Stephanie’s Mommy Brain

Organizing tips are what we’re about this month, so today’s featured blogger fits right in. Welcome Stephanie from Stephanie’s Mommy Brain!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain

Stephanie says:

I’m a homeschooling, Cub Scout leading, rheumatoid arthritis advocating blogger mom of four. I launched Stephanie’s Mommy Brain in 2007 as a way to document my growing babies for friends and relatives around the world and quickly discovered a passion for blogging. Today Stephanie’s Mommy Brain is less about documenting my family and more about sharing home management tips, children’s book reviews, and practical encouragement with other moms.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain

Must-read posts by Stephanie are:

Super pantry organizing tips in Organizing Pantry with Wire Shelves

3 Tips for Flying with Children hones in on the thing we moms can dread the most.

Reflections on the baby phase ending with Saying Goodbye to A Season of Motherhood.

Check in here with a comment, then head over to Stephanie’s to get inside that mommy brain!

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    Another STEPHANIE blogging MOM–I can really relate to her article on “transitions” There are so many in motherhood that learning how to quickly and efficiently head off and endure each one is vital to self-confidence and success in any endeavor! Thanks for featuring Stephanie

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    Cannot wait to check out your post on flying with kids. We’ll be taking a 3 & 4 year old on a flight in March. Hope you enjoyed your SITS day!

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    That picture alone makes me feel like I need to get to know this blogger a bit better. So cute! Heading over now. Happy weekend, all!

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    Woo hoo! Go organization! I work really hard at it.. apparently I’m good enough at it that people think it comes naturally to me, but it’s quite the opposite.

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    Thanks again, Ladies. I’m having so much fun reading your comments and visiting your blogs. I confess I was a little nervous about using that picture. It’s not very flattering but it was a really fun day for our family apple picking with friends. :)

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    I am brand new to SITS and really like it. What a great way to help moms connect and support.
    Stephanie’s blog was enjoyable! Adding her to my subscribe feed. THANKS!

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      I am realizing, maybe I should be more careful when titling my blog posts…… Now that I have seen it posted like that…. it looks way worse than I thought.. gonna change post links.. this one looks better.

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    Good Morning, SITStahs! Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! Stop by my blog today for some Saturday Silliness and some Saturday Awesomeness!

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    A more organized, happy home leads to a more organized, happy life. Looking forward to reading more!