Make Up and Beauty on a Budget

You all know how much I love Sephora.

I delight in all the make up and beauty goodness they pedal to women like me who swoon over a new lipstick color and a product that brightens, lightens and makes you glow.

But I also love a deal.

Today, I thought it would be fun to share our favorite make up and beauty items that make you gorgeous, but don’t cost an arm and a leg.

One of my all-time favorite finds is a website called

This eyeshadow palette {#88} is awesome.  Tons of great colors and won’t break the bank at $24.95

Another fav of mine is Neutrogena Moistureshine Lip Gloss.  LOVE THIS STUFF.  At around $6.00, I buy a few in my favorite colors and stash them in my car, purse, etc.

Finally, one item that really works for under $10 is Cetaphil.

I’ve tried all kinds of facial cleansers.  I always come back.

What about you?  What is your best beauty bargain?

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    Love it!! URban decay eyelid potion is the best pre-shadow lotion EVER! My makeup never smears or creases. Bare minerals matte is also the way to go for foundation powder. Great tips ladies!!

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    I love that you’ve started a segment on beauty. What a nice change-up! Well, at least for those of us that don’t blog about make-up! I did write a guest post on beauty, make-up, and fitness once for Today’s Woman Blog. I do love playing with make-up!

    My best bargain? I use Olay Cleansers that I buy at Wal-Mart. I just don’t think you need to spend a lot of money on cleanser. I have somewhat sensitive skin so I opt for gentle cleansers and anti-aging. Olay has a great variety of cleansers and they do what they are supposed to which is get your face clean!

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    I’ve used Cetaphil in the past, and like it, but lately have been using Neutragena Foaming Face wash and toner with fab results!

    Hope in a Jar is a wonderful product! I got it for a Christmas gift and use it every night.

    For make-up, gotta be Avon. I sell it now because of how much I Iove it. They have the best moisturizing and rich colored lipsticks for the price.

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    Wow, I’ve got two out of your three best picks! I think I may need to check out the eyeshadow palette next. It looks like I could play for hours with that many colors!

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    I am a Mary Kay gal myself. I have sold it for years. I got started as a consultant so I could purchase my product at cost. It’s fantastic!

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    My nothing is actually free. Unless you count the therapy bills of people forced to look at me all the time. Then it starts getting pricey. But I felt you weren’t counting secondary costs, so I still win, right?


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    OMG! Every time I walk into the mall and walk by Sephora I always say to DH “hey lets go in I just wanna look at something, I’m not gonna get anything”. His most recent reply was “Who are you kidding?” Then I realized I am a sephora-holic! LOL!

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    I keep coming back to my Cover Girl Professional mascara in the blue tube! I don’t know why, but it just works great on my eyelashes! I also love Physician’s Formula, especially their mineral powder.

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    I love NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. They are available in a variety of colors, easy to apply and affordable ($4.00 or less). I’ve tried them as a eyeshadow bases, eyeshadow by themselves and as liners, and have found that I like them best when used as a base. My favorites are Milk, Yogurt, Oyster and Strawberry Milk.

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    I wish we had a Sephora closer to us but online works. My favorite makeup line is Philosophy but will be trying Laura Geller for a review shortly. As far as cleansers I love my L’BRI…all natural with aloe and water being the first ingredients. I LOVE the Maybelline mascara that is in the pink tube with green top…nothing works better for me.

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    I like hitting the cosmetic stores in outlet malls; sometimes you can find amazing deals on high end products. is also a huge favorite bargain shopping place (I hear they are in Target now). I like ELF’s philosophy, that every woman deserves quality makeup!

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    I love Avon’s Super Full mascara. I used to work for them and tried all the mascaras but I love this one, and it is typically on sale for $4! I need to have my 18 year old try Cetaphil, she has very sensitive skin and maybe that one would work!
    I may need to try the olive oil and sugar scrub! Oh, and I have heard that coconut oil (it is actually more solid like shortening would be) works great for a lot of things!
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    I never know about those eye shadow palettes. Aren’t we only supposed to wear certain colors anyway? So I never buy them, although that is a good deal.

    I don’t have any good deals, but I know that when I take multi-vitamins and omega 3, my skin gets such a boost that it works better than any makeup I can buy.

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    I love me some Bare Minerals. Seems pricey, but for how long it lasts it’s worth it. And it feels like you’re not wearing anything!

    My favorite cheap, find-at-any-drugstore item is Voluminous mascara. I think it’s by L’Oreal. Love it!

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    I love Oil of Olay everything, especially the sunscreen I use daily for my face.

    I am pretty simple when it comes to beauty products, but I love sandstone soap from Lush. It is my absolute fav.

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    Thank YOU for this post! I’m a geek about beauty products, but I’m hard pressed to pay huge amounts of money for things that just may not work.

    I wasn’t a fan of Hope in a Jar (sorry to all you ladies who love it) — it just didn’t do anything fabulous for me.

    Things I love ….
    Liquid Neutrogena (the clear gold stuff) for a face wash
    Neutrogena moisturizer (with SPF 15) it’s oil free .. and light!

    For shaving my legs ….. Kiss My Face SHaving lotion …. smells wonderful, prevents razor burn,and moisturizes the legs! Tada!

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    I need that eye shadow case first of all and second I love Hope In A Jar by Philosophy. Its a great skin moisturizer that I can NOT live without!! And occasionally I get it buy one get one, or if you buy from Ulta you can use your points towards it!!!

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    I love ELF makeup. I got a color palette similar to that…not quite as many colors but close for only $10. And I am super picky about eyeshadow so I was fully expecting to not like it but I had heard so much about ELF I had to try it, and I am sold! It stays on, the colors go on true to what they look like in the palette, and they don’t crease. My only complaint is when putting it on it does get all over under your eyes, but thats the case with most eyeshadows anyway and I just clean it up with some foundation once I am done and dont put my powder on until I am finished my eyemakeup. Highly highly recommend theirstuff. And this is coming from a majormakeup snob!

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    Girrrrl this may sound weird but I love me some olive oil, sugar and baking soda.
    Olive oil + sugar + some extract = the best shower tool of all time. It scrubs AND leaves your crazy soft.
    Baking soda + shampoo = once a week super hair de-crapper.
    Baking soda + facial cleanser = AMAZING (I think its proactives big secret.)

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    That eye shadow case looks too good to be true!

    I really love the Body Shop’s black mascara… I don’t know what makes it so great, but it one brand that I constantly stick to in my make-up… I think it’s between $10 and $12 dollars :)


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      It’s the best. I actually give it as a gift to friends who want to experiment with colors but don’t want to drop a bunch of cash to do so.