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Dani is a New York Native Living/Working/Playing in Manhattan.  She writes at OK, Dani, a blog about Life, Love, Laughter, and Hair, and, she’s cute as a button.  Let’s give Dani a warm SITS welcome!

Tell us about your blog and what we can expect when visiting:
First off. HI SITStahs!! SO glad to “meet” you!! ((HUG)) So excited to share my blog and a bit of me with you.

A visit to my blog, OK, Dani brings joy, love and riches beyond your wildest dreams!! Guaranteed!!  ::blank stare::

Not buyin it? ….  OK, fine, I can at least guarantee one cheap giggle.  My blog is what I like to call a happy hodgepodge, just like my life.  I post about baby-making, health & wellness, natural hair, books, reviews, personal finance, and randoms from my life or current events.  The blog flows with my life and current obsessions and is upbeat.  Since I’m currently obsessed with getting preggo…there’s a lot on that these days.  But I’m also in grad school and expanding my coaching business so I talk about that a bit too…but…I’m totally going to be a full-on mommy blogger one day.  On Monday’s (well…most Mondays) I have a feature called “Mind Right Mondays” where I post my goals for the week and what I’m grateful for.  I encourage my readers to do the same and link up, or at least post it in the comments.  Committing your goals to paper (or…the web…) really makes them stick!

You live in Manhattan.  Tell us your impressions of the city:
Oh!!! ::swoon:: I’m having an eternal love affair with my city.  I love living in a town where there’s so much packed into such a little space.  We’ve got killer restaurants, broadway shows, awesome and interesting people, nightlife like nowhere else in the country and a vibe that’s indescribable.  I love that in one afternoon you can go to Italy, China, India, then go rock climbing and take a trapeze lesson before shopping at the poshest stores on earth while eating a $1 dirty water dog and you’ll probably walk by the filming of some show/movie during all of this. We’ve got great museums, impressive architecture, cute accents, and something to satisfy every single type of person.  I can’t even get mad at the slow-walking, neck-breaking, finger-pointing tourists anymore because I love seeing how in love with my city they are!

All that said….I’d totally never want to raise my kids here when I do have them.  I want them to have backyard land to run around in and stars to gaze at on clear nights instead of smog and building tops.  Besides, I’m already too late on their applications for pre-school. ::hehe::

Have you ever written a post you’ve later regretted?
If you asked me about a week ago I’d have said no way. But, last week I wrote a post that I regretted for a split second, but after some thought was happy I posted.  Ya see, I try to keep my posts positive, but this post included a rant about negative and ignorant emails I receive from readers.  After I published it, I had a flash of “oh no, I shouldn’t have done that. I should’ve just kept on ignoring those fools.” but I’m glad I “exposed” their foolishness and I know I won’t revisit the issue again.  My blog will never be a source of regret.

You are a life coach.  What piece of advice can you give us to help make us a bit better?
I did NYU’s Life Coaching program, and I like to call myself a Life & Wellness coach.  (I so need to think of something catchier.  Any ideas?) It is the best and most fulfilling career choice for me ever! (Shameless plug – www.daniellefaust.com)

Some quick tips I can offer to my SITStahs are:
–          Personal development-wise: Beat the roosters to the punch:  waking up early and giving yourself some extra quiet time in the morning is amazing. You can use the extra time for whatever you want, the treat is that you have the time.  I like to use my morning quiet hour for stretching, meditation, journaling…and then reading blogs!
–          Wellness-wise: Drink water like it’s your job: switching my clients off of sodas/juices to water is the first nutrition habit we implement and results are noticed within the first week.Chug! Chug! Chug!
–          Spirituality-wise: Say Thank You: take time to write down what you’re grateful for in your journal each day, or say them aloud in the shower each morning. (My husband and I say our grateful lists to each other at dinner each night in lieu of saying grace.) Giving thanks for what you have attracts more things to be thankful for!  Can’t beat that!

Thanks for letting me share!! See you soon SITStahs :)

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    Happy SITS day! I love that you are a life coach! That’s so neat. Wanna coach me pro-bono? 😉 Congrats again. I gotta say today was a memorable day for me too. My first blog entry for Huffington Post was today. Yikes!

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    That wedding picture is amazing! So much better than the typical posed shots. Your quick tips are all things that already work so well for me that I have to check out your blog to get some more!

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    Congrats on your SITS day! I love getting up earlier than everyone else. Sometimes my youngest has sonar or something though and gets up within 5 minutes of me – no matter what time. Arrgghh! But if I sneak down the steps very, very quietly, I can keep it from happening. Shhhh. :)

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    Hi ladies!

    Thanks so much for all the kind words. I loved being featured and visiting your blogs as well. I’ve got a lot more to go through. I really appreciate the warm welcome from you all. Smiles all day!

    Thanks SITS for featuring OK Dani!! :)


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    Love your story and all of your incredible insight! Especially the no makeup! Me too! Life is short so why put on makeup? I will for sure be following you!

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    I love that statement – Drink water like it was your JOB. I am so terrible about drinking water, but I’m sure I’d feel a lot better if I did and it would probably be a big help with getting my weight down. Good advice!

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    Love, love that wedding shot and the morph photo of her future children on the site. Excellent.

    Is it Thursday – I am so confused this week :-)

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    Oh, I am SUCH a fan of the grateful list. Mind you, I keep advising other people to do it and then ‘run out of time’ myself. Thanks for the reminder :) Something else I’ve found very powerful is writing my top goals out every morning.

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      Haha!! No, but are you ready for this: He wrote his vows on his blackberry. ::hanging head in shame:: That pic was when he whipped it out to say his vows.

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    You are so cool! At least as far as I can tell from reading this short bit about you… but good luck on baby making and I’m on my way to visit your blog and coaching site.

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    What a GREAT picture!!!!!!! Love it. So glad to be getting back into routine and going to visit blogs today!!!!!!!

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    lol about the baby name conversation. Our choices have changed over the years. I think when the kids eventually come they will change then too. Although I like my picks for girls now. Virginia Rose M (family names).

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    Happy SITS day!!! I’ve been a follower for probably a year plus now and have had the opportunity to meet in person and bond with this gal. Glad to call her a friend and she definitely has a spunky blog!

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      Leah, it’s a dream for me to have it as a career. It’s honestly the most fulfilling work. I’m grateful for each and every client and all the progress they make.

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    Congratulations on being featured! :)
    Great coaching advice – focusing on gratitude has changed my life! I love that you post your goals and what you are grateful for each week. Each Wednesday I also write about gratitude.
    Great blog!

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    Congrats on being featured today. Heading over to your blog in just a bit to check it out. And I LOVE your wedding picture!