Oh I just love starting off a week with an awesome Featured Blogger.

You will ADORE Ashley of 5ohWifey. As someone who was an LAPD wife for 10 years, Ashley is a kindred spirit- being a police officer’s wife is a unique experience.

wife of a cop

My name is Ashley and I blog over at 5ohWifey: life as a mommy and cop’s wife. I am a southern girl now living in California against my will. Follower of Christ, wife of 5ohHubby who is a police officer and wonderful man (and no that’s not mutually exclusive) and stay at home mom to an amazing little girl I call 5ohBaby who is my whole world. I want my blog to be a place we can laugh together, cry together, and just be real with one another! Come check out what happens in the 5ohFamily!


Ashley knows you’ll LOVE these:

What Not to Feed Your Baby

Beauty That Can Take Your Breath Away

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  1. Happy SITS Day!
    My boyfriend is a cop and my best friend!!!

    Kimberly Gauthier, Keep the Tail Wagging recently posted..Guest Post | Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Dog

  2. I give you a lot of credit for moving to Cali, and surviving, especially from the south. I bet it was quite a culture shock!
    mrs.monica recently posted..Our Myrtle Beach Adventure ~ Take 1

  3. Hope everyone had a great Monday! It was a crazy day today at our house!
    Alicia recently posted..My New Fascination: H & M Kids

  4. Happy SITS day!!
    Krystle recently posted..How to Use an Ovulation Test Strip

  5. “What not to feed your baby” was too funny! Happy SITS day!
    Jamie H recently posted..Mancala Easter Style

  6. Happy SITS day! Have a great week!
    OneMommy recently posted..Children’s Easter Books

  7. Love the title of your blog!
    Meagan recently posted..sanity renewal

  8. Happy SITS day! on my way over to check things out right now.
    Karen recently posted..New Pushmi-pullyu-beta Fish Discovered

  9. How you deal with the stress that can come with being married to a police officer, I’ll doubt I’ll ever know. I’ve often thought, man – it takes a really person to do that! So, I commend you for it. I totally understand why any person would choose to have a relationship with Christ. And because you’re married to a person who works a high-profile, dangerous job – I imagine your faith keeps you going, like mine does for me, in spite of everything.

    I can’t wait to read your blog, Ashley. Happy SITS Day! Bask in it… I just know you deserve it.
    Carlo/Carlo At Your Service Productions recently posted..What IsThe Hot Party Color for 2012?

  10. Happy SITS day to you! Great blog. I loved the post about finding reminders of all her blessings hidden in the toy box.
    Adrienne recently posted..Kids, Allowance, and Chores

  11. Happy SITS day!

  12. Happy happy SITS Day!
    Jamie @ Roubinek Reality recently posted..Easter Decorations

  13. Happy SITS Day!
    Amy recently posted..Easter Fashion Flashback!

  14. Congrats on your SITs day!
    Shara @ Wife To Mom recently posted..Kitchen Sink Memories!

  15. Happy Sits day!!

  16. Wonderful blog. Just checked out the post about baby’s first birthday party- AH-MAZING! Beautiful party with lovely photos!
    Jessie A. @parentingisabig recently posted..On, “so, do you think you’ll have another one?”

  17. Love your blog and lurve your style!! So cool to see a stylin’ mom…urges me to get back in my closet and wear something other than yoga pants.
    Deirdre @ Ladies Holiday recently posted..In the Mix Monday — Recipe: Coconut Macaroons

  18. Love 50Wifey! Heading over right now to say hi.
    Jenny recently posted..It’s time! Head on over…

  19. Can’t wait to check it out!
    Brandy recently posted..Menu-Monday Link Up!

  20. Cop’s wife and transplanted Southerner to CA. Lots of material there, for sure, bless her heart.
    Melinda Rainey Thompson recently posted..New York Journal of Books

  21. Happy SITS day!
    zeemaid recently posted..A Cup of Tea

  22. Happy SITS day. I looove your blog. You’re so creative. Great content. :)
    Lucy recently posted..Cute Spring Apron Giveaway

  23. Happy SITS day, and happy Monday!
    Bernice @ The Stressed Mom recently posted..For when you don’t know what to write

  24. I think what you said you want your blog to be is exactly what I want for mine too!
    Just Jennifer recently posted..Oh, the Guilt! Part 2

  25. Happy SITS Day!
    Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri recently posted..Landslide

  26. She sounds like fun! Thanks for introducing me to another awesome blogger and happy SITS day to today’s featured blogger. Off to check her out now.
    Charlotte recently posted..my latest project

  27. Have a great Monday everyone! ;)
    Michelle recently posted..Green Living: What’s on Your Eco Bucket List?

  28. loving the title of her blog! looking forward to reading it:)
    charlene recently posted..Crazy Chocolate Cake

  29. Loved reading your blog today. Truly inspired me!
    Jennifer recently posted..Sand In Our Toes | Fort Story Maternity Portraits

  30. This is great! Can’t wait to check out your blog!!
    Sarah recently posted..Engagement

  31. So happy to see 50hWifey featured! I have been following her for awhile now and love her blog!
    Mrs. Doc H recently posted..A Family Milestone: The First Job

  32. Looking forward to reading today’s featured blogger :)
    Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos recently posted..Weekly Question: Grocery Stores

  33. Sounds like a fun blog to read!
    I can’t wait to check it out.
    Missy recently posted..I Am the Parent of 1 in 54

  34. Happy Happy SITS Day!

    I love that cute profile picture Ashley! Heading over to your blog now and looking forward to reading :)
    Devon Riesenberg recently posted..Spring Fling!

  35. Writing from the heart ~ beautiful.
    Patricia recently posted..Holy Week ~ A Time of Remembrance

  36. I happen to know for a FACT that Ashley is one of the most adorable people EVER!! So glad she got to be featured today–she totally deserves it! :)

    Jenna recently posted..Beauty Q&A (Edition Three)

  37. Happy SITS day! Hope it’s a great one :)
    Kimberly recently posted..I Fell in Love with Savannah

  38. Happy SITS Day! I’m heading over now to read posts. :-)
    Cole recently posted..Announcements!!!! (Book Club/Flip Flop Swap/Something NEW!)

  39. I love the bright lipstick and giant glasses in your profile picture!

  40. Happy SITS day! I love your journal to your daughter. what a thoughtful idea!
    Ashley recently posted..Heighten Your Senses with Dinner in the Dark

  41. Happy Monday, ladies!
    Anne recently posted..Birds on a Wire

  42. Happy SITS day!
    Elena recently posted..Guest Post: The Most Eco-friendly Printers

  43. Happy SITS day!
    Kate recently posted..Breathe!

  44. Looking forward to this one! I grew up with a cop/detective father so I can appreciate her story! Happy SITS day :)
    Cheryl @ LifeAsModernWife recently posted..Why You Need a Yoda

  45. Happy SITS day! Glad to see another southern girl featured:)!
    Brandie recently posted..Brothers and a Preview

  46. Going to check out your blog now.
    dramaqueensmum recently posted..New England minute

  47. On my way!
    Jamie recently posted..In Love With: Black Paned Windows

  48. Gotta check out my fellow emergency responder wife! Heading on over!
    kyfirewife recently posted..Pet Peeves

  49. Happy SITS Day! ;)
    Christa recently posted..Vogue — Natural Beauty

  50. Happy SITS Day!
    Cheryl recently posted..Party Like A Rock Star

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