A Book for My Daughter

Today’s featured blogger, Erin,  wraps up all of her motherly advice for her children, explores the mother-daughter relationship and more, and calls it A Book For My Daughter.

A Book For My Daughter

A bit about Erin and her blog:

As with most women, there are many titles that I have used to describe myself: wife, mother, career-woman, business owner. The problem with all of these titles is that none of them—on their own—made me feel complete . . . and then I started blogging. My blog has allowed me to find my voice. It can be heard when describing my past, when sharing my thoughts about my children, when expressing my worries about being a good mother, or when conveying the humor I often find when watching my kids just be themselves. In every post, I look for words of advice that I can give to my children (and to my readers) as they learn to navigate the world around them.

A Book for My Daughter

A few of Erin’s favorite posts are:

Spend Time with Me! is a lovely post about her daughter growing up faster than she realized.

Helping her daughter deal with rejection in Disappointment…A Lesson Learned.

My Odd Children is a celebration of uniqueness.

After you check in below, head over to A Book For My Daughter and help her celebrate her SITS day!

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  1. Happy SITS day Erin!

  2. Wishing a lovely weekend to all.

  3. Woo!

  4. A great site to have featured! On my way!

  5. love this idea!!! Happy sits day!

  6. TGIF. I’m here!

  7. Great featured blogger! The photography on her site is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on the SITS day girl!

  8. I write about my ordinary life, too! I think there are moments of heaven sandwiched right in the minutia of the daily grind.

  9. Barbie, how do you stay on your toes all the time? Literally … on your toes.

  10. This sounds like a great blog, and her favorite posts sound so interesting too. I’m off to check it out right now!

  11. Sounds like a good book! :)

  12. This is a beautiful blog! Love the concept and Erin is a fantastic writer! Always a fan. :)

  13. What you’re doing in your blog is so beautiful and there’s so much love in the ‘book’!

  14. Happy SITS day…great blog….welldone
    Hope everyone has a great friday…bring on the weekend :)

    Laura x

  15. Happy SITS day, and Happy Friday! The best of both worlds…Heading on over. :)

  16. Hi, everyone! It’s a bright sunny and warmish day here – what a weird winter this has been. But I’m not complaining since I don’t like snow! (The Babby on the other hand, loves it and is sad…)

  17. Have a wonderful SITS Day, Erin…looking forward to visiting your blog!

  18. Happy SITS day!

  19. jennicd says:

    I just read two post from a book for my daughter and i loved the. i read the post about bullying
    and it really touched me because i had to deal with a situation like that nwith my daughter.

  20. Happy SITS Day! Love signing on here and discovering new and awesome mommy bloggers!

  21. jennicd says:

    congrats on ur sits day. cant wait to read the blog

  22. Have a great Friday and a safe and happy weekend everyone! ;)

  23. Friday finally — it’s about time!

  24. Happy SITS Day, Erin!! So glad to see you here.

  25. Happy happy SITS day! Off to check her out now :) And a happy weekend to you all!

  26. Just started reading this blog recently, and happy to see her featured here today!

  27. Happy SITS Day :) Enjoy and have a fantastic Friday everyone!!!

  28. Happy SITS Day! I love that you talked about titles! The closest I’ve come to finding one, perfect title is Crazy Pants. It pretty much sums me up :) Hope you have a great feature day!

  29. Happy SITS day! I love the title of your blog and I cannot wait to read more!

  30. I can’t believe Friday is already here…Dang, to much to do… ;0

  31. Happy SITS Day! I feel as though we might have lots in common- cant wait to read on!

  32. Happy Friday!

  33. What a wonderful blog.

  34. Congrats on being the featured blogger! I’ve been following your blog for a while and enjoy it! Glad others are going to be introduced to it!

  35. Happy SITS Day!

  36. Happy Friday all! Hope everyone has had a good week! Check out the romantic novel I’m featuring on my blog.

  37. Sounds like a lovely blog! :)

  38. What a lovely picture and thought behind the blog. Heading there now and then off to a fantastic weekend. Wishing you all the same.

  39. It’s Friday…hooray!!

  40. Congrats Erin and happy Friday!

  41. Congrats on your feature day… I truly love the title of your blog… and your writing style…

  42. Looking forward to this one! Thanks!

  43. Women have so many roles!

  44. Awesome blog – went to check out the “odd children” post and wound up reading several more………

  45. Awe, Erin sounds amazing. :) can’t wait to check out her blog! xo

  46. What a beautiful picture of the two of you…eager to click over and check out A Book for My Daughter!

  47. Happy SITS day!

  48. Have a great weekend everyone! Off the check out this fantastic mama!

  49. Happy SITS day!

  50. Happy SITS day !!

  51. I hope that my children will know my sense of humor (or lack thereof) when they read my posts when they are older–otherwise they may need more counseling than I already KNOW they will need! You I am so happy that I found you on here–I LOVE your blog and look forward to reading more!!


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