A Commentary On Mommy Pants from Lands End

At long last, Keely from Lollygag Blog is joining us for our SITS Girl in the Spotlight series.  Keely and I have been exchanging e-mails over the last few weeks in an effort to iron out the details with her HTML code.  The good news is, it is here and finally working!

Here’s a bit more about Keely…

A playwright, nanny, and new-ish Mom in the city of Chicago, I blog about my money pit of a home, extraordinarily tolerant husband, and the prettiest baby ever to shove eggplant up one’s nose. Also, despite years of schooling and a decent intelligence quotient, I am completely unable to provide even a perfunctory explanation of how electricity works.

Today, Keely is sharing her thoughts on the dreaded mommy pants from Lands End.  You know the ones.  In some cases, they come up so high on your waist that a bra may in fact be optional? Yup. Those are the ones.  :)


For more hilarious commentary on motherhood, being pregnant the second time around, and parenting while the husband is out of town, check out Keely at Lollygag Blog.

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  1. Haha…I think Norah had the right idea in destroying the mom jean pages from the catalog! Who on earth is still buying these pants, and how do they decided between the relaxed fit vs the traditional fit? No one should even be considering buying jeans so high they become “bra optiona!” Hilarious!
    Lindsay recently posted..The Hardest Part

  2. Where did the weekend go?
    Denice recently posted..Weddings by Costco!

  3. HMMmmm I don’t think I have any mom jeans…YET. On the other hand, I got my hair cut last week and I am pretty sure I now have mom hair.
    Christine recently posted..Mission Accomplished!

  4. Hilarious…
    Kristi {at} Live and Love Out Loud recently posted..A Slew of Questions and a List of Demands Courtesy of My Dad- the Diva

  5. I love her! So funny!
    CynthiaK recently posted..Earth Hour Trouble at the Crumbs household

  6. Mom jeans…too funny!! My teenager would never let me be seen in those for fear of sheer embarassmet!
    Kelly recently posted..Baker’s Man Hearts

  7. Great fun, and especially like the punch line to her little sweetie (think of the carbs). I’m just about to get into vlogging myself, so I’m watching others’ avidly.
    Babes about Town recently posted..Japan- What do we tell our Kids

  8. There’s absolutely nothing worse than mom jeans.
    DivinePainter recently posted..Spring Forward 2011- part 2

  9. Isn’t it Monday yet? I’m ready for everyone to go back to school/work.
    misssrobin recently posted..My Beautiful Neighborhood

  10. Happy Weekend!
    Sarah Ruth recently posted..MilSpouse Friday Fill-In 35

    • Sorry. I couldn’t get the comments to work on your blog.

      Great answers to the questions. Especially about being strong. Life has a way of proving to us that we’re stronger than we think. Well stated.

  11. I bought my boyfriend some flannel lined jeans hoping they’d be not as dorky as they were in the picture…unfortunately, just as dorky…if not more so.
    Deidre recently posted..Should I I shouldnt Should I I shouldntwaitShould I I really shouldnt Or Should I

  12. Oh, mom jeans. Totally makes me think of the Tina Fey skit from SNL. Love it!

    Still reeling from my SITS day yesterday and trying to visit everyone who visited. This is an amazing group of ladies on here. THANKS TO ALL!
    a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut recently posted..mamas time out

  13. Awesome video. Happy Weekend everyone!
    Leila recently posted..Macadamia &amp White Chocolate Cookies

  14. Great! Love it.
    Lindsey recently posted..Consumption

  15. Just got back from being away all weekend and trying to catch up! :)
    Broot recently posted..I didn’t sleep a wink all night

  16. I can honestly say that I have never owned a pair of mommy pants. I do however remember a pair of green paisley capris…
    Madison recently posted..Five-O Implies 60s Trek Was Biased Against Black Men

  17. She’s hysterical!
    Glamamom recently posted..ANTHROPOLOGIE SPRING 2011

  18. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing!
    Astrid recently posted..A few Odds &amp Ends to Wrap up the Hawaii Vacation Photo journal

  19. Hope everyone is having a better weekend than we are fighting a nasty cold in our house! Is it just me or does one become less tolerant of being ill as you get older (and by older, I’m in my 30′s!!). It just seems so much worse being sick than I remember when I was younger, or maybe it’s just that this cold is pretty a bad one.

