Mid Life Crisis Prep: Always Curtsy When You Sneeze

Keri is the “tell it like it is” author of Always Curtsy When You Sneeze, a humor blog focused on supporting and establishing a network of folks interested in learning about life before, during, and after the mid life crisis.

The title of your blog is so different! What inspired it?

I was afraid this question would come up. The ACWYS title erupted one evening when in mixed company I felt a ginormous sneeze coming on. There was no stopping it as I stood in the middle of my hostess’ beautiful gourmet kitchen. Instead of dashing out of the room in search of a “Depends”, I gracefully crossed my legs, extended my arms to my sides as if to take flight and bent slightly at the knees.

You joke about experiencing a mid life crisis…when did you realize this was happening?

My mid-life crisis was realized in the middle of a workday several years ago. I must have been aware of being the oldest person on my team, but never gave it much thought. Then one day around the water cooler my cohorts were discussing sex. I chimed in with a comment that would indicate I too had engaged in sex at one time in my life and every one of them grimaced in great discomfort. That hit me like a ton of bricks, it creeped them out that someone my age would have anything to say about the S word.

If you had to describe your blog in six words, what words would you choose?

Funny, Candid, Atypical, Sardonic, Nostalgic, Opinionated

One of your goals for your blog was to establish a community of women “in the throes of  “the mid-life experience” too”, in a world saturated with new mommy bloggers, has this been difficult?

I don’t find being in the midst of mommy blogs to be difficult at all. On the contrary I love reading many of them. What has been difficult though is connecting with people of my own generation who think reading or writing blogs is fun. Frankly speaking, I’ve been insulted on more than one occasion when friends or family members don’t take the time to occasionally look in on one of my blogs. After all, it’s how I spend a lot of my time. How dare they be dismissive of that? LOL

What advice can you offer women looking for support through a mid life crisis?

  • Stop buying cheap foundation garments
  • Never admit to anyone under the age of 45 that you ever had a sex life
  • Change your hairstyle if you haven’t in the last 10 years
  • Get and stay acquainted with basic computer/media/cellular technology. How else are you going to know what everyone’s talking about?
  • And finally, be gentle with yourself, this is only the first hundred years.

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    OMG! I think I hit the girlfriend jackpot…I was born in the 50’s a child in the 60’s a teenager in the 70’s..I checked out your blog..LMAO..


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    I’m with ya, sista! As I tell my kids, it would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic :) Congratulations on your SITS day! Can’t wait to go read more funny on your blog.

  3. says

    Very interesting! Today I posted a birth announcement canvas. The first of it’s kind for me! If you or someone you know is expecting, you need to come see me! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  4. says

    Awesome and definitely different. I understand, too, about the lack of family reading the blog…. what is it about that??

  5. says

    Gave me something to think about. Thought about changing my perspective about aging. I agree thatdiscussing the S word with younger generations as we grow older seems weird. I don’t want to hear I from my mom that’s for sure. But I there is a certain grace and respect that comes with a woman who is only older when she tells you her age and not by the way she carries herself.

  6. says

    So refreshing…and honest. I love the new mommy bloggers too, but sometimes it can be a little mind numbing.

    Headed your way right now.

  7. says

    I love the title of this blog! Made me chuckle :)

    Looking forward to reading it. She sounds incredibly funny, intelligent and sarcastically witty. (My kind of blogger, for sure!)

  8. says

    Oh wow, I have never heard of a blog with this theme. I am glad that you are doing it, and I am 27–I am not cringing at the thought of mature women wanting/needing/having sex (I plan on still having a lot of sex forever, cause how sad would that be if we didn’t?)

    Comment luv is not updating:
    http://www.unabashedlypassionate.com –Check out what happened to me on my way to yoga class!

  9. says

    I think her mantra should be to always admit to having a sex life to anyone under the age of 45. I do heartily agree with point number one. This also applies to those of us in our thirties and forties.

    Loved the look of her blog. This gal is a riot.

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    I think the FB sounds wonderful and that I have found my new favorite blog! I enjoy reading mommy blogs but it’s nice to find someone living in the same phase of life as me!

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    DEAR Keri! consider me virtually hugging u :) Reading your post put a smile on my face and thats what i love to find in blogs .To be honest , YOU have put it so beautifully how to handle a mid life crises .. love it !

  12. says

    Love the title and the sense of humor! I’m wondering if there are any tips for a quarter life crisis…sometimes I think I may smack in the middle of one!

  13. says

    Keri sounds like Carrie Bradshaw. Outspoken women – no matter the age or their number of crises – should be celebrated.