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Today’s Featured Blogger is Lisa of Anali’s First Amendment.

Lisa describes her blog as:

My blog is where I share my life, opinions, recipes, and all sorts of things that interest me. A favorite quote by Rumi inspires me everyday and is my blog motto. “Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” Blogging has given me the courage to try so many new things and meet all sorts of people. It really changed my life.

Sounds like a nice place to hang out, right?

So, leave a short comment below to “roll call” and then head on over to Anali’s First Amendment as leave her some comment lovin.

Here are 3 posts, handpicked by Lisa for your enjoyment!

Steve Martin + Nutella = Big Smiles. {Yes. We love Nutella + anything.}

Celebrating Fives Years of Blogging & The Abilities of People with Disabilities.
{“The Arc and many of us in society believe that the only ‘r-word’ that should be used when referring to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is Respect…} <--- YES!

Punch Buggy!


  1. Happy SITS Day!!
    More Than A Mom recently posted..Menu Plan ~ February 19-25

  2. Off to visit her blog!
    Susan in the Boonies recently posted..(Wild) White Turkey Chili

  3. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

    Peace. ;)
    Michelle recently posted..Do It Yourself: Homemade Non-Toxic Dish Soap

  4. I love blogs that share recipes!
    Emily recently posted..GUEST blogger: EMMY MOM

  5. Nicole {Mommy Moxie} says:

    Happy SITS day and what a great post on ARC!

  6. Sounds like my kind of blog!
    Madamdreamweaver recently posted..Burnt Marshmellows

  7. What an awesome FB…on my way to meet her!
    April recently posted..Tuesday Mix-Up

  8. Already checked out your blog and I can tell I’ll be back often! I have worked in special education and learned so much from my amazing friends with disabilities. My life is better because of them!

  9. Your blog sounds a lot like mine. A hodge podge of me…Heading over to check it out!
    Lisa recently posted..Runner Up

  10. Nutella…I ahve never tried it but I am curious. Happy Tuesday.
    Michael recently posted..Did You Really Just Say That.

  11. We always have nutella in the house, but we really don’t even eat it that much.
    dramaqueensmum recently posted..Spring Fever

  12. I love Nutella…by the spoonful!

    (I don’t usually do this, but may I ask that ya’ll check out my post “Free To Run” and consider sponsoring Natalie Grant for the Disney Princess Run to help put a stop to human trafficking…Thank you!)
    Laura recently posted..FREE TO RUN!

  13. That’s funny about Nutella. On a trip to Europe a few years ago, Nutella was everywhere and I had no idea what it was. Clearly, I have more than a few things to learn…
    Aging Gal recently posted..Everyday or “Dress” Sweats?

  14. Congrats on your SITS Day…. Sounds like fun to hang out at your place…
    Sharm’s Outlet recently posted..Setting up Routines…

  15. I am heading over to read! What a wonderful blog.
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..Pause Life for a Moment- Kir Corner

  16. New to blogging, new to SITS and yours will be the first blog I visit. This community pretty much rocks my socks off already!
    Marie recently posted..I’m Going Commando in June!

  17. sounds like a awesome place to hang out indeed, Lisa :)
    Happy SITS Day!
    Devon Riesenberg recently posted..Celebrating Jack’s First Birthday {Part Two}

  18. Nutella is almost its own food group around here :0) Great place to hang out.
    {Adventuresindinner} recently posted..Guest Poster and Photographer extraordinaire!

  19. Checking in here and heading over there. The pull of Nutella…..
    Barbara Beyer-Albright recently posted..What will you look like in 10 years?

  20. What a fabulous motto.
    misssrobin recently posted..Tag — I’m It!

  21. Yes, Nutella is a hit with my whole fam. Looking forward to reading some beautiful stories. Heading there now. Happy SITS day to you!
    Sarah Reinhart recently to EASILY make your own PAINT

  22. Happy day, everyone! I’m just trying to get through the day productively – I have a cold and a birthday part to plan for!
    Christa the BabbyMama recently posted..Mama Did a Bad Bad Thing

  23. Happy SITS Day!
    Anjie recently posted..Ten Months

  24. Love the quote! Look forward to reading your blog.
    Claire recently posted..Explore. Dream. Discover. -Mark Twain

  25. I’m headed to the “Nutella” post. I can’t see the attraction of that spread . . . peanut butter has to be close by . . . .
    Melinda Rainey Thompson recently posted..Ask Melinda: Telling It Like It Is

  26. Happy Tuesday! I’ve been slacking off with my check-ins, but I’m back!! :)
    Holly recently posted..Unlearn What You Have Learned

  27. Happy SITS day!
    Joanne recently posted..Organize Your Life With Clipix

  28. Happy SITS Day!

    P.S.: Have you ever tried Nutella & raspberry crepes? Yum!
    Cheryl recently posted..Easter Bunny Cupcakes

  29. wait- isn’t Nutella it’s own food group??

  30. My little men love Nutella and honey!! Nutella is AWESOME!
    Pam recently posted..TACS & News Channel 11

  31. Happy Fat Tuesday, ladies!
    Anne recently posted..Crafterminds Trend

  32. Howdy! I haven’t heard the term ‘punch buggy’ in ages!
    Jessie Powell recently posted..Wolf’s bane

  33. Happy SITS day to you!
    Missy | Literal Mom recently posted..What Lives Under the High Road – Clean Living Week 8

  34. Good morning!
    Amber recently posted..Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday!

  35. Clever blog name. Off to visit…
    Karen@WaistingTime recently posted..Don’t Count Your Exercise Clothes Before They’re Hatched

  36. Happy day!
    Tricia recently posted..The block

  37. Happpppy SITS day!
    Leah @ LeahMarieV recently posted..Dresser Makeover

  38. Anyone who loves Nutella as much as I do is just plain awesome. Off to check her out…

  39. Five years! Thats amazing- kudos to you mama! Going to check it out now…congrats on your SITS day!
    Tara @ recently posted..A Great Day

  40. Yum Nutella!
    Life As Wife recently posted..One Is The Loneliest Number

  41. She sounds sweet!
    Blond Duck recently posted..Creative Woman of the Pond: Annette from Enjoy Your Healthy Life

  42. Ohh…nutella. Enough said!
    Kimberly at Rubber Chicken Madness recently posted..Listable Life: Five Things I Couldn’t Live Without

  43. 5 years! Wow! I’m only going on 3.
    Penelope {Foster2Forever} recently posted..Are You Martha Stewart? Or Hoarders?

  44. Happy SITSday! I love the Rumi quote!
    She’sWrite recently posted..I WONDER! What Happened? Kids Retailer Closes After Only 3 Months

  45. Congrats on 5 years of blogging! Nutella…I don’t hear “we’re out of milk”..I hear “MOM!! WE ARE OUT OF NUTELLA”
    jennifer recently posted..Eye Candy

  46. Happy SITS day! Off to check it out. . .
    Louise Ducote recently posted..Sky

  47. Five years of blogging! Wow, I feel green…
    Leslie recently posted..Girly Baby Shower Inspiration

  48. Can’t wait to read more… XOXO
    Brandy Harris recently posted..Evolution of Friendship

  49. beautiful stories, you’ve gotta head over to her blog to know what I mean :)
    jamie recently posted..The Fruit of Peace

  50. Nutella’s a winner in my house too.

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