Mama Sick

Join us today in welcoming Emily from Mama Sick. Emily shares her battles with several chronic illnesses on her blog, along with a whole lot more.
Mama Sick

Here’s a bit about Emily:

I am a chronically ill mom and my blog was started to let other sick moms know that they are not the only ones going through the challenges of being a sick parent. I do not just write about being sick, as I want well moms and others to come to my blog and realize that we are not so different, so about two-thirds of my posts deal with parenting and women’s issues. I also seek to debunk certain stereotypes. I am not the average person you think of collecting food stamps and living in poverty. I am pretty much an open book to my readers and they really appreciate my honesty.

Mama Sick

Emily says these are some of her favorite posts:

Accepting her purpose in My 2nd Blogiversary! The Mission Continues

Mama Sick’s Handy Guide for the Healthy Person tells it like it is

A lovely moment with her son in Holding My Son’s Hand.

Leave a quick  Roll Call comment here, then head to Emily’s blog for more of Mama Sick.

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    I love this! I think people often get caught up in bills, and school, and errands, and forget that there are people who struggle everyday with just getting through the day. Great blog!

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    roll call! Been out of the loop for weeks, my little boy has been in the hospital. I bet I missed some GREAT bloggers. I will have to find some time to go back through the archives when he finally naps. Have a great Tuesday!!!!

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    Just back from visiting. Great blog! Excellent advice for the friends of those with chronic illnesses in her post “Mama Sick’s Handy Guide for the Healthy.”

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    The ship I was on over the holidays is getting made over, the palette is gorgeous…Come over and see it on my blog post today, would love to see you there. :))))

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    wow – just went over there and read her 2nd anniversary post (and left a VERY long comment) – what a superb choice for a featured blogger – well done.

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    Thanks for that great feature writer today—sounds like Elizabeth is quite a lady!!! Glad to be able to meet her and others through this great platform!!! Thanks!

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    I absolutely loved her post about the computer guy!!! It’s the blogiversary one. Must read! Congrats on your feature day, SITSta! <3