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It’s finally Friday!

Before you head off for a glamorous weekend of yachting and such {oh I crack myself up}, please welcome Karen of KKH Photos- Off the Desk!

I am a small town photographer working world-wide on the web; I’ll shoot just about anything that doesn’t run away and maybe a few things that do! I have a lot of fun in the blogging world publishing a little graffiti about my adventures in photography and everyday life. I started blogging as a way to share my adventures with others and hopefully learn from them as well. You’ll also see the occasional shameless self-promotion post advertising my photo and product sales; sorry about that but I don’t sell ad space or monetize my blog in any other way. (We’ve all got to pay the bills ya know!) I’ve made lots of new friends through blogging and enjoy the opportunity to share with them everyday; I look forward to meeting lots of new SITSahs!

For your reading pleasure:

Riding in Cars with my Boys and a Fish

Projects 2012: L is for Lantern

I Don’t Know How to Draw Outer Space

Now, leave a quick comment below to roll call {YES, it does matter if you want to be featured}. And, then leave a comment over at Karen’s place {which matters even more!}

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    Thank you all for making my SITS Day an awesome day! I will try my hardest to visit all of you over the next week or so. Wish you all the best; have a great weekend.

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    I’ve actually enjoyed following your blog for a while now. You’re such an awesome photographer. :) Congratulations on your SITS day. You so deserve it. :)

  3. says

    I enjoys your blog! I ilk how the pictures helped tell the story (riding in cars)
    but it said I had to be a WordPress member to comment- which I am not.

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      That’s strange I thought anyone could comment. If you have time someday please try again and let me know if it still isn’t working for you and I’ll check into it. Maybe WP was just having a brain freeze today.

  4. says

    Happy Friday! As a fellow photographer, I’m looking forward to stopping by your blog. Have a great day and congrats on your SITS day!

  5. says

    Happy SITS day! I looked at your blog and love the pics! the tips on how to shoot an event were very helpful. I definitely learned something new!

  6. says

    What a neat blog to share on a Friday! I enjoyed the posts and the photography.
    When I read the outer space planeet post, I clicked the link to the original challenge post. And learned something new.

    I loved the post that included Bella Dog. Even to the end when she acted like some other dog did the nisdeeds.

    I really enjoyed this blog.

    • says

      Carla; thank you for stopping by. You helped to make my SITS Day even better! As time allows I plan to visit everyone who stopped by today; just give me time to catch up! Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Yay it’s Friday! Karen’s blog sounds like fun. Can’t wait to check it out. Happy Friday my SITS people and a safe weekend.

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    Happy SITS FB day, Karen! I like that line that you used, “I’ll shoot just about anything that doesn’t run away and maybe a few things that do!”. You crack me up laughing. I look forward to learning more about you. And, just like you’ve made lots of new friends through blogging, I guess I’ve been kind of isolated (and didn’t even know it). Because after blogging for 3 years, I’m looking to do the same thing too.

    Enjoy your special day and have a wonderful weekend!

    • says

      I did not know that yesterday was Griled Cheese day! I’m thinking I just might have to have a grilled cheese today and celebrate a day late. Hum… Do I have any tomato soup?

    • says

      Thank you! I always wonder what people think about the brick wall… but then again; maybe I really don’t want to know.

  9. says

    I just finished painting this “Recipe for Life” on my wall! It makes me so happy. I wonder what other people’s recipes would be …

    • says

      Penelope; good luck with your photography! I would love to be able to do a great portrait; that’s an area that I need much practice in.

    • says

      Louise; I haven’t had a film camera in my hand in a long time. I wonder if I could even still use one. I bet your Dad was a great photographer!

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    • says

      Right now my “studio” is a light tent that sits on a table; it works great for most of my stock photos. I do the rest outdoors; you can’t beat the natural light. But maybe someday…. :)