laugh!

  24. Happy SITS Day!!!

  25. I love talking about disgusting stuff too…but in secret! Cocky is the word of the day- everyday in my house! I know I’ll most likely love your writing! Cant wait to read on!

  26. Wa-hoooo! Happy SITS DAY!

  27. Hi!

  28. Happy SITS day! can’t wait to check out your pics as I too am an iphone addict ;)

  29. Well done on your sits day…love the name!!! I too am a newbie mom and not quite sure of what I am doing half the time so I am looking forward to reading your blog.

    Laura x

  30. HERE!

  31. Good afternoon all! Heading on over to visit Eve now; see ya there!

  32. Happy SITS Day Eve! I think you’re hilarious too! LOL =)

  33. Can’t wait to check it out!

  34. Don’t know how I survived without my iPhone!

  35. Heading over there right now!

  36. My 2 girls are in love with their iPhones too! I guess I need to get me one to see what all the fuss is about :)

  37. On my way over. I love my iPhone too!

  38. Happy Sits Day to ya!

  39. Happy SITS Day and Monday!!! A beautiful day it is:-)

  40. Happy SITS day to you!

  41. Wow, sounds like we have a lot in common! I’m off to check it out!

  42. On my way!!

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