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Let’s give Lauren, the author of The Little Goat, a warm SITS welcome.  Although the title of Lauren’s blog may lead you to believe this is a mom-blog, don’t be fooled.  Read on to find out how the title emerged and what Lauren’s blog is all about.


Why do you blog?
For a while I wanted to blog because everyone else was doing it. I wanted a random spot to put my random musings, post stuff I liked, and be creative at times. I was never much of a diary keeper though, so I found it all to be a bit weird and forced. When I got engaged, that all changed. Now I had a place to put my details, my search for stuff, my process. But then I found that I didn’t want to share EVERYTHING, as I wanted the wedding to have some elements that were a surprise, so I mostly posted about my ideas, not my actual plans. I was selling handmade baby onesies (Wunzees) as well, so I’d post my latest creations, craft fairs that I was working, and even other awesomeness that I found on Etsy, my marketplace obsession. I used to have a feature called “Etsy Tag Monday” where I’d feature a theme on Etsy and cute stuff I’ve found. I got a bit lazy with the wedding planning, and then I just wanted to live my life and not necessarily write about it… but now that I’ve been blogging again as of recently, I may bring it back.

I want another reason to blog though. I want to blog about my family, babies, etc….but we are working on that part. :)


What can readers expect to find when visiting your blog for the first time?
Readers will likely read through the posts, and think that a) I’m nesting, b) my husband is a bit odd–he is and that’s why I love him, and c) it’s a random hodge podge of stuff. Some cute, some short, lots of bright photography. All of this is true. Its a crafting fan blog with no real tutorials. It’s a wedding blog with no real advice. It’s just stuff I write at the moment, and I’m still definitely trying to find my voice.

I liked the name “The Little Goat,” as it worked with my Wunzees sales, becase if you think about it, a little goat is a kid, and my husband is obsessed with it worked. I have found however that my site looks like a mom blog or just that it should be coming from a mom, and I’m not one yet….so I guess I was thinking ahead?


Tell us about “101 Things To Do In 1001 Days”?
This has been an Internet meme for a while now…and I thought I’d give it a shot. It gave me a reason to think about things I wanted to accomplish in the near future, and how I could actually do it. Like is it possible for me to go a week without the internet? Can I keep my finances in order? I recently updated my list, and realized that a lot of the stuff that I want to do, will probably be impossible before my 1001 days are up. I’d need to come into a windfall of money in order to travel like I had planned to, and to move to a home (hopefully our own), that I can paint walls to and have a backyard, are dreams, but need a longer timeline. The most recent update and thoughts on the 101 things can be found here.

Is there anything you won’t blog about?
There is a lot of stuff I like to keep private. My feelings for one. I’m not real big on putting it all out there like some of the really inspirational bloggers are. I can express myself when I need to, but I’m worried about those feelings that might be put in print forever coming back to bite me. When I get pregnant, I likely won’t post a lot of that stuff either. Jewish superstition says that you shouldn’t even have a baby shower before the baby is born, so I think that putting it in writing and sharing that way is even worse. My blogging habits I guess aren’t that of what a blogger should be. I mean, when I become a mother, I also don’t think that putting my kids lives out there for all to see before they even have a say is something I can get behind. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE reading about other kids antics…I just feel like if I’m protecting my privacy, theirs should be protected too.


In what ways have you benefited from blogging?
It’s a good time killer, and a good way for me to get my ideas out there and ask for help. I’ve met a few great people, and reconnected with some I grew up with that are bloggers themselves. I feel like I have a lot more to learn and a lot farther to come. This SITS experience actually re-ignited my desire to write!

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