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Meet Alison, a Malaysian mom with a lot of ideas, recipes and photos to share. Our featured blogger today is Mama Wants This!
Mama Wants This

Here’s a little about Alison:

Hi! I’m Alison, a Malaysian stay-at-home mother of a two-year old boy, with another on the way (due early May!). My life is reigned by a child half my height, but twice my wit (how is it that he gets me to carry him places but is happy to walk with his Dad?), my love of baked goods (I share – recipes, that is), an uncontrollable urge to write (hence, the blog) and an unquenchable thirst for taking photos (hello Project 365, or is it 366 this year?).

Here are some of Alison’s favorite posts:

A look into what makes Alison who she is in Where I’m From.

What Motherhood Isn’t is a fine read about stopping the mommy wars.

What girls need to know about beauty in A Letter to All Girls.

Check in here with a brief comment, and then head to Alison’s to help her celebrate her feature day!


  1. HI Everyone happy Wednesday… Very creative blogger. The beauty of the SIST community you get to know amazing people…
    Sharm’s Outlet recently posted..How to Decorate with Picture Post Cards…

  2. A little behind on featured bloggers. Planning on going back and catching up on some today!
    Jamie and Lindsi recently posted..Cupid’s Treasure Hunt

  3. I don’t have girls, but I am looking forward to reading what you have to say about girls and beauty…thanks!
    Penelope recently posted..Eyeglasses Can Be Pretty (As Long As They Aren’t The First Thing You Notice)

  4. Good morning SITS!
    Alison’s blog sounds right up my alley! off to check it out…congratulations on the feature!
    Devon Riesenberg recently posted..365 Project

  5. Happy SITS day to YOU!! :)
    A Little Lucidity recently posted..Humpday Caption Contest!

  6. Yippee! You’re here!!
    Lady Jennie recently posted..Disappointment. And Surrender.

  7. Somethings are better experienced than explained … like this:
    Morgan recently posted..Snapshots of the Heart ~ Mercy

  8. Happy Wednesday everyone!!!
    Leslie recently posted..Another day in paradise

  9. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! ;)
    Michelle recently posted..Easy Homemade Rosemary and Raisin Focaccia Bread

  10. The Mommy wars-so true. Why don’t we just admit that we’re all in this together? :0)
    {Adventuresindinner} recently posted..Cook once-two different dinners

  11. As Allison’s new best friend, I felt I needed to stop over here. Okay, she actually didn’t call me her “new best friend”, but I’m sure that I am.
    I stopped over to her site a couple of weeks ago just as she was going on break. I didn’t take it personally though. ha!
    So now, it’s my mission to discover all that I can about this Wonder Woman. And maybe end up being her best friend in the end. You never know! Odder things have happened.
    Allison’s Friend, m.

  12. I’ve never met Allison until today so looking forward to the visit. And oh my gosh – her little guy is so very adorable…..those eyes! He’d reign any mom’s life!
    Barbara Beyer-Albright recently posted..Puff Pancakes

  13. Sounds like a great blog!
    Emily @ Emily’s Thought Blog recently posted..INSTAGRAM wednesdays: PEN PALS

  14. Good morning, all! Hope everyone has a beautiful day!
    Christa the BabbyMama recently posted..I Think I Just Solved the Mommy Wars

  15. Happy SITS day, Alison! I hope it’s a wonderful day!
    Stacey recently posted..Stacey’s Mayhem Management Tip #20

  16. Happy SITS day! I can’t wait to go check out your blog! Your little one is adorable!

  17. Congratulations on your SITS Day, I can’t wait to explore more. It looks like your blog is well written and has lots of fun information to say nothing of pictures of your beautiful son. See you soon!
    Cottage By The Sea recently posted..399 In Dog Years Yo!

  18. I love Alison.

    I’m fond of international blogs…I like to read and learn about life outside of the US. This woman here is something very special, she’s one in a million. I don’t know how she is able to support so many and make everyone feel like they’re her favorite…but she somehow does. And she does it all with a genuine love for blogging, and others.

    She is a must for following.

    Happy SITS day, wonderful Alison.

