Fashion For Spring: Get Ready for Color & So Much More!

Natalie from Ma Nouvelle Mode is back again today to talk about everything we need to know for the upcoming season when it comes to fashion and beauty. Last week, she focused on spring makeup and this week she is pushing us into the new season by talking about spring fashion.

2012 Spring Fashion

Fashion for spring. Oh, how I love thee. And since as I sit here and write this there is a ton of snow outside, I am just dreaming of beautiful colors and short skirts and sandals.

Oh, how my feet could use a pair of sandals!

Phew, snap out of it! Sorry about that, lost my senses for a minute.

Here are a few of my fashion tips for spring.

Bring on the Colors

It’s time to bust out the florescents! That hot pink that didn’t seem to work a couple weeks ago, yep. Put it on! Want to pair it with orange? Go for it! Now is the time that the sun is coming out, the birds are starting to chirp, and you need some color in your life. Have fun with it, the rainbow is your limit!

spring fashion

Show Some Skin

This might be a bit scary at first, trust me. I am whiter than white, especially after the long winter months. And to top it off my black husband and half black kiddos just make me look downright pasty. But this cannot be remedied without a little exposure to the sun! If you are still apprehensive about it, try starting out with some sheer nylons to ease into it.

Layer Clothing

If you are anywhere in the world where spring is hesitant to show her beautiful face, start with layers. Layer a baggy t-shirt over a long, fitted tank with a loose fitting sweater over that. This way, if the weather decides to throw you a changeup, you just slip off that sweater and you’re good. It is also a great way to embrace the new season even if she’s being a little shy. I kinda have a feeling that’s what it’s gonna look like for me…

Floral Patterns

Spring obviously comes with beautiful flowers. Why not incorporate them into your wardrobe? This can also go along with the colors suggestion too! Bright florals, together and separate! Either way, it is a fun, feminine way to brighten things up!

spring fashion

I hope these spring fashion tips have gotten you a little excited about spring weather that will *hopefully* be at our doorstep soon! In the meantime, I think it’s time for a little online shopping… it’s always good to be prepared!

About the Author

beauty blogNatalia is a wife, mother of two boys, and expat currently living in France. A couple years after leaving the corporate world to be a wife and a mom — and follow her basketball-playing husband — she realized her communications degree wasn’t always used to the fullest potential while talking with a 4-year-old and 1-year-old.  She started her blog, Ma Nouvelle Mode, as a way to maintain (or rekindle) her femininity and creativity, while living with her three men overseas.  She enjoys writing about all things beautiful, including, but most certainly not limited to, hair tutorials, makeup looks, and fashion, all while trying to master the French language!

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  1. says

    Even though I am far from lean and mean, as I have gotten older, I have decided not to let that stop me from wearing some color and showing some skin. It can be done in a classy way, even with love handles!
    Great ideas!

  2. says

    Love all the styles and colors you have chosen here! My wardrobe is definitely jonesin’ for some brighter fabrics. I feel as though I have been wearing black/gray for far too long.

    Thanks for posting~this makes me excited that warmer weather is just around the bend :)

  3. says

    The colors in the first set of dresses make me happy! So would being able to comfortably wear any one of those pairs of platform pumps. I like combining yellow with turquoise. Yellow is a tricky color, but I have found that there are certain hues of it that I can wear. I just have to be careful about the undertones in the yellow.