The Raven’s Spell


Our featured blogger today is Jacki from The Raven’s Spell. Jacki has a diverse family and she blogs about everything from step-siblings to her pagan religion and everything in between!

The Raven's Spell

Here’s how Jacki sums up her blog:

We all have kids that we think are the most amazing thing in the whole wide world, right?  Because they are so amazing, we feel the entirety of planet Earth must know everything about them.  The Raven’s Spell originally began as a blog about going back to school, but quickly became a showcase of my family.  That family is a wacky one, with a Pagan Mom and her Catholic domestic partner, goofy son, and preteen step-daughter.  Really, this interesting family gives me plenty to share with the world.

The Raven's Spell

Jacki’s favorite posts are:

Instructions for Raising Matthew – the lessons she wants her child to know if she passes away.

Explaining divorce to a child in A Difficult Conversation

What Does It Mean To Be An <Insert Religion> Mom is Jacki’s take on how her religion shaped her mothering.

Now that you’ve gotten a sneak peek at Jacki, leave a quick Roll Call comment here and head over to The Raven’s Spell for more!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting blog. It’s not easy being in a two religion household – I look forward to reading about how you do it.

  2. Playing mad catch up…

  3. A belated congrats on your SITS day! I used to be pagan. I’m sort of between religions at the moment.

  4. Checking it out.

  5. Wow, this is way different than all the other SITS blogs I’ve visited. Checking it out now.

  6. Happy belated SITS day :) Going over to check out your blog now!


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