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This has been a great week of Featured Bloggers and today is no exception. Fran and I are both Work At Home Moms and so now the craziness of that lifestyle!

Meet Jen of Take 2 Mommy.

Hi SITStahs! I’m Jen, a former NYC corporate workaholic who recently quit the rat race to slow life down and watch my kids grow up. I started www.take2mommy.com to document this second “take” at being a mom and I blog about the daily crazy that is my life as a WAHM with two young, high-energy boys. I also write about being a vegetarian in a house full of carnivores in the “Veggie Mama” section of my blog. Can’t wait to get to know more SITStahs today!

These are a few gems for your reading pleasure:
Mothers of America, So Nice to Meet You

Date with B in 2020

Inlaws, Mallomars and the Crazy Factor

Roll Call below and then head over to Jen’s place and do your SITStarly duties!

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    Hi Jenn and Happy SITS day! I’m looking forward to checking out your blog. I think it’s so great that you’re a vegetarian. I’m trying really hard to be one, but I’m struggling with it. Happy Hump Day!

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    Hi everyone – sorry to be absent for a few days. Was in NY for a food conference (yes that was lucky and fantastic!) and just trying to balance it all… Love the concept for today’s blog – I guess that’s what I really am except I’m working on Take 3 now :-) Happy Wednesday!

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    A veggie living with meat eaters? That is like a health freak married to someone who has candy in their pockets 24/7. I feel and live your pain, headed over to your blog now!

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    Cute! I can’t wait to read more…happy Wednesday! Today I blogged about teacher canvas signs and my son in the state Speliing Bee! Woo hoo!

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    Awesome blog girl! And congrats on Boo’s headband obsession ending. lol! You’re hilarious. Yay for your SITS day!

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    What a beautiful family! I am heading over to your blog to read more, then I’m sending my best friend. She is having a baby boy in a few months and I’m sure she’ll love reading your advice and stories!


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    Heading over to read some more…but I already love 10 Things That Make a Mom’s Life Easier! Happy SITS Day!

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    Happy SITS day! I love your blog! As a fellow marketing professional it’s really inspiring to read about how you transitioned from corporate-America into freelancing to spend more time with your boys. It’s something that I have been thinking about a lot and would like to try (but it’s scary!). Any advice? Do most of your clients come as referrals? Thanks for sharing :)

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    Jen! happy SITS day! Love the MIL, Mallomars post. My in-laws are your family, the WASPs who would rather look out the window than have a conversation. You totally nailed that description. My family is the one looking for the best price on Mallomars. I’m also a vegetarian in a family full of carnivores and a corporate turned SAHM. Great to meet your blog.

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    Wow! your boys must be very blessed to have a mom giving up her ‘life’ for them. nonetheless, you have a new life with you boys now…

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    Ah, I am so ready to take a break from corporate America and start a family with my amazing husband. Thank you for the inspiration! Can’t wait to check out your blog. XOXO

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    Slow down you say. Well now, ain’t that the truth! I’m not in corporate America, but I am a workaholic who could stand to slow life down some (but, with no kids though).

    It looks like you’re doing pretty well on the second “take” stuff. Congratulations on making FB! I’m looking forward to checking out your blog.