Slappy in the Face

Have we recovered from the deliciousness of yesterday’s featured blogger?


Now we are going to visit a lady who keeps it real. We like that.

Meet Gina of Slappy in the Face. If you have moment to check out her story– you should. She’s been one heck of a journey. She took her nightmare experience with Paxil side effects into information for others.

Here is Gina in her own words:

I started blogging on a dare, when a friend introduced me to a few famous ones and said, “you could do that”. She was right … I could … and I did. I share serious things like my recovery from prescription drug addiction, my experience with hoarding and relationship abuse, and my struggle to overcome debt, but it’s not all doom and gloom. I also share my crazy life raising five teenagers, being the wife of a firefighter, and my “Quest to Destress”. Come on over … I have a box of wine!

Posts from Gina:
I Called the Cops

The Cool Kids

The Truth About My Blogging

About Tiffany

One of two behind The SITS Girls and Bloggy Boot Camp. Lover of college football, sushi and my son's freckles. I am a real life camp director, believer in possibility and devourer of books. You can find me on Google Plus {occasionally} at Tiffany Romero and tweeting {constantly} @TiffanyRom.
Far From Perfect Mamma
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    So in love with the name of this blog. I would read just for that.. not to mention how amazing it seems already.
    So nice to read such honest posts, I’m looking forward to reading more.

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    OH MY GOODNESS! OH MY GOODNESS! The response is just too much! Thank you all so much for your kind words and for reading. I will be checking back in all day. Cheers!

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    Seriously SITS? I don’t have time for another must-read blog! I love her! She’s funny, smart, honest and so, so real. Great choice; thank you (I think!!) :)

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    Out of all the ways you described yourself, my eyes popped when I read the raising five teenagers part. In about ten years or so, I’ll have four of my own! Your blog material sounds so different from what’s on my current reading list. And different is definitely good. Happy SITS day to you!

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    Wow, I just read your story and I want to say you are a very brave person. I wish you the best in your fight to get people to understand more about Paxil. What an inspiration.

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    Last day to check out the latest color tool I found before I post a new one. 😉 Tick tock, ha! Happy Friday everyone.

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    Happy SITS day Gina! Five teenagers? Married to a firefighter? Addiction? Recovery? You could write a novel – and we’d all be enthralled. Heading your way now and looking forward to reading more. Happy Weekend everyone!

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    This has become my routine – Wake up. Put the coffee on. Then sip my coffee and read the mornings awesome post ! Thank you!
    What a great way to start my day! Now, I am off to Gina’s blog!
    Have a PRETTY day!