A Book for My Daughter

Today’s featured blogger, Erin,  wraps up all of her motherly advice for her children, explores the mother-daughter relationship and more, and calls it A Book For My Daughter.

A Book For My Daughter

A bit about Erin and her blog:

As with most women, there are many titles that I have used to describe myself: wife, mother, career-woman, business owner. The problem with all of these titles is that none of them—on their own—made me feel complete . . . and then I started blogging. My blog has allowed me to find my voice. It can be heard when describing my past, when sharing my thoughts about my children, when expressing my worries about being a good mother, or when conveying the humor I often find when watching my kids just be themselves. In every post, I look for words of advice that I can give to my children (and to my readers) as they learn to navigate the world around them.

A Book for My Daughter

A few of Erin’s favorite posts are:

Spend Time with Me! is a lovely post about her daughter growing up faster than she realized.

Helping her daughter deal with rejection in Disappointment…A Lesson Learned.

My Odd Children is a celebration of uniqueness.

After you check in below, head over to A Book For My Daughter and help her celebrate her SITS day!

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    Hi, everyone! It’s a bright sunny and warmish day here – what a weird winter this has been. But I’m not complaining since I don’t like snow! (The Babby on the other hand, loves it and is sad…)

  2. jennicd says

    I just read two post from a book for my daughter and i loved the. i read the post about bullying
    and it really touched me because i had to deal with a situation like that nwith my daughter.

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    Happy SITS Day! I love that you talked about titles! The closest I’ve come to finding one, perfect title is Crazy Pants. It pretty much sums me up :) Hope you have a great feature day!

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    Congrats on being the featured blogger! I’ve been following your blog for a while and enjoy it! Glad others are going to be introduced to it!

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    Awesome blog – went to check out the “odd children” post and wound up reading several more………