2 Washingtons

Hello! We take a peek into one mom’s life in Seattle with our featured blogger today. Welcome Lauren from 2 Washingtons!

2 Washingtons

Heres a little about Lauren and her blog:

Two Washingtons started when my husband and I (along with our cat and dog) moved across the country from Washington, DC to Seattle, WA.  I started the blog to keep up with friends and family on the other side of the country and let them get an idea of what our life was like out West.  Shortly after moving to Seattle we found out I was pregnant and in February 2011, our little “candy coated bundle of joy” was born.  My daughter probably takes center stage more often than Seattle lately, but I love exploring the differences of the Two Washingtons and how our lives continue to change.

2 WashingtonsHere are some of Lauren’s favorite posts:

Ready, Set, Live in Seattle outlines the early stages of their move.

A reflection on the community that is motherhood in Joining the Club.

A Letter To My Bear is a sweet letter to her daughter.

Check in here with a quick comment, then head to Lauren’s for more of 2 Washingtons!

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    A close friend of mine used to live a ferry ride away from Seattle, and it always seemed like such a fun place to live.

    Have a great day everyone!

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    Congratulations on being featured! I like the name too. Being from the state and having to travel to DC for work, I learned really quickly that you can’t just say Washington! They are interchanged a lot, and so very different from one another. Your daughter is a doll!

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    My first visit to SITS and a Seattle blogger is featured! AWESOME! And in the midst of our “snowpocalypse” too! Congrats!

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    Awww, what a sweet, beautiful family. Love the concept of this blog, too. Off to check her out now and wish her a happy SITS day :)

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    Yay! Another Washingtonian to connect with! We are in the Seattle area, too, Lauren. Hope you are enjoying the snow! Best~

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    I started my blog for similar reasons, to let all my old friends in Florida follow me to the Midwest. Since then I have moved again. My blog makes me pretty easy to keep up with. Looking forward to visiting Lauren’s blog.

    3 years into my first novel. Here is the update.