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Hello ladies!

We’ve got a great blogger for you to check out today.

Living in Chile, Sara shares her her experience living in abroad {so cool.} and her life as a newlywed in her delightful blog, The Titleless Blog.

I am a Midwest born expat living in Chile with my Chilean husband. We’re newlyweds, by the way, although it doesn’t feel that way. I am unusually fond of coffee, cats, and yoga. I’m a proud brain tumor survivor. I’m quirky, nerdy, and a bit socially awkward in person. I come off better on paper. Really.

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The Express Trip Post {Buenos Aires Edition}

Name Changes, Brain Tumor Moments and Soup


  1. I LOVE your blog!!! Amazing!!!
    Sarah recently posted..Spring

  2. Love the name of your blog! And, we ALL sound better on paper! Congrats on your day!
    Lee recently posted..The Bully Project: Just Say “No” To Bullying

  3. Congrats on the recent marriage! :) And don’t worry, I sound better on paper, too, haha. Happy SITS day!

  4. Excited to see another newlywed blogger! Although I think my newlywed status is about to run out in May. Happy SITS day!
    Ms. Adams recently posted..Vegan Blueberry Banana Bread

  5. Hi Sara, congrats on your SITS day!

    Looking forward to reading your blog this evening.

  6. Amazing journey. Go, girl!
    Aging Gal recently posted..Hack My Credit, Please

  7. Today’s soundtrack has a bit more of a whine to it. But, this weekend’s? Loveliness.
    Morgan recently posted..small things {laughter}

  8. She sounds brave and entertaining…
    Lisa recently posted..My Epitaph

  9. Socially awkward can be fun sometimes. At least that is what I tell myself. :-) Can’t wait to read!
    Rachel {Raw-kul} recently posted..1950′s Crazy Hat Lady

  10. Can’t wait to check out her blog! My sister married a Chilean. They live in the US but frequently go to Chile to visit his family. They are considering spending part time in the US and part time in Chile.
    Jamie H recently posted..Unique Smore’s Bites

  11. tinafreysd says:

    Inspiring kind of post..Thanks for sharing this to us…Hope you can share more..
    tinafreysd recently posted..Discover How To Naturally Stop Panic Attacks

  12. Love your title!! I’m also way too fond of coffee, and I think everyone is better on paper, so you’re definitely not alone! Happy SITS Day! :)
    Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful} recently posted..Monday Listicles: In The Car

  13. Happy SITS day!!!!
    Angela Marks recently posted..My Yellow Brick Road- Part 1

  14. Happy Tuesday everyone. I have a DIL from Santiago so am excited to meet this blogger. I was just in Chile this September and loved it. Loved the people! Loved how beautiful it was!
    Barb – The Empty Nest Mom recently posted..Google’s Art Project

  15. It’s so funny how our writing voice can be so different from our speaking voice. Looking forward to learning about life in Chile!
    New York Cliche recently posted..Easter Flowers All Around NYC

  16. Thanks for featuring such an inspirational blogger today- I needed that!!!

  17. Ooh, I love a good expat blog. Off to visit her.
    (FL) Girl with a New Life recently posted..Decorate My House: DIY Faux Headboard

  18. Happy SITS Day! I love the blog title :)
    angela recently posted..Uncoordinated

  19. Yay, it’s working! I got an error message loading the site a half hour ago :( Hope everyone is having a beautiful day! I’m already looking forward to lunch!
    Christa the BabbyMama recently posted..A Quick Look at Easter With the P.

  20. Happy SITS day! I love the blog title.
    another jennifer recently posted..Awesome Things to do in Maine

  21. Happy SITS Day! Looking forward to your blog.

  22. Happy SITS day Sara :)
    Emma @ Boy Oh Boy recently posted..London Baby!!

  23. I don’t recall how Sara and I connected but I love her blog and she’s been very supportive of mine. I’m so happy to see she’s having her SITs day!
    Barbara recently posted..Grand Opening!!!!

  24. Happy SITS day!
    Tricia recently posted..Couch, blanket, and goldfish

  25. Sounds fascinating! Heading over to check it out! :)
    Holly recently posted..Quality Time

  26. I also come off better on paper too! Happy SITS Day!
    Elizabeth recently posted..Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

  27. Hello there & happy SITS day!
    Tara @ recently posted..Epiphany = Mirena

  28. As one who comes off better on paper herself, I think we’d clearly be best friends if we ever met FTF!
    Jester Queen recently posted..Zombie Jesus

  29. Looks interesting! On my way!
    Kristi recently posted..Worship Link-Up Easter Sunday

  30. Love the title of the blog! Off to read her blog!
    Making Our Life Matter recently posted..What I Learned This Week~April 10th

  31. Good morning!

  32. Congrats on your SITS DAY!!!
    April recently posted..Easter 2012

  33. Happy SITS Day Sara!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Scenes From My Weekend – Easter

  34. Happy SITS Day! Great sense of humor:)
    bonnie ferrell recently posted..Make up-Monday 100 Fan Giveaway!

  35. She sounds like she’s led quite the interesting life. Off to check her out.
    Melissa @ Completely Eclipsed recently posted..A Very Happy Easter

  36. Imperfectmomma says:

    Can’t wait to check out her blog
    Imperfectmomma recently posted..The one about bras

  37. Love her sense of humor!
    Kimberly at Rubber Chicken Madness recently posted..It Wasn’t What I Was Expecting

  38. What fun it must be to live in a foreign land!
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..Pause Life for a Moment- A Break in the Routine

  39. congrats, sara!

    enjoy your special day!
    now i’m off to browse around the site.
    Betty Manousos recently posted..Ghost-Like Flowers + Have a Rosy Weekend!

  40. AlisonSWLee says:

    Happy SITS Day Sara!

  41. I have a feeling you’re pretty darn fabulous in real life…you don’t give yourself enough credit, girl! Happy SITS Day! Heading on over…
    michelle @ this little light recently posted..Subway Art : TLL Style

  42. Better on paper. . .story of my life!
    Louise Ducote recently posted..Yes!

  43. I’m better on paper too. :)
    Blond Duck recently posted..Hunting

  44. I love when someone lives their life with so much love and passion.
    Elyse recently posted..Making Marshmallows

  45. Love the Title! Sounds like a fun place to be…have a great Tuesday!
    Leslie recently posted..Our Easter Weekend

  46. Sara – Happy SITS day! I, too, am unusually fond of cats, coffee, and yoga and come off much better on paper than I do in person. BTW I love your blog. xo

  47. How cool to live abroad!!
    Rosesdaughter recently posted..Stuck

  48. I love Sara’s blog! We’ve been bloggy friends for ages :)

  49. So cool. I can relate about living abroad: I grew up away from my home country, the Philippines, for almost 13 years! I’m settled in Manila though, with my own family now. I’m so excited to read about your expat life — it’s both exciting and challenging, isn’t it?
    Martine | Work at Home Mom Writer recently posted..Get it While It’s Hot: Summer Sale at Mothering Earthlings

  50. There’s nothing like a survivor, I tell you. I’m glad to find out that you’re an over-comer. Awesome! Oh, and by the way – I can totally relate to what you said about thinking that you sound better on paper. Me, too! Congratulations, you special SITSGirl Featured Blogger, you! Enjoy your day and it’s nice to eMeet you!
    Carlo/Carlo At Your Service Productions recently posted..How To Make Sure Your Party Reflects YOUR Taste & Style


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