Of Pandas and Pirates

Meet Anjie, an animal lover and mom. She’s our featured blogger today and she writes at Of Pandas and Pirates.
Of Pandas and Pirates

Here’s a little bit about Anjie and her blog:

It’s a family blog with a twist since we are not just any old family. I am a sarcastic, pretty unique stay at home mom and I’m married to a jack of all trades New England redneck who works for the government. We have three children together, one of which is an angel in Heaven. We are animal lovers to a fault, but of a different kind than what you are used to. It’s an interesting ride we are on, I hope you’ll join us!

Of Pandas and Pirates

Here are some of Anjie’s favorite posts:

Explaining a difficult and painful topic to a child in Discussions of Quinne.

Kindergarten is around the corner in Changes are Coming.

I Have a Superpower
addresses breastfeeding.

Now check in with a quick comment here, and then head to Anjie’s for more Of Pandas and Pirates.

Go To Girl
Life as Wife


  1. Happy Wednesday Everyone

  2. Have a beautiful Wednesday everyone. Peace. ;)

  3. Your kiddos are too cute! Off to check out your blog. Happy SITS Day!

  4. Very nice blog. I relate to the kindergarten prep post.

  5. Good morning!
    What a gorgeous pair of kiddos, Anjie!
    Looking forward to connecting more with you and checkin’ out your little space on the web :)

  6. Aging Gal says:

    Love sarcasm and rednecks!

  7. Love the photograph–such beautiful children. I foresee some tears in my future but want to read all about her. Off to go check her out now. XOXO

  8. Looks like a great blog. I’m excited to read more!

  9. Happy hump day! don’t forget to visit my blog today and expand your vocabulary!!

  10. Sounds like fun to me! I love unusual and unique. Rednecks in New England?? Unusual, for sure.

  11. Beautiful children, and what looks to be a very deep read.

  12. A New England redneck? I didn’t know there was such a thing.

  13. cant wait to go check out her blog!

  14. Sometimes in just a blink of an eye, my kids astound me. In sweet ways.

  15. Off to visit Anjie! Happy Day everyone! (And I think my comments section is back up and working! I’m sorry if any of you were frustrated with it!)

  16. Terrific kindergarten discussion!

  17. Beautiful children! I’m excited to read her story

  18. That photo is gorgeous!

  19. What a sweet blog name. Off to meet to her.

  20. Happy SITS Day! Cute blog name. I love pandas!

  21. beautiful photo. happy sits day. our household is full of dog children, so i look forward to bonding furrily with you!

  22. New England redneck? That’s a new one to me! Looking forward to checking this blog out during lunch or maybe post-bedtime!

  23. Happy SITS Day…what a sweet picture!

  24. Beautiful Photo!

  25. Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  26. That’s picture at the top is so beautiful….can’t wait to read your blog.
    Well done on your SITS day

    Laura x

  27. Good morning!

    Anyone else running out to get some 50% off chocolates today?

  28. Wow! Look at those eyes.

  29. What a beautiful picture!

  30. Happy SITS day! Curious about the animal component. Pandas? Off to check it out!

  31. Looks like a great read! Happy SITS Day! Headed over now!!!

  32. Wow! She sounds really interesting! Off to check out her site now!

  33. What a beautiful photo! Happy SITS Day!

  34. The photo is beautiful. Can’t wait to read the one on Super Powers!

  35. Love the photo…can’t wait to read more. Happy SITS Day!

  36. Pandas are precious!

  37. I can’t bear the thought of losing a child! Off to read about angel Quinne.

  38. Gorgeous photo! Headd over to check out your site. Hope you have a very Happy SITS Day, Anjie!

  39. Melinda says:

    We are approachin kindergarten too! Its exciting.and.scary all at the same tim, and thats just for mom.

  40. What a precious picture!

  41. Love the intro! Can’t wait to read. That pic is amazing, love it! Happy SITS day!

  42. Ohmygosh, what beautiful children!

  43. Sounds like a fun blog! Looking forward to reading more!

  44. Sounds like a dynamic woman :) Happy SITS day! XO

  45. Gorgeous photo! Congrats on your SITS day!

  46. Love the name of today’s blog. Can’t wait to dive in!

  47. What adorable children, off to read more about Anjie’s life on her blog. B x

  48. sounds interesting.. =D Happy SITS Day!

  49. Hi Anjie! Love the picture!

  50. Another thought provoking read! Off to check her out now. Thanks SITS!



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