Today’s Featured Blogger is doing her best to do it all while being a mom to two boys – we know that feeling!

Meet Jessica of Team Rasler

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I’m Jessica and I’m the general manager of my own little Team Rasler. Rasler is a combination of letters from each of our last names so we use it as a nickname for the four of us. Just like you, I’m juggling a zillion roles by day and writing about them here by night. The balls I’ve got in the air right now are daughter, sister, wife, teacher, student, reader, writer, friend, and mama of two boys. Also eater of Ben & Jerry’s and procrastinator extraordinaire. I talk about it all on my blog so my husband can get some sleep.

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  1. Nice to see the team featured today.

  2. Happy SITS day!
    Rosesdaughter recently posted..Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

  3. Love your writing style Ms. Jessica… Hope you all feel better soon ;)
    Congrats on the SITS day!
    Kesha C. recently posted..Marriage 101 – The Basics

  4. Hi Jessica, happy SITs Day!
    Shara @ Wife To Mom recently posted..Sanity Tip #1 – Organization

  5. heading over!
    Jean Lynd recently posted..Eat Italian! Win FREE Italian Sausage, Coupons, Recipe Booklets

  6. Happy SITS day from a fellow Canadian! Yah!!!
    Ashley recently posted..Heighten Your Senses with Dinner in the Dark

  7. Happy SITS day! Looking forward to checking out your blog :)
    Jordann recently posted..Weekend Photo Dump

  8. Congratulations and Happy SITS day! I look forward to hopping over to you blog and reading!
    Mrs. Doc H recently posted..Professional Courtesy

  9. I’m definitely a fan of Ben and Jerry’s! Kindred spirits!
    Brandy recently posted..Jesus and Santa

  10. Ha Ha! I too am guilty of keeping my husband awake at night talking to him in bed.
    Missy recently posted..I Am the Parent of 1 in 54

  11. Go team!
    Aging Gal recently posted..Chicken Fried Heaven

  12. LOL…I love the line I blog about it so my husband can get some sleep.
    Michael recently posted..Just Me and The Dogs…and the Cat

  13. Happy SITS Day! I am headed over to your blog right now! :-)
    Rachel {Raw-kul} recently posted..Perfect Beige Flats and Mesh Gloves

  14. Love the story behind the title. Happy SITS Day!
    Ms. Adams recently posted..5 Tips for the Perfect Mediterranean Cruise

  15. Two boys, huh? Sounds like oodles of fun! (By which I mean torture.)

    Happy SITS day.
    Classic NYer recently posted..Music Monday: Portrait of Tracy

  16. Happy SITS Day!
    Cheryl recently posted..Beach Bingo

  17. She had me at Ben and Jerry’s
    Melissa@ Completely Eclipsed recently posted..Sneak Peeq Giveaway

  18. Definitely a blog worth featuring!
    Leslie recently posted..{Roundup} Easter Printables

  19. On the way over! Thanks for doing these featured bloggers. I really enjoy them!
    Kristi recently posted..Worship Link-Up 4/1 (Sort Of)

  20. Love it! Happy Sits day.
    Bonnie Ferrell recently posted..Make up Monday: Review Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

  21. Enjoy your SITS day!!
    Charlene @ Adventures In Mommy Land recently posted..Scrappy Buddy Giveaway

  22. Your family is so beautiful and how lucky are you too have a cutie ginger boy !! Love the why goblins post!
    Stasha recently posted..Monday Listicles

  23. I love the way you combined your last names to come up with your e-ID :)
    Jester Queen recently posted..Got much spam in it?

  24. He growed a foot. Or at least a bigger foot.
    Morgan recently posted..small things {tiny tootsies}

  25. Congrats on your SITS day!
    Audrey recently posted..the Bully project

  26. What a great family photo! Happy SITS Day!!! :)
    Char recently posted..Cruising Into Spring

  27. Yay for moms of 2 boys! Happy SITS Day!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Guilty Pleasures

  28. Brianna Storch says:

    I’m so glad to see her blog up here, yay! I have been following her blog for a while and it’s great to see her featured! Go Team Rasler!! :)
    Brianna Storch recently posted..Breakfast Loaf

  29. Happy Tuesday! On my way to check out your blog!
    Jennifer recently posted..Sand In Our Toes | Fort Story Maternity Portraits

  30. Happy SITS day- love the pink cheeks on the boys:)
    Tracy Wilson recently posted..Commitment

  31. On my way!
    Jamie recently posted..A Place for the Good Stuff

  32. What a fun sounding blog :) It’s a pretty (and cold) day here and in case anyone was wondering, my ultrasound went well! Yay!
    Christa the BabbyMama recently posted..We All Knew Summer in March Couldn’t Last

  33. Love the description of your blog…and yes, I can relate! Happy SITS day!
    Lydia recently posted..Just call me Geoffrey…

  34. Happy SITS Day! Enjoy your day :)
    angela recently posted..Cleaning Up — Get Fit Challenge Update

  35. Happy SITS day:)
    jenn @ so this is love recently posted..Her Baby

  36. That’s quite a juggling feet! Great family portrait :)
    New York Cliche recently posted..A Date with My Elementary School Nemesis: Running Uphill

  37. Good morning!
    Amber recently posted..Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday!

  38. Happy SITS day! Gonna head over to say hi!
    Jenny recently posted..It’s time! Head on over…

  39. Happy SITS day Jessica! Had to laugh at the last part–about blogging so your hubs can sleep. I often blog late at night with my own husband snoring away beside me. It’s a nice arrangement we have :)
    Sarah @littlewhitewhale recently posted..biting, grinding, cringing, networking

  40. Happy SITS day my friend!!! It’s so nice to see you here, I am so glad that blogging brought you into my life. :)

  41. Love the blog title! So cute. Congrats on your SITS day!
    Michelle recently posted..A Conversation With My Cleaning Products

  42. love how she talks about it on her blog so her hubby can get sleep. i’m the total opposite. my hubby needs to read my blog so … idk. he just has to. woot.
    wendiwinn recently posted..she gave me an old box filled with dirty words and farm animals. now that’s friendship.

  43. Happy SITS day – great to see you here!
    Leah @ LeahMarieV recently posted..DIY Kitchen Decor – Wall Letters

  44. What a scrumptious baby!
    Louise Ducote recently posted..See?

  45. I love her!
    Blond Duck recently posted..Ode to Easter

  46. Happy SITS day.
    Laura recently posted..Why your kids need chores

  47. happy SITS day! I have 2 little boys too and they sure make life hectic and fun.
    Mindi recently posted..Mommy Minute Monday: Why Straws Cups Rock

  48. Happy SITS day Jessica!
    Broot recently posted..What do you do when you play?

  49. Happy SITS Day, Jessica, so lovely to see you here. Enjoy the day, it’s going to be a good one!
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..Rocking This Motherhood Gig

  50. You seem to have your hands full but I’m sure you’re doing a great job. Enjoy your SITS day. Congrats!
    anne recently posted..The first step

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