  19. Your son is beautiful! Those eyes! My best friend lived in Malaysia for several years and loved it, sounds like an amazing place to be.
    Carrie recently posted..DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Photo Cards

  20. Adorable pic, looking forward to reading more. :)
    Marie Cole recently posted..Change the Face of Your Fireplace, Part 2

  21. Woohoo! Congrats on being featured! What a fabulous way to spend a day!
    Jaime recently posted..Where’s the Snow?

  22. What a wonderful surprise to see one of my favorites featured here today :) Happy SITS day, Alison!!! Off to give you some love on your blog, too. Hope all’s well with the pregnancy. *HUGS*
    Charlotte recently posted..Dating in New York: David’s Perspective

  23. Nice!! I’m finally back and love Alison.

  24. Checking in!

  25. I love Allison! I don’t get to her blog to comment as much as I should. She is a hoot! You guys go read her now!!
    Bernie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  26. Happy SITS day!
    Leah @ LeahMarieV recently posted..Easy Lighting Update

  27. Good morning!

    I also love baked goods. Yum.
    Amber recently posted..Super Bowl Thoughts

  28. Great humor and I’m glad to see someone from Malaysia since I spent 5 years in Singapore! :D
    Amrita recently posted..A toast to my SITS Day

  29. Happy SITS day! I look forward to reading your posts!

  30. Can’t wait to read A Letter to All Girls! After 2 boys, I have a 4 month daughter…totally different experience :) Congrats on your SITS Day!!!
    Michelle recently posted..Money Monday: Why? not How?

  31. Yay for Alison! She’s super awesome & I love her blog! :)
    Vivian recently posted..Project BG2: Week 48 – Look Who’s Walking!

  32. Sounds like a nice well rounded blog
    Melissa@ Completely Eclipsed recently posted..The Man Cold

  33. Thanks for sharing this. I stopped by and LOVED it.
    Congrats Alison!
    Cheryl recently posted..Look Folks! I Do Head Shots too.

  34. Congrats on being featured, Alison! Happy to see you in my inbox this morning!
    Melissa recently posted..How to See If Your Content is Pinned on Pinterest

  35. Hey Happy SITS Day! =D You are such a pretty mother. I’d heading to your blog now!! =)

  36. I look forward to this one! I love photography too!
    Penelope {Foster2Forever} recently posted..Are You Martha Stewart? Or Hoarders?

  37. Nice to see you here, Allison! Enjoy your SITS day. Cheers!
    Kerry Ann (Vinobaby) recently posted..I Should Have Been a French Parent

  38. She’s awesome!
    Blond Duck recently posted..Wings 12

  39. Oh, Alison…so glad you get your moment :)

    SITStahs, Alison not only writes a really great blog, but she is truly one of the most encouraging, supportive bloggers I know!
    Kimberly at Rubber Chicken Madness recently posted..Social Media Pet Peeves

  40. Happy Wednesday! Off to check out today’s FB!
    Sorta Southern Single Mom recently posted..PYHO: The One in Which I Wear My Big Girl Pants

  41. Looking forward to checking out the blog…Happy SITS Day!
    michelle @ this little light recently posted..Here and Healthy

  42. Yay! I have heard about how amazing Allison is from other bloggers I know- can’t wait to check out her blog! XO
    Brandy Harris recently posted..Unfastened.

  43. Love Alison’s blog, and I’m so excited for the new addition to their family!
    Leslie recently posted..Dinner at Home Can be Romantic

  44. Anyone who posts recipes and pictures is great in my eyes.

    LisaDay recently posted..Bad Journalism

  45. Oops…my mistake! I meant to say Alison! I was reading the first poster’s comment as I was getting ready to type. Happy SITS Day, Alison! :)
    April recently posted..My Sweet, Old Friend

  46. Big shout out to Mary for being today’s FB…CONGRATS!
    April recently posted..My Sweet, Old Friend

  47. Love international bloggers!

  48. Woohoo!! Happy SITS day Alison!!!!
    Jenn recently posted..Old Soul

  49. So used to seeing Alison surrounded by her pretty greenish side but must admit she looks good in SITS pink :)
    Stasha recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  50. Yay, I love Alison! So excited she’s featured today. Can’t wait to give her some lovin’!


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