    Anyhoo…. My favorite post this week is our Saturday Recipe: Strawberry Freeze, perfect for the upcoming warm summer days!
    The Lucky Wife recently posted..Gluten-Free Banana Walnut Buttermilk Biscuits

  20. ROFL too funny!
    Jayme recently posted..Playtime

  21. This is a terrific feature! Will pay my respects to our blogger and three more for Sharefest Saturday. Sending all happy wishes for the weekend!
    Elizabeth recently posted..A Poem- And Ten Things About Hope…

  22. Love that video! Seriously funny stuff :)

    For my sharefest post, I’d like to share: What do I NOT want to be when I grow up? http://bit.ly/eRk2ZD
    Kimberly recently posted..Friday Friday Friday

  23. The closing line was PERFECT! But the whole video was wonderful and very funny. Why would anyone ever make their jeans higher? Thanks for sharing.
    Jacki recently posted..Spring Reading Thing

  24. Haha too funny!

    Have a great weekend!
    Luxy Living recently posted..Leather Lanyard

  25. LOL! Awesome video. I do love LL Bean but not for their pants.
    Jen recently posted..I Think my Lack of Thyroid is Effecting my Brain

  26. They actually HAVE mommy pants? I knew SNL spoofed Mom Jeans but nothing like them existed!
    Stephanie Faris recently posted..Remember Perms

  27. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
    Caren with a “C” recently posted..Family Fun Weekends

  28. Happy Sharefest Saturday! Will go visit our featured blogger and three blogs above mine. Sending all weekend cheers.
    ElizOF recently posted..Earth Hour 2011- Celebrate Lights Out Around The World

  29. Hilarious! Thank you for saving us all from the dreaded Mom Jean!
    Now here’s my favorite tip for a good fitting, yet comfortable jean for real women. The top of your jeans – the snap/zipper, should fall two fingers width BELOW your belly button. If jeans/pants hit your belly button or heavy forbid go above it – you have Mom Jeans. The only exception is if your belly is as flat as a washboard then you can wear the high-waist styles.

    Try it – you will be amazed!
    Michelle recently posted..Michelles Happy Hour Starter

  30. HAHAHA! Norah’s opinion at the end is the prefect conclusion. Love it! And what a great taste she has in onesies.
    Anna-Elizabeth recently posted..Caturday

  31. What a giggle!
    Cook Clean Craft recently posted..What a Star- Boy’s T-shirt

  32. Oh gosh, I cannot stand these terrible jeans and I can’t believe there’s enough of a market for LE to be selling them! I usually buy my jeans in the juniors section to avoid waistlines approaching the bustline. Hilarious!
    The BabbyMama recently posted..Unexpected Consequences of Becoming a Working Mom

  33. jeans are hard…I don’t want mom jeans but no one needs to see my muffin top or butt crack..
    Holly W recently posted..How to Get the Doctors Number

  34. I just recently started following Lollygag Blog! Those mommy pants should be banned!!
    Kristy recently posted..For Crying Out Loud- Its my SITS Day!

  35. LMAO! I love this Vblog! Ha! Hilarious!
    Stacie L recently posted..CSN 25 Gift Card Winner is

  36. What a great video!

    I have missed being here to see all the different featured sites. It’s so great to be back with you all!
    Anonymous Jones recently posted..Take a deep breath

  37. Very funny lady! Glad it’s the weekend.
    Amanda recently posted..Searching for Work

  38. Didn’t SNL do a skit about those jeans?
    Grace Adams recently posted..Raise Your Hand if You’re With Me

  39. Haha! Those have got to be the most horrendous pants I’ve ever seen! But, my god, they are so comfortable :)
    Tori Nelson recently posted..Hornish Kens- Mattel Offers Boys A Mentor In Manhood

  40. I have no words for this.
    Gina recently posted..The movie was better

  41. Someone needs to send Land’s End the memo!!

  42. Ha!

    Yes, it’s why I mainly get my jeans in the Kohls juniors section. They are much more flattering there.
    Amber recently posted..Return of the Dunkaroos

  43. Going to check out her blog right now!
    Kathryn recently posted..Advertise on My Blog!

  44. Love her personality. That vlog is hilarious!
    Teacher Girl recently posted..Ramblings of a Lonely Woman

  45. I love it…three styles, all the same…it all depends on how you want to see yourself. I see myself as “relaxed.”
    Dianna Graveman recently posted..writRteachR Has Advice for MFA Students

  46. Have a good weekend, everyone!
    Krista recently posted..A Peaceful Sabbath to You

  47. Twice nice comment luv! Definitely check out her vlog (even if it’s just to see her multi-tasking skills as a juggler and Vanna White wannabee!).

    Latest blog: Walking the Talk About Fair Trade http://bit.ly/fP5Gpq

  48. Hilarious!! LOVE her little assistant (I think he had the right idea eating the ad!). Always like to see vloggers – much more fun than straight text. Have a wonderful day!

    Latest contest: Win free ticket to environmental self-defense seminar June 3 in Seattle! http://bit.ly/fYhKAP!

  49. Uh . . . yeah . . . hope I never end up wearing the dreaded “mom” jeans. lol. I hadn’t ever considered the extra carbs in paper either . . . lol :)

  50. I love that, “Norah! We don’t eat paper; think of the carbs!” Very funny. And I agree those pants and jeans are… awful.
    LBDDiaries recently posted..Head Over Heels And It Shows

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