So excited to be off to St. Louis today for our first 2012 Bloggy Boot Camp!

And to celebrate, we are featuring a fabulous blogger. We hope you’ll find here as inspiring as we do.

Meet Shannon of MyNewFavoriteDay

{Is that picture gorgeous or what?

My name is Shannon Pruitt and after being in a bit of a self-imposed emotional isolation for about 18 months after the very premature birth of our precious twins Q and E and E’s diagnosis as Special Needs, 12 months ago an ordinary moment in our living room became ‘extra’-ordinary. In that moment, it occurred to me that perhaps sharing our stories of hope and inspiration could help and motivate others going through similar circumstances. So that night, with my nerves on fire, I created my first post for ‘MyNewFavoriteDay,’ and what became immediately clear is that my emotions and feelings were not unique to me or our circumstances, but rather permeated all of your personal experiences through your relationships and situations with parents, conception, siblings, IVF, prematurity, parenting, children, special needs, terminal illness, and everyday stress. As a global community we are all united by common emotions of love, fear, hope, faith, sadness, happiness, strength, and joy and most importantly, we are all doing the best we can, how we can. We all need one another and if we can remember to find the little nuggets of inspiration and motivation we can try to make each day ‘anewfavoriteday.’


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  1. Wonderful idea for a blog. Happy SITS Day! You have a beautiful family!

  2. What a wonderful idea for a blog! Love it!! I’m absolutely all for sharing our moments of courage and vulnerability…it’s how we grow. And what a beautiful family!!

  3. Stressed at your job? Read how to end it:

  4. Happy SITS day Shannon! I look forwarding to reading your blog. I’m headed there right now.. hugs :)

  5. First of all, congratulations on your SITS day! Secondly, I can’t wait to check out your site, it sounds amazing.

  6. How wonderful to think that each day should be our new favorite day. Great blog, and happy SITS day!

  7. “self-imposed emotional isolation” Shannon, I feel connected to you already. I understand completely. Going to read now. xo

  8. I like her tone. Sounds so positive.

  9. What a wonderful blog description. Can’t wait to read more!

  10. Oh, my! Those kiddos are adorable. Happy SITS Day to you! Heading on over to your blog.

  11. Shannon from 'mynewfavoriteday' says:

    So exited and overwhelmed in the best way by all the kindness here, thank you!

  12. So beautifully inspirational. Gorgeous kids, really compelling and inspirational blog. You are so right, you’re not alone and your story is worth sharing. Thanks.

  13. I have cried today… this blog has touched me in a way I cannot say.

    Thank you for chossing this blogger. Her writing is sincere and you can feel the love for her children through every word.

    Good Luck on your March of Dimes Goal.

  14. Shannon has a beautiful blog. It’ll be my new favourite ;)

  15. What cuties you have. :) Enjoy your big day!

  16. This is so well said: “We all need one another and if we can remember to find the little nuggets of inspiration and motivation we can try to make each day ‘anewfavoriteday.’” Thank you for sharing with us and Happy SITS Day!

  17. Happy SITS day!

  18. That photo is stunning! Can’t wait to go and check it out…

    Make it a great day everyone!

  19. Congrats on your day. Such a cute pic with your little blessings!

  20. Two of my children have special needs. Ironically, our daughter’s needs (she is from China and was failure to thrive because she couldn’t figure out how to eat) led to our older son’s diagnosis. I am thankful that God brought us together as one family and for every moment on our journey. Their “specialness” has truly enriched our love!

    Blessings to you. I look forward to getting to know you more.

  21. Sounds like a good one. Off to read more.

  22. HAPPY SITS DAY to ya!

  23. Wow! This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing, your lessons on hope and faith will allow people around the world to feel like they are not alone.

    Amanda Rose

  24. Happy SITS day to you!!!

  25. Beautiful picture indeed. Happy SITS day, off to check you out now!

  26. Happy SITS day!

  27. Happy SITS day, Shannon!

  28. Happy SITS day! What an inspirational blog! Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to check out more.

  29. I’m so inspired by you and yes we all need to connect and not feel alone. Happy SITS Day to you!! Enjoy!

  30. Hi there! Happy SITS day!!

  31. Very positive blog! Enjoyed it!

  32. Good morning! Headed over to check out the blog.

  33. Just reading the blurb gave me chills. Can’t wait to go and visit her and support her. I can already feel the connection…..

  34. Happy SITS day to you!

  35. Sharing our stories make for valuable connections. Headin’ over.

  36. Happy SITS day. Looking forward to reading the FB.

  37. I think it’s a gift to wake up everyday and start fresh. What we do with that gift is up to us.

  38. Off to Shannon’s place!

  39. happy SITs day to you!!

  40. Happy SITS day! I’m inspired by your story and can’t wait to read your blog.

  41. What a lovely picture! It is amazing how once we start sharing our feelings, thoughts, etc. we discover we are not the only ones in situations or who feel that way. It is one of the best part of blogging and the internet.

  42. Feeling a tad bit cranky today. Perhaps a diet coke and a few new blogs will help!

  43. What beautiful boys! Happy SITS day!

  44. Wonderful. I’m inspired already. I started The Empty Nest Mom hoping to inspire and motivate other moms who may feel at loose ends after their kiddos are grown – besides having a whole lot of fun there. It’s so great how a cyber community connects hearts, friends and circumstances.

  45. Yay! Happy SITS Day, Shannon…you are such an inspiration!

  46. happy sits day!!!


    what an adorable photo!


  47. Great to see you here, Shannon. Happy SITS Day!

  48. Have fun! the kids looking great :) oxox

  49. Yes, gorgeous picture! Congrats Shannon! Happy Day all! :)

  50. “We all need one another and if we can remember to find the little nuggets of inspiration and motivation… “, I like this line and feel like; that if you don’t know why you’re a blogger, this sentence is a damn good place to start.

    What a beautiful sentiment. And what an amazing person you just HAVE to be to go through all that you’ve gone through, to come out with this type of positive spirit. I admire your wisdom and insight, and am glad that I’m getting the chance to meet you.

    Congratulations on being today’s Featured Blogger. Enjoy your day and keep spreading your message and sharing your love!